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Experience superior customer engagement with our advanced call center support services, where innovation meets efficiency. Contact us today to transform customer interactions into strategic growth opportunities.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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Call Center Support Services for Omnichannel Engagement

Our services are integrated across multiple channels to provide a seamless omnichannel experience. From voice calls and emails to social media and live chat, our platform ensures consistent customer interactions across all touchpoints. Capitalizing on state-of-the-art customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems, we enable a 360-degree view of each customer, providing our agents with comprehensive information about customer history, preferences, and previous interactions. Partner with us to convert customer interactions into strategic growth avenues.

Inbound Call Center Services

We leverage NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to power the efficient management and routing of customer inquiries, thus establishing rapid response times and superior customer satisfaction.

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Outbound Call Center Services

Predictive dialing systems and data analytics drive our outbound services, fostering customer engagement, revenue acceleration, and collection of actionable insights.

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Virtual Assistant Services

Our AI-enabled virtual assistants deliver personalized, round-the-clock support while streamlining workflow and enhancing customer interactions.

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Technical Support Outsourcing

Our ITIL-certified teams utilize Zendesk to offer rapid resolutions, guaranteeing smooth business continuity.

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Call Center Quality Monitoring

Industry best practices like speech analytics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) tracking underpin our quality control, optimizing agent performance and compliance with industry standards.

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Content Moderation Services

Machine learning algorithms patrol real-time content across platforms, safeguarding online reputation and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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CCTV Monitoring Services

Using advanced video analytics, we offer real-time threat detection, bolstering your business security infrastructure.

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Email Support Services

Salesforce CRM integration enhances our email support services, ensuring professional, timely responses and efficient issue resolution.

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Live Chat Support Services

With live, instant support, we provide immediate solutions to customer queries, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Telemarketing Services

Our use of demographic segmentation and predictive modeling targets the right audiences in telemarketing, maximizing sales and ROI.

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Cold Calling Services

Expert professionals and enriched CRM data drive our cold calling strategies, focusing on lead generation and conversion to fuel business growth.

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Appointment Setting Services

Schedule appointments with interested prospects to free up resources and enhance efficiency.

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Call Center Services in the Philippines

Flatworld Solutions stands as a global leader in call center services, with a strong foothold in over 10 countries, including the UK, USA, India, and Kenya. Our call center in the Philippines is a testament to operational excellence, harnessing state-of-the-art infrastructure. This strategic presence allows us to offer unparalleled services at cost-effective rates, and with swift turn-around times. By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of time zones and the promise of exceptional customer support. Ready to elevate your customer experience? Join us and unlock unparalleled service excellence.

Our Customer Service Support Process Flow

Our customer service framework is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing that every customer interaction is executed with the utmost precision. This strategic approach not only fortifies customer satisfaction but also optimizes your operational workflow, granting you a substantial competitive edge.

Initial Interaction

Upon contact via phone, email, chat, or social media, we employ CRM analytics for a tailored service experience.

Intelligent Routing

ACD and IVR systems ensure inquiries are efficiently allocated to the right department or agent.

Secure Verification

Agents quickly and securely verify customer identities, prioritizing data integrity and privacy.

Rapid Diagnosis

Access to customer histories allows for swift issue identification and reduced resolution times.

Effective Resolution

Agents consult a detailed knowledge base to resolve issues, with complex cases escalated to specialists.

Diligent Follow-Up

We confirm issue resolution and customer satisfaction through proactive follow-up communication.

Insightful Feedback

Customer feedback is gathered and analyzed to inform and improve our support strategies.

Data-Driven Optimization

Performance metrics are monitored to hone service delivery and operational excellence.

Call Center Consulting Services for Performance Optimization

Harnessing cloud computing and AI, our advisory services digitize your customer service operations. We refine call center performance, curb operational costs, and elevate service levels. Our tailored solutions not only enhance your customer service but also align it with your strategic growth plans.

Offshore Call Center Services

Our offshore teams offer local language proficiency, cultural alignment, and comply with international standards. As experts in managing high call volumes, we ensure quick resolutions and secure customer data with encryption and secure VPNs, delivering globally consistent customer service.

Hire A Call Center

Our flexible pricing models allow for adaptability based on demand and continual training keeps our teams abreast of industry trends and compliance standards. Using predictive dialing and IVR systems, we manage calls efficiently and personalize customer interactions, fortifying customer loyalty and competitive edge.

Our Industry-specific Expertise in Bolstering Customer Support


We enhance telemedicine services, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure regulatory compliance.


We manage returns and exchanges, provide product recommendations, and facilitate customer reviews.

Real Estate

Our agents streamline property viewing bookings, manage documents, and improve property portfolio management.

Banking and Financial

We provide information on financial products, manage account inquiries, and facilitate seamless digital banking experiences.

Travel & Hospitality

We handle customer complaints, provide travel advisory, and promote tailored offers and upgrades.


We assist in inventory inquiries, manage loyalty programs, and facilitate seamless omnichannel retailing.


Our services facilitate course inquiries, provide student support, and assist in alumni engagement


We help with policy upgrades, manage policyholder communication, and provide information on risk management.

IT & Software

With our call center services, you can manage software updates, facilitate user training, and provide software integration support.


Our BPO support services extend to mortgage refinancing, provide mortgage advisory, and handle credit inquiries.


We facilitate appointment bookings, manage case updates, and assist with general document queries.

Customs Brokerage

Our call center experts help manage customs compliance, facilitate shipment tracking, and provide import/export advisory.


We handle spare parts inquiries, facilitate vehicle servicing bookings, and manage warranty claims

Technologies We Leverage

Digital Technologies

Artificial Intelligence


Digital Transformation




Software We Use

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Premier Customer Support and Business Intelligence Solutions

When you select us as your call center service provider, you are choosing a strategic ally dedicated to advancing your business. We use advanced analytics and bespoke communication strategies to propel your business to new heights. The key indicators of our services include:

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our robust, scalable, and secure technology ensures reliable interactions and the capacity to manage peak volumes seamlessly.

In-Depth Customer Insights

Leveraging advanced data mining and sentiment analysis, we gain deep insights into customer needs, fostering personalized service and predictive customer support.

Strategic Process Improvement

We apply continuous improvement strategies, such as Six Sigma, to enhance call center operations, reduce errors, and ensure high-quality customer interactions.

Access to Global Talent

Our international footprint provides access to a diverse and skilled talent pool, offering language proficiency, cultural compatibility, and round-the-clock service.

Strict Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

We maintain rigorous adherence to compliance standards like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) and utilize top-tier encryption to safeguard data integrity and customer privacy.

Assured Business Continuity

Our comprehensive disaster recovery strategies and redundant systems ensure your customer service functions remain uninterrupted, upholding your reputation and customer confidence.

Tailored Service Packages

Our flexible and customizable service options are tailored to meet your specific business requirements, offering optimal value and efficiency.

Proactive Customer Relationship Management

Our forward-thinking approach to customer relationships strengthens connections, increases customer lifetime value, and minimizes attrition.

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The Flatworld Solution Call Center Corporate Video


Data Security At Flatworld Solutions


Outsource Call Center Services to Flatworld Solutions

Embrace a partnership with a service provider that offers unparalleled expertise in delivering customer service excellence. Our approach integrates sophisticated automation, including robotic process automation and cognitive computing platforms, to streamline operations and provide a frictionless customer experience. With a focus on hyper-personalization, we utilize advanced customer data platforms and analytics to understand and predict customer behavior, enabling proactive service and tailored offerings.

We elevate the standard of customer engagement through a seamless integration of digital and voice channels, delivering consistent and contextually relevant interactions across all platforms. With us, you can access a global network of delivery centers ensuring compliance with international standards and local market nuances, providing a distinct advantage in global customer engagement and operational agility.

The Flatworld Call Center Customer Testimonial

Payal Doshi, Head - Marketing and Communications,
Imaginarium Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Flatworld Call Center Customer Testimonial

Denis Lysenko,
CEO, Di Develop Inc


If your business requires consistent, professional customer interaction management, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, a call center is vital. It elevates customer service, provides valuable insights into customer needs, and can significantly impact your bottom line.

Select a provider with a strong track record of operational excellence, innovative technology, and industry-specific expertise. Assess their ability to scale, adherence to compliance and security standards, and the quality of their multilingual support. Consider their strategic approach to customer engagement and ability to provide actionable insights.

Outsourcing can offer access to sophisticated technology and skilled personnel, cost savings, and the ability to scale quickly. It allows companies to focus on core business activities while experts handle customer interactions, driving improved service levels and customer satisfaction.

Yes, our services are scalable and tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, offering flexibility to grow as your business expands.

We provide detailed analytics and performance reports, including metrics on call volume, resolution times, customer satisfaction scores, and service level adherence, offering transparency and insights into continual improvement opportunities.

Yes, we offer multilingual support to cater to a diverse global customer base, ensuring that language barriers do not impede exceptional customer service.

Our integration of advanced technologies like machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI-driven interaction platforms differentiate our services. We deliver not just customer service but strategic insights and business intelligence, propelling your company forward.

We provide round-the-clock support to ensure that your customers can receive assistance whenever they need it, regardless of time zones or geography.

Our pricing is competitive and tailored to your specific needs, varying based on the scope, scale, and complexity of the services required. We ensure optimal cost-efficiency without compromising service quality.

Our deployment timeline is swift and efficient, with a focus on minimizing disruption. The exact timeframe depends on the project's scale and complexity, but we prioritize rapid onboarding and integration to get your services up and running as soon as possible.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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