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The Customer

Our customer is a leading UAE based healthcare based services company. Their BPO division handles millions of orders each month, but the client was unhappy with their process as the customer satisfaction surveys were not providing the desirable responses. Client approached Flatworld Solutions to design a customized BPO platform, and streamline their processes and policies, to help them meet their business objectives and achieve better CSAT scores.

The Challenge

Team at Flatworld Solutions did a study of the client's BPO division and processes, and took a note of few areas that needed immediate attention. Some of the challenges ahead of Flatworld's team were:

  • Being a UAE based company, the key target clientele spoke in Arabic, but the client had employed non-native Arabic agents to handle calls. Therefore, the company's existing in-house support (5 male agents and 5 female agents) failed to meet the culture-specific requirements, and please the customers
  • Need to familiarize the support service team with the standard processes in the BPO domain so that their services were in accordance to the standard BPO platforms
  • The BPO division of our client's healthcare based services company was more focused on delivery, and required rigorous training in the BPO platform management
  • The turnaround time was 1 week (to contact customers from the time of discharge)
  • The working days for the project were Monday to Friday and the reach time was 9 AM to 5 PM (KST)
  • The customers asked agents for their Last Name (as the patients were particular they were speaking to someone for their own community), which confirmed the callers that they were speaking to a non-Arab agent
  • The female patients gave out the contact numbers of their husband/ father/ brother instead of their own
  • The customer reach percentage was less than 2%
  • The customer satisfaction percentage was as low as 47%, which was ways lesser than the prescribed client SLA

Our Solution

After analyzing the impending challenges, Flatworld Solutions set up a special team, the members of which had vast expertise in the BPO domain. We changed the entire survey process, including shift timings, type of calling agents (hired native Arabs), time of calling, rebuttals for any objections, etc. A special support operations center was established and equipped with voice/email/internet facilities, which aided in curbing the turnaround time considerably.

The following support services were offered by Flatworld Solutions:

  • We started providing daytime call support, as it best suited KST time zone
  • Increased the support time span (7 AM - 7 PM) and introduced multiple shift manning (12 hours window with 3 shifts) with WFM
  • The working days were changed to Sunday to Thursday
  • The staff was given 20% handouts
  • We created 2 reports, one for the staff and the other for the patients
  • The agents were given customized 'Last Names' as per the caller's country
  • The DID number were masked as per the caller's country
  • Created rebuttals based the on the general objections raised by the patients' husband/ father/ brother
  • Performed constant improvements and process enhancement activities backed by Lean and Six Sigma methods at the support center
  • Flatworld Solutions extended its support services to 24 hours during peak time (when there was an excess of processing requirements), by installing and configuring necessary applications were required at the support center, besides providing regular application upgrades
  • All the databases were periodically maintained and updated, and the application errors were rectified

The Results

Team at Flatworld was able to provide following results:

  • The turnaround time for the projects improved by 24%
  • The customer satisfaction percentage was increased to 85% - 87%
  • All of these above mentioned results were achieved in a span of 2 months

Our client was satisfied and pleased with our value-added services, as it provided the desired results. Apart from meeting the client's objectives, we also resolved several performance & product related issues that the client's company was facing earlier, which augmented the company's productivity significantly.

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