Reactivating Dormant Client Services

Reactivating Dormant Client Services

We effectively retain existing clients and find new clients while by reactivating dormant client services to grow your business and maximize sales starting at $8 per hour

While the process of targeting, finding, and building a client base is particularly exhausting, time-consuming, and requires much brain storming, so is the task of reactivating dormant clients. However, when you work with an expert reactivating dormant client services providing company, the whole process is easier to plan and execute, with better outcomes. If you ask how exactly clients become dormant, there can be an array of reasons for that to happen. Sometimes, clients find better alternatives, may have had a negative experience with the brand, or might have simply forgotten about the brand. While losing customers is never surprising or unexpected, it becomes a challenge when you're unable to build a proper client base or earn loyalty from your customers so much so that you have more clients walking out the door than approaching you.

If you have dormant clients, you still stand a huge chance at reactivating them. This requires expert assistance, and this is where Flatworld Solutions can help you. We, at Flatworld Solutions, are an experienced reactivating dormant client service provider that can step in and help you target your dormant clients such that they help boost your sales and turn into a loyal, long-term client base.

Our Reactivating Dormant Client Services

Flatworld Solutions is a professional reactivating dormant client services providing company that works with a highly-skilled team of outbound agents who assess your client database and come up with a fool-proof strategy to reactivate your dormant clients. This is achieved by reintroducing your brand, your products, or services to them such that it makes an impact and encourages your dormant clients to make a move towards purchasing or subscribing to your services. Following are the comprehensive reactivating dormant client services that we offer -

  1. Bilingual and Multilingual Chat Services

    Bilingual and Multilingual Chat Services

    We work with native speakers of different languages, which allows us to offer accurate bilingual and multilingual chat services. This helps reach clients who may not understand the specifics of your services or products and may require assistance in their native language, thus enhancing their experience with your brand.

  2. Soft Collection Services

    Soft Collection Services

    Soft collection solutions are a crucial service that many businesses require to ensure that there are no debts, thus avoiding loss. We work with skilled soft collection call experts who can help you with this.

  3. Conference Registration Services

    Conference Registration Services

    Our team can assist you with the conference as well as Reactivating Dormant Client services as we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources required to handle the registration process right from the start to finish. While conference or Reactivating Dormant Client management is a time-consuming process, we can significantly ease the operations for you with our reactivating dormant client services.

  4. Pre-sales Services

    Pre-sales Services

    We can provide you complete assistance that your business requires concerning your dormant clients that you intend to reactivate. We can assist you with several activities that take place before closing the sale.

  5. Direct Response Services

    Direct Response Services

    Direct response services can help your business a great deal by eliciting an immediate response from the clients such that it adds up to your ROI immediately. However, such marketing techniques require skills and high insights into consumer behavior— and we can help you with just that. Our marketing team understands your business, requirements, your clients, and comes up with practical and effective strategies to reactivate dormant clients through direct response services.

  6. Email Response Services

    Email Response Services

    One of the easiest ways to lose clients is by having them wait for the response to their emails. Our email response services can help you respond to your clients immediately so that you make the best impression on your clients and win their loyalty. These services can significantly aid in reactivating dormant clients as well.

  7. Emergency Response Services

    Emergency Response Services

    We have a dedicated team of professionals who are qualified to offer emergency response services when your business requires them.

Our Reactivating Dormant Client Process

Flatworld Solutions follows a systematic approach to offer highly accurate and outcome-oriented reactivating dormant client services to our clients. To make that happen, we divide the whole process into various steps and pass the project through various levels of quality check to ensure that our services help your business grow. Following are the steps that we follow when you opt for our reactivating dormant client services -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us for our reactivating dormant client services, we communicate with you to understand your requirements. This involves our specialists assessing your business to gain a deeper understanding. Based on the services that you require, we come up with the scope of the project and seek your approval


02. Client Data Assessment

Once you give us your approval, we initiate our reactivating dormant client services by first receiving the client database from you via a secure FTP channel. We then assess your clients and this helps us gain important insights that help us develop an infallible, result-oriented plan


03. Planning

We get to the planning phase wherein our experts come up with effective marketing strategies that target your dormant clients to elicit the desired action from them. We craft a plan as per the services that you opt for


04. Implementation

Once the plan is in place and is checked for loopholes and effectiveness, and passes for being efficient, we start implementing our plan


05. Reporting

We make it a point to send you weekly and daily reports and give you complete information about the reactivated clients and the action taken by them

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Reactivating Dormant Client Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a professional reactivating dormant client company with the experience of catering to the business requirements of countless clients from all around the world. While our strong points are transparency, complete professionalism, superlative skills, and expertise, there is a wealth of many other benefits that our reactivating dormant client services can bring to the table. Here are the reasons why you should outsource reactivating dormant client services to us

  • Affordable Pricing Solutions

    Our reactivating dormant client services come at customizable pricing options so that small companies, medium, or large— all get to partner with us without budget being a constraint. Moreover, when you choose to work with us, you only have to pay for the services that you opt for.

  • Complete Data Security

    We understand that you confide in us and share information and data about your company and clients, and that is confidential. We take stringent measures to safeguard the confidentiality and thus assure you of complete data security with no instances of third-party access or data breach.

  • High-quality Services

    We ensure quality in each step and move cautiously to ensure the client isn't interrupted or upset with our contact methods. Proactively, we bring your old clients to the sales team for further conversion.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you outsource reactivating dormant client services to us, we assign a dedicated project manager so that you have a single point of contact to receive reports of the project, communicate your queries and give your feedback. This helps avoid confusion and makes communication more efficient.

  • Well-established Infrastructure

    With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have built an impressive and impeccable infrastructure over the years that adds to the efficiency of our services. We are fully equipped with all the resources required to meet your business requirements promptly.

  • 24/7 Support

    If you have any queries regarding our services, you can reach out to us any time irrespective of your time zone, and expect to hear back from us in a very short while. Feel free to get in touch with us via emails, calls, or the live chatbox on our website.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Outbound Calling to an Event Management Firm to Confirm Attendee List

Flatworld Provided Outbound Calling to an Event Management Firm to Confirm Attendee List

A US-based event management client outsourced outbound calling by trusting our ability. We trained over 15 agents to handle the attendee list. The operations scaled mid-way and the project challenges were resolved without loss in productivity.

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Flatworld Provided Cold Calling Support to a Contract Research Organization

Flatworld Provided Cold Calling Support to a Contract Research Organization

A contract research firm specializing in safety and compliance of life sciences & food industry delegated cold calling support to garner the prospects and warm them up into paying customers.

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I have been using Flatworld Solutions for the telemarketing service for the past few months and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. They have been very reasonably priced and have done exactly what we've asked of them.

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Outsource Reactivating Dormant Client Services to Flatworld Solutions

When you plan to reactivate dormant clients, there's a lot that goes into reigniting interest in them for your brand, products, and services such that they are driven to take action that proves to improve your ROI. This is why it is recommended you outsource reactivating dormant client services to experts like Flatworld Solutions. Strategizing and implementing the strategy successfully requires not only time, effort, and patience but also expertise, experience, and skills in case of customer support to target dormant clients. We are here to assist you with all your requirements about this service so that you can build a consistent client base that helps your business grow exponentially.

Contact us now and outsource reactivating dormant client services at pocket-friendly rates.

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