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Customer service plays a crucial role in building and maintaining a loyal customer base in the modern age. It has become the backbone of any flourishing business. Live chat is one of the integral parts of any company to provide a real-time communication platform between customer and supplier. Live chat has increased customer satisfaction to 73%, compared to 44% by phone and 61% by email. Moreover, it improves overall customer retention. As per a survey, about 63% of customers agreed to return to websites offering a live chat feature.

Apart from improving business products and services, providing customers with efficient, fast, and convenient engagement through a communication channel affects the success and position of the business in the marketplace. Customer service teams are of prime importance while handling various customers and their issues with the product and service. The team should have a communication channel aligned with modern-day customers' changing trends and preferences, such as phone, live chat, chatbots, email, and others. Live chat is becoming popular among customers as it seamlessly connects customers with businesses through faster and more effective communication. It also reduces bounce rates and prevents cart abandonment.

Some key advantages of live chat for customer service teams are discussed below -

How to Transition Towards a Smart Contact Center

  • Reduced cart abandonment rate

    One of the biggest challenges for brands worldwide is cart abandonment. Customers should be provided with a quick and straightforward checkout process; otherwise, a business may lose its customers rapidly. Live chat helps enterprises reduce the abandonment rate by adding product and service-related communication, doubts, questions of customers to the website.

    • It allows the customer service team to answer customer queries instantly.
    • Supports a proactive chat session with visitors interested in converting the site into leads.
    • The live chat integrated with the tracking tool provides stats about the customer journey through the website.
    • It helps target customers depending on their interests and stage in the sales funnel.
  • Contextual support

    Customers are demanding! Customer service teams can use in-built tools to understand customer choices based on their historical data and add value to their engagement with contextual support, elaborated issues, and providing personalised solutions. Live chat with co-browsing helps customer service teams to collaborate with customers in real-time and guide them in the right direction. Moreover, video chat can deliver personalised customer service by diagnosing the exact issues faced by customers and ensuring effective solutions. Thus, contextual support helps customer service teams in various levels such as -

    • Improving first contact resolution (FCR)
    • Reducing the number of touchpoints
    • Faster resolution process
    • Boosting customer trust and loyalty towards the brand
  • Lower customer support cost

    Previously, customers had to wait over call and dial various numbers until they reached the customer service agent. It was a time-consuming and annoying process for customers. With digital communication platforms such as live chat, customer service agents can handle more than one customer at a time. It not only makes customer service faster but also economises customer handling for businesses. It helps manage and reduce costs of sales and support due to -

    • The capability of simultaneously handling multiple clients
    • Quick and effective support to the problems
    • Low cost for help desk
    • Increased average order value (AOV)
  • Improved efficiency of customer service teams

    Live chat features supported with analytics can help businesses make customer service teams efficient. The performance of agents can be monitored through visitor data such as wait time, chat histories, and agent performance reports. Ultimately, it evaluates the live chat effectiveness and areas to improve the service. The live chat experience can be enhanced further with continuous measurement of chat performance experience from customers. Live chat metrics on response time, total resolved conversations, and first contact resolution to make their customer service team more efficient and productive.

  • Increased first contact resolution

    Customers have simple queries that do not need long-waited calls. These queries can be resolved with a live chat and an online knowledge base. It helps the customer service team to focus on complex, large support tickets from customers. Customer support chat software is an excellent platform to analyse the data and improve customer support experience such as -

    • Transcripts of every interaction, including sales channel, theme, customer type, keyword, and support ticket outcome
    • Common support questions and answers to fill the gaps and navigational problems in online support content
    • Creates new content around common questions and encourages self-service

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