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Are you looking for ways to warm potential clients via cold canvassing services? Do you lack the resources or proficiency in cold canvassing to corner the market in a competitive sphere? We hear your concerns and have just the solution to address your pain points. Our cold canvassing services can help you grab the attention of the right people by fully understanding their needs.

Flatworld Solutions has acquired considerable experience in cold canvassing services. In keeping with the basic tenets of cold canvassing, we make calls to understand the likelihood of a person being interested in your product and collecting information on what would interest them first. Based on this understanding, we tailor your product or service pitch to ensure they are genuinely interested in it and turn from prospects to customers.

What is Cold Canvassing?

Cold canvassing is the new form of cold calling which targets customers to understand their interests first, before selling products or services to them. It is a paradigm shift in sales strategy which most companies have started embracing to promote, grow and thrive. It has gained wide acceptance because it serves as a marked shift from interruption-based selling. The fact that the selling revolves entirely around what the customer thinks and how the customer reacts to a product or service, cold canvassing as emerged as a more effective alternative to cold calling

Comprehensive Cold Canvassing Services We Offer

As a well-known cold canvassing service provider, our canvassing strategy depends on 2 critical aspects - seek permission-based interactions and back it with compelling messages for the prospect to participate. It is because of this wholesome strategy that the customers feel inspired to open and talk their heart out on what they feel. Our solutions are as follows -

B2B Cold Canvassing Services

B2B Cold Canvassing Services

Our specialized B2B cold canvassing services are designed to go past industry gatekeepers and connect you with people who matter in the industry. We have a support team of experienced professionals who have specialized experience in specific business verticals and so can cold canvass more effectively. Our B2B cold canvassing agents bank on call preparation, and personalized call canvassing strategy to get a positive response from industry leaders.

B2C Cold Canvassing Services

B2C Cold Canvassing Services

We have wide experience in bespoke B2C cold canvassing services. We trust our services to energetic cold calling professionals who have experience in the art of chumming up with people and building up a conversation with them. Our B2C experts' bank on an extensive database, appointed call hours and the right set of questionnaires to ensure they create the right impression in the first call.

Cold Canvassing Process We Follow

By outsourcing cold canvassing services to us you gain the following ways -


Identify Your Target Market

We help you identify the right prospects by understanding what they think about similar products or services through social interactions and review websites


Determine Goals

We help you determine the goals in terms of several dial-outs and number of successful cold canvassing conversation made. We determine goals based on factors such as industry, region, time, gender, etc.


Create Compelling Messages

After filtering leads, we tailor compelling messages and leverage social media platforms and a variety of marketing tools, to drive the message to the target audience.


Create Talking Points

From their likes and dislikes to their views on competing products and services; from pain points to preferences and contact details we make sure the script has all the talking points covered to pitch your products.

How Our Cold Canvassing Services Help Your B2B & B2C Business?

We always start by warming, that is by sending interesting and relevant information such as snippets or eye-catching ads. This inspires them to engage with us and once they show their intent, we either send cold canvassing emails or seek appointments to take the campaign to the next level. As cold canvassing is all about information collection, we create the right script and questionnaire to gather all that the customer has in mind. Your sales team can leverage our expert cold canvassing service to -

Follow up with prospects and customers from your target audience and address them on their pain points
Tailor quotes and proposals to prospects based on their pain points and brighten chances of closing the deal
Have better conversations with key decision-makers after learning about their business interest and more
Build relationships to cross-sell and upsell products as well as gather referrals of other businesses or friends
Close deals with more confidence by knowing in advance all that your customer is looking for and catering exactly that

Our Call Center Portfolio

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Why Should You Outsource Cold Canvassing to Flatworld Solutions?

Your cold canvassing strategy will be ineffective if you don't have a target market. Unlike cold calling where you knock on all doors, you need to know what kind of people is likely to open-up with your information requirements. We do the math for you to set achievable goals and take care of agent metrics to improve productivity because Your cold canvassing campaign can be successful only if you know what your goals are.

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Success Stories

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