Contact Center Modernization Services

Contact Center Modernization Services

Enhance and deliver exceptional customer service experience by modernizing your contact center at prices starting at $8/hour

The telephone used to be the most important means of communication between companies and customers. However, employees now need to adapt to new technologies and communication channels that go beyond the telephone. A company must manage its customers' communications regardless of the method they use, including language, texts, emails, live chats, corporate websites, and social media. Contact center modernization can lead to first contact resolution, fast resolution speed, friendly and knowledgeable agents, easy experience, and reduced hold times. The contact center is the frontline customer experience strategy and an important differentiator that creates loyalty, so modernization must come first. A business lacking the resources should consider using an expert contact center modernization services providing company to fulfill their needs.

With Flatworld Solutions' contact center modernization services, we show you how to meet the challenges, how to plan, and how to measure and improve in a constantly changing market. The modernization of contact centers is the initial phase of the transformation of customer loyalty. It helps companies improve scalability, productivity, and customer experience.

Contact Center Modernization Services We Offer

Contact center modernization is an important priority for managers in medium-sized organizations. As contact center technology has become more advanced and comprehensive, organizations have not kept pace and are approaching functional obsolescence. The technologies used in contact centers are designed to solve problems, improve operations and increase productivity.

The following are some of the services and systems offered by Flatworld Solutions to make the transition easy -

  1. Service Efficiency

    Service Efficiency
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

      Routing calls to the appropriate queue for faster responses and solves customer queries without agents.

    • Automated Call Distributor (ACD)

      Distributing calls to agents who are available and collect analytics like wait time, call volume, and length.

    • Intelligent Call Routing

      Use programmed parameters to route calls to the most suitable agent.

    • Artificial Intelligence

      Use tools to capture predictive analysis and automate routine support processes.

  2. Agent Performance

    Agent Performance
    • Workflow Management

      Workflow management allows us to automate tasks allowing agents to save hundreds of hours.

    • Call Recording Systems

      The system records calls and stores them in a database where you can access the information anytime for review or use for training.

    • Speech Analytics

      Analyze interactions to identify trends and insights to uncover service issues and inefficiency.

    • Real-Time Speech Analytics

      The system allows supervisors to monitor calls on a real-time basis.

    • Gamification

      Increase productivity and transform daily routines into rewards giving everyone a reason to do their best.

  3. Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement
    • Auto Responders

      To let customers know their queries are being worked on actively and the ETA on when can they expect a response.

    • Call-Backs

      Giving customers the option of a call-back from an agent instead of waiting in the queue.

    • Self-Service Options

      Quick access to solutions for most common issues to reduce call volume and improve customer experience.

  4. Data Integration

    Data Integration
    • Customer Relationship Management

      Provides a 360-degree view of customer information to improve service and remove customer frustration of repeating personal information and queries/issues.

    • Knowledge Management

      A central system where information is stored which agents can access easily to resolve common issues and queries.

  5. Compliance and Security

    Compliance and Security
    • Voice Biometrics

      Using human voice to authenticate callers.

    • Regulatory Compliance

      Manage operations in accordance with industry guidelines and government legislation.

    • PCI-DSS Compliance

      Providing secure hosting with a PCI provider for accepting credit card payments and store, process and transmit cardholder data.

Contact Center Modernization Process We Follow

Contact center modernization requires a significant amount of time. As a world-class contact center modernization service provider, Flatworld Solutions will help you plan, design, execute, and implement a successful contact center. Our process is well-defined and can be tailored as per your organizations' needs and requirements.

Our process has the following key steps -


01. Pre-Engagement - Consultation

Before we start to work on modernizing your contact center, we meet with your team either face to face or conduct an online consultation to understand your needs. This helps us to understand your business better and identify the steps on how we can help you


02. Pre-Engagement - Proposal

Thereafter, our team will prepare a consulting proposal discussing and outlining how and what will be our approach towards your modernization project and will also include our fee


03. Phase 1 - Modernization Engagement

Once we are on board with the project, we will begin meeting with the company employees and stakeholders and explain and inform them about the changes that would be made and what the company is looking to achieve with the modernization, understand the team structure and identify the growth opportunities and improvements that would be made


04. Phase 2 - Concept Development

Once we finish our meeting with the employees and stakeholders, we confirm your business needs, and our team will begin to prepare the development plan for the modernization of your contact center. The plan will include the needs of the company, prospective vendors, highlight the priorities, outline the migration schedule, the budget, and provide the costing


05. Phase 3 - Vendor Exploration

After giving you the outline of the project and streamlining the requirements, our team of experts will begin to explore various vendors to provide equipment, software, and technology. We will provide the vendors with the requirements and invite vendors to present their concepts. We will shortlist the vendors and present their concepts and solutions to you for finalization


06. Phase 4 - Negotiation with Vendors

Once you view all proposals made by the vendors, our team of consultants along with your team will finalize the vendors and, based on the requirements, initiate the final negotiations and terms. The final price and value are presented to you to make the final decision


07. Phase 5 - Implementation and Facilitation

Once you have finalized the vendors, our team will oversee the implementation of the project ensuring that best interests are kept in mind as well as allowing your team to focus on the work. We will facilitate meetings and discussions and generate reports at regular intervals

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Contact Center Modernization Services to Flatworld Solutions?

The modernization of contact centers is an important priority for managers in medium-sized organizations. As contact center technology has become more advanced and comprehensive, organizations have not kept pace and are approaching functional obsolescence. Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource contact center modernization services to us and make us your contact center modernization service provider -

  • Cost Savings

    One of the most important incentives to contact center modernization is saving on your costs. With new technology coming up your contact center needs to be incorporated with the new tools to help in future adaptations and expansion. Updating the systems and software today will help you in the long run by preparing you for the growing customer service demands and channels.

  • High Data Security

    Contact center functions involve managing sensitive and confidential information and data of customers, therefore, we ensure comprehensive adherence to the safety protocols of the industry. Our data security includes both digital and physical security measures to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your data.

  • Increase Profitability

    Forecasting the work and ensuring you have the right people with the right skills to do the job at the right time will increase profitability and you will achieve high customer satisfaction.

  • Improve Customer Service Levels

    With the contact center modernization services provided by Flatworld Solutions, you can reduce wait times and work on other issues by efficiently scheduling all that accounts for shrinkage as well as tracking real-time adherence.

  • Optimize Resources

    Reducing administrative duties for management through skills-based scheduling allows the management to focus on important issues, such as long-term business strategy.

  • Location Flexibility

    By using Flatworld Solutions as your contact center modernization services providing company, you can give your contact center agents the flexibility to work remotely and manage their schedules in return giving them a sense of control.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

    We offer cloud-based solutions to elevate your customer experience by providing the fastest way to create engaging connections and communication with customers, quickly launching new automatic campaigns, minimize investment, and provide a personalized customer experience.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We don't just recommend solutions and implement them - we also manage them for you. At Flatworld Solutions, we provide you with 24/7 support to ensure your technology and contact center run smoothly and optimally so your employees can stay focused on delivering the best support to your client.

  • Seamless Integration

    FWS enables your organization to integrate your CRM, workforce management system, lead management system, and any third-party system into its omnichannel system.

  • Faster Response Times

    Our contact center modernization services help reduce resolution times through various time management processes like help desk, self-service, autoresponders, etc.

  • High Flexibility

    Our services and solutions give your business the ability to respond effectively and efficiently to adapt to changes in performance requirements and to meet the expected SLAs.

  • Reduce Complexity

    FWS's contact center modernization services upgrade your organization's infrastructure so it can scale up or down anytime and meet the requirements of the ever-changing technology scene.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Outbound Calling Support to a UK-based Recruitment Agency

FWS Provided Outbound Calling Support to a UK-based Recruitment Agency

A recruitment firm from the UK wanted us to cold call prospects and propel their talent acquisition drive. We delivered outstanding results.

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FWS Provided Outbound Calling Support to an American Financial Company

FWS Provided Outbound Calling Support to an American Financial Company

A financial services firm needed cold calling support to identify and engage with clients and onboard them. We provided excellence in our services, much to the satisfaction of our client.

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Outsource Contact Center Modernization Services to Flatworld Solutions

With the right partner and strategy, contact center modernization can ensure that your customer services never go out of style. The contact center is at the forefront of a customer experience strategy and an important differentiator that creates loyalty and lessens churn. So, modernization must come first for a business. Cloud-based contact center solutions not only create a pleasant customer experience, they also provide tools to increase the productivity of agents and managers, increase job satisfaction, and reduce wear & tear and training costs. Other tools, such as SMS assistants, help agents interact and create an exceptional experience for all involved.

Flatworld Solutions, being a contact center modernization services providing company, offers products and services that give you a competitive advantage and helps you secure loyal customers and repeat business. We have 20 years of expertise, world-class infrastructure, and a huge workforce to cater to all businesses. If you're in dire need of an efficient and high-quality contact center modernization service provider, then contact us now for a demo or customized quotes.

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