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Are you in need of a partner to handle audio monitoring for your call center business? If the prohibitive cost of running full-fledged audio monitoring services is leaving you concerned, we have you covered with audio monitoring services. Whether it is in a video or audio file, the quality of audio matters a lot to ensure the receiver got it right. A live webinar, a recorded audio broadcast, a YouTube video, calls that go in and out during the customer support, and most other forms of content can be monitored.

Flatworld Solutions, a pioneer in audio monitoring services, has been serving such businesses for 20 years. Outsourcing audio monitoring services to us will take monitoring to the next level by leveraging the expertise and the top-notch infrastructure we have implemented to support our expert professionals to execute the projects without hassles.

Audio Monitoring Services We Offer

With managers having more than a decade of experience and equally enthusiastic subordinates, our team of audio monitoring services provider has delivered great service levels to our clients throughout the project from gathering requirements to customer support. To help our clients narrow their decisions, we have classified our services broadly as follows -

Telecast Audio Monitoring Services

Telecast Audio Monitoring Services

There are a lot of things that should go hand in hand to produce a live telecast with a caliber. Audio monitoring is one important thing as audio should be in line with all the action that happens over the screen. Our team of experts have experience in monitoring live telecast by reporting variation in audio frequencies, disturbances, lag in audio and video synchronization, and errors that can make your show less than perfection.

Radio Broadcast Audio Monitoring Services

Radio Broadcast Audio Monitoring Services

Even though the radio broadcast contains only audio content, the disturbance and variation in frequencies are disastrous to live airing. It will cost you a huge number of listeners. At Flatworld Solutions, we have a team of professionals who have mastered the art of monitoring live shows aired on radios. When you outsource audio monitoring services to us, you are sure to keep up the live air show error-free.

Webinar Audio Monitoring Services

Webinar Audio Monitoring Services

A live webinar is almost the same a live telecast, but unlike a television program, the information delivered by webinar is crucial and will be used by businesses to make decisions. Due to the importance of the information, our team of audio monitoring services has assisted many businesses to bring on a perfect webinar by monitoring the output audio for its correctness and quickly reporting any errors that must be corrected on a live session.

Call Center Audio Monitoring Services

Call Center Audio Monitoring Services

When there are multiple executives taking calls over potential customers or existing customers for their support, it is more likely to have background noise. Sometimes, the frequency of the background noise may increase and cause inconvenience to customers. We, at Flatworld Solutions, monitor them and report our clients which will be rectified to improve the user experience.

Process We Follow - Audio Monitoring Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe that having the right processes in place is equally important as having highly experienced professionals and top-notch infrastructure. To deliver the project with higher accuracy and first-class quality within the shortest turnaround time, we have set up a feasible process from analyzing and studying all our process. Our work process is as follows -


The audio system will be synchronized with the remote monitoring station through an encrypted internet connection. The client controls recording functions where recording can be paused and continued


Our monitoring system will detect an imminent audio error during broadcast or calls. Based on the importance and preset guidelines, our monitoring experts will recognize & rectify errors


The recorded errors of the audio will be routed to the operators at our client's end. The operator will liaise with broadcasting technicians to rectify it instantly


Expert technicians will use audio monitoring tools to fix errors in frequency, audio synchronization, and background noise cancellations

Why Outsource Audio Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions?

As an audio monitoring service providing company, we have been serving our clients fulfilling their unique requirements. From our experience, we have understood what brings satisfaction to our clients and where we can serve better than our competitors. When you outsource audio monitoring services to us, you are sure to enjoy several advantages compared to our competitors. Few of them are as follows -

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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Client Success Stories


Provided Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services to a Prominent South Asian Internet Company

We provided monitoring services to a client based out of Singapore. We carried out monitoring services by capturing the video content being live-streamed by their back-stage systems.

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Provided Call Quality Monitoring Services to an AI Platform Provider

High-quality call monitoring services were provided to a top AI platform provider. Our cost-effective services enabled the client to enhance their service quality.

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Success Stories

Outsource Audio Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions

How good is your audio delivered to your audience through broadcasting? How good is the sound quality of the calls that your business executives converse with clients? How good is the audio quality of your latest webinar? Are you monitoring to make it better? Most businesses that prefer to have their audio monitored, choose to outsource the work to pioneer audio monitoring service provider like Flatworld Solutions. However, disturbances and lower audio quality have always been the roadblock. Therefore, businesses are forced to monitor each type of audio to ensure the delivery of high-quality audio to the receiver. Many businesses do monitor the incoming and outgoing audio information as per their scale and requirements. Since audio monitoring set up is a quite complex process, most businesses choose to outsource it to professionals like us.-


With the vast experience in providing audio monitoring solutions, experts and required infrastructure, Flatworld Solutions can meet all your requirements when you outsource audio monitoring.

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