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The Customer

A leading UK-based general insurance company, which is also part of a global financial services providers' group that has a presence in over 70 countries, wanted to set up its captive offshore development center in India to provide business process outsourcing solutions. However, the company wanted its captive center to run smoothly, without many obstacles and downtime and have a suitable disaster recovery backup in place.

In today's dynamic world, where business is dependent on constant interaction with customers, it is imperative that continuity of business is not hampered due to any hindrances. Understanding the significance of continuous business operations, the company was looking for a bankable company in India that could provide solid backup in terms of business continuity services.

Although the company had arrangements for disaster recovery in the UK, it wanted back up services in India because the resources involved in relocating its employees and processes from India to the UK, during a disaster, would be huge. Thus, it was looking at a more practical solution. Availing disaster recovery services from a local company would enable the company expand its operations in the same city rather than setting up new offices in other cities.

The Challenge

Addressing the business need of disaster recovery services, Flatworld Solutions examined the situation. It had to cater to the requirements of the large global clients of its customer. It was a daunting task to support flawless transition of the massive processes and operations with minimal disruption, on a daily basis, simultaneously maintaining high standards of service.

Flatworld Solutions has set-up business continuity centers at strategic locations in India and abroad through partnerships with other centers. All the offices provide backup courtesy state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, servers, processors, leased lines, storage systems, UPS and generator systems. The business need was answered with the help of the following in-house abilities mentioned below.

Flatworld Solutions' In-house Abilities

Domain expertise: Flatworld Solutions has strategic tie-ups with domain specialists to offer industry-specific services to its customers. Its 250-seat Disaster Recovery Center in Chennai has proven expertise and track record in serving global customers in the BFSI sector and has been serving companies in the US since 2003.

Continuous development and on-going training: The disaster recovery team at Flatworld Solutions is subjected to constant training so that they are ready to manage any kind of disasters, irrespective of the criticality of the disaster.

Flatworld offers 99.99% reliability as it has state-of-the art technology and infrastructure to deal with redundancy.

It offers seamless expansion as it complies with open standards architecture. The existing facilities at its disaster recovery centers ensure continuous business services without interruption to existing operations.

Productivity and increased efficiency comes from the usage of high-tech predictive dialer, which manages all outbound calls, resulting in increased dialing productivity.

Besides, Flatworld Solutions is technically and technologically sound to manage disasters. It has up and running leased lines, bankable network connectivity, well-equipped servers and personal computers, trained technical personnel and infrastructure to provide data security. All the facilities together facilitate smooth and seamless transition of business in a disaster.

The Results

Flatworld Solution's customer (UK-based general insurance company) did a complete surveillance of Flatworld's facility and opted to go ahead with its services. The detailed proposal, coupled with innovative suggestions, proposed by Flatworld to its customer, was accepted. The suggestions to enhance connectivity were implemented successfully. Past experience in serving US customers proved to be one of the reassuring factors that prompted the customer to use Flatworld's business continuity services. A 3-year contract for providing disaster recovery services was signed. Soon, the Disaster Recovery site for the customer was up and running, much ahead of the time specified.

Flatworld Solutions' reliable business continuity services helped its customer mitigate operational risks with high levels of quality and efficiency. The company believes in long-term business relationships and the benefits of annual savings are passed on to its customers through a 3-year contract.

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