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The Client's Requirement

The client in question is a popular restaurant chain with multiple outlets in the USA and UK. Being a restaurant chain which was heavily focused on food-related services, the client did not have much knowledge about the advances made in CCTV monitoring technology. As a result, they were using archaic CCTV technology to monitor their premises across multiple locations. This in turn, was creating several issues that increased security risks and had an impact on their productivity and reputation.

The client approached Flatworld Solutions with a simple requirement - to provide them with best-in-class, real-time CCTV monitoring services.

Challenges Faced

During the course of the project, we realized that setting up the CCTV monitoring system was going to be tougher than previously imagined, owing to the following -

  • No support services were provided by the client's existing vendor for CCTV monitoring and security surveillance
  • The existing CCTV service was old and was not able to cover multiple restaurants; a major pain point for the client
  • It was hard to achieve a desirable timing for support services due to time zone differences
  • Existing CCTV service was performing inconsistently. The client was only able to view live feed, but could not record anything
  • The system was completely inaccurate and on a regular basis, several alerts were missed, thereby making the security surveillance system ineffective

The Flatworld Solution

In order to ensure all client requirements were met, we started by installing a state-of-the-art, high-tech security surveillance system with onsite CCTV recording and monitoring capabilities throughout their outlets. Our team then utilized the latest surveillance software to identify all employees and ensure all alarms functioned properly and notified the people responsible. The software also had in-built recording and archiving facilities ensuring the client could drop in at any time to view the CCTV cam at any of his premises.

We also set up teams to provide 24-hour support services for multiple time zones, while deploying resources to work in two different time shifts. Finally, our experienced team established a well-documented and optimized workflow to increase the efficiency and productivity of the client's in-house team.

The Results

Our implementation of a robust CCTV surveillance system ensured enhanced client satisfaction. Some of the features of our success story include -

  • The client now had access to an easy-to-use interface for monitoring a workplace, check if everything was running as expected and that no unwanted activity was taking place anywhere in restaurant premises
  • Staff identification and verification proved helpful to achieve end-to-end protection for all premises
  • Every activity in the restaurant premises got recorded and could be viewed by the management at any instant
  • The management authority got instant alerts in case of any mishap
  • By leveraging the latest technology, resource costs for on-site security were significantly reduced

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At Flatworld Solutions, our 24/7 CCTV and remote monitoring services act as both primary and secondary support functions for your premises. From small one-shop businesses to large corporations, we ensure that our trained technicians not only monitor your physical infrastructure, but also notify, resolve and diagnose problems as and when they occur.

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