Flatworld Solutions Provided CCTV Monitoring Services to a European Gym

Case Study on CCTV Monitoring Services to a European Gym

The Client

The client we served is a leading gym with facilities in Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg & Zurich.

Client's Requirements

The customer reached us to monitor the activities at their gym and observe if the gym members were maintaining social distance and adhering to the gym's instructions. If they were not, an operator would need to buzz the alarm button to remind them.

Client's Challenges

The client was doing this for the first time and unsure about the result and data security. The initial challenges we faced on the project was to achieve desirable timings for support services due to time zone differences. The alarm option was also not configured as per the language requirements. Besides, hiring the right set of agents within the time frame was the biggest challenge.

FWS' Solution

We along with the talent acquisition team sourced the right fit agents and deployed a dedicated team on the project. The client was very skeptical about the price and we assured the client of the quality of the agent at his price. The client provided on-the-job training to the team and sorted out all the FAQs that the agents had. Since then, the agent has been very consistent in performance and very accurate in completing the task.

The Results

So far, there has not been any problem and the client is extremely happy with our services. The client has also signed up for an ongoing contract and has provided a reference letter.

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