Email Support Services

Email Support Services

Improve customer experience with our quick and consistent email support services.

Contact us to track and respond to your customer emails on time.

Are delayed email responses impeding your customer experience and thereby affecting your brand perception? Startups, mid-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide struggle to deal with piling customer emails. This is where delegating email support services to a professional like us can make a difference. Outsourcing gives you access to skilled and experienced resources trained to provide efficient email responses.

Assisting clients across the US and European markets, our email support services company combines our industry expertise with modern help desk features to deliver exceptional email chat support services.

Switch to email customer service outsourcing now to serve your customers better through accurate and on-time responses to their email queries.

Case Studies

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  • A Leading Australia-Based IT and Accounting Company Efficiently Tackled Email-Based Technical Queries

    A leading Australian IT and accounting firm was looking for a reliable and cost-effective email technical service provider. Our team provided them with cost-effective services.

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  • Case Study on Ticketing and Email Support Services
  • USA-Based High-End Home Improvement Products Manufacturer Benefits from Our Ticketing & Email Support

    Read how FWS provided capable agents to handle a leading home-improvement product manufacturer's ticketing and email support requirements.

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  • Testimonials

    Clients Speak


    Flatworld's service package is impressive, excellent, and very professional. They have a great team to execute the tasks assigned. We expect this relationship to grow in the coming years as we expand our global presence using the full depth and breadth of Flatworld's expertise.

    A Fast-growing Research and Technology Company in Florida, USA

    Services We Offer

    Ready to get 24/7 multilingual email support services to balance workload between peak and off-peak hours? Here are our services to help you keep up with a wide array of email queries.

    1. Email Response Support

      Email Response Support

      Guarantee prompt and professional responses to your customer inquiries with our email response support services. Our highly trained specialists utilize advanced AI technology to ensure accurate, personalized, and timely email responses.

    2. Business Email Support

      Business Email Support

      Our Business Email Support service is designed to streamline your corporate communication. Equipped with knowledge in advanced email management systems, our experts ensure efficient handling of your business emails, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

    3. Contact Center Email Support

      Contact Center Email Support

      Our contact center email support services provide comprehensive assistance to your customers via email. Proficient in customer service technologies and email etiquette, we ensure that every customer query is handled professionally, quickly, and accurately, boosting your customer satisfaction levels.

    4. Email Service Technical Support

      Email Service Technical Support

      Provide uninterrupted technical assistance with our email services for technical support. We have tech experts, proficient in advanced email technologies, who provide 24/7 assistance to troubleshoot issues and ensure smooth operation, enhancing business productivity and communication flow.

    5. Inbound Email Support

      Inbound Email Support

      Streamline your customer communications with our inbound email support. Our team, equipped with AI-powered email management systems, efficiently handles all your inbound customer emails, providing timely, accurate, and personalized responses that boost customer satisfaction.

    6. Follow-Up Email Support

      Follow-Up Email Support

      Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers with our follow-up email support. Our dedicated team, adept in email marketing strategies and CRM tools, ensures consistent and meaningful follow-ups, driving customer retention and loyalty.

    7. Verification Email Support

      Verification Email Support

      Safeguard your business from fraudulent activities with our verification email support. Our team, skilled in advanced security protocols, manages all your verification emails, ensuring a secure and trustworthy business environment.

    8. Escalation Email Support

      Escalation Email Support

      Handle customer complaints professionally and quickly with our escalation email support. Proficient in conflict resolution and customer service best practices, our seasoned experts manage escalated issues effectively, preserving your business reputation and customer relationships.

    9. Email and Voice Blasting Services

      Email and Voice Blasting Services

      Reach your customers effectively with our email and voice blasting services. Skilled in mass communication technologies, our specialists deliver your promotional messages to a large audience, ensuring high open and response rates that drive business growth.

    Our Email Support Tool Kit

    Zendesk Salesforce Helpdesk Help Scout Gsuite Front Freshworks Freshdesk Gorgisa Live chat Intercom

    Multi-step Email Support


    01. Initial Consultation

    Our first step is to have a detailed consultation with the client to understand their industry, business model, and challenges related to email support.


    02. Email Support Strategy Development

    We have developed a strategic plan for improving the client's email support, which includes designing workflows and creating templates for common inquiries.


    03. Software and Tools Setup

    We then set up the email support software and tools, which can include CRM integration, email categorization software, and customer satisfaction tracking tools.


    04. Team Allocation and Training

    We allocate the right talent to the client's project, provide them with intensive training, and plan the execution. We also provide continuous support and periodic training updates.

    Industries We Cater To

    1. Telecommunications


      Manage technical queries and facilitate a smoother digital transformation journey for customers, enhancing service reliability.

    2. Logistics


      Provide real-time updates on freight movement and regulatory compliance to improve transparency and customer trust.

    3. Real Estate


      Promptly respond to inquiries on market trends, valuation, and more, fostering informed decision-making for clients.

    4. Manufacturing


      Streamline communication with suppliers and distribution channels to enhance supply chain efficiency.

    5. Media and Entertainment


      Solicit and manage content suggestions and copyright requests, enhancing content diversity and legal compliance.

    6. Custom Brokerage

      Custom Brokerage

      Provide timely updates on regulatory changes and customs duties to facilitate smoother cross-border transactions.

    7. Retail and Ecommerce

      Retail and Ecommerce

      Offer personalized product recommendations based on customer inquiries to accelerate sales.

    8. Finance


      Circulate educational content on financial planning and investment strategies, fostering financial literacy.

    9. Automotive


      Manage recall notifications and safety alerts to enhance customer safety and brand reputation.

    10. Travel and Hospitality


      Share personalized travel guides and local recommendations based on customer inquiries, enhancing overall travel experience.

    11. Education

      Education Keep students and parents updated about curriculum changes, exam schedules, and scholarship opportunities to ensure better academic planning.
    12. Information Technology

      Information Technology

      Share best practices for software usage and data security in response to client queries, fostering safer and more effective software utilization.

    13. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


      Send appointment reminders and health tips to improve patient engagement and well-being.

    14. Insurance


      Circulate policy updates and risk management tips, fostering risk awareness and prevention.

    Staffing Calculator

    Call Center Staffing Calculator

    Calculate staffing & costing for your project
    Project Type
    Project Type
    Service Type
    Service Type
    Target Country
    Select Target Country
    Shift Coverage
    Shift Coverage
    Average Call Count
    Average Call Count
    Average Handling Time
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    Service Type
    Service Type
    Target Country
    Select Target Country
    Total number of leads
    Total Number of Leads
    Number of attempts
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    Average Handling Time
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    Deadline Days
    Deadline (Days)
    » Check the result below
    Service Type
    Service Type
    Target Country
    Select Target Country
    Average Handling Time
    Average Handling Time (Min)
    Manual Predictive Dialing
    Manual / Predictive Dialing
    Head count required
    Head Count Required
    » Check the result below
    Service Type
    Service Type
    Target Country
    Select Target Country
    Shift Coverage
    Shift Coverage
    Average Call Count
    Average Call Count
    Average Handling Time
    Average Handling Time (Min)
    » Check the result below
    Service type
    Service Type
    Target Country
    Select Target Country
    Shift Coverage
    Shift Coverage
    Average Call Count
    Average Call Count
    Average Handling Time
    Average Handling Time (Min)
    » Check the result below

    Call Center FTE Calculator from Flatworld Solutions is One-of-its-kind, FREE online tool that helps you calculate the number of agents and cost requirement for your call center operations, with least possible inputs. This calculator is easy-to-use and is made to provide you the best user experience while getting an accurate answer to your call center expansion requirements. In case you need some assistance with our Call Center Staffing and Cost Calculator, please refer to our Calculator User Guide

    Our Call Center Portfolio

    Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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    Our Call Center Portfolio

    Why Should You Choose Us as Your Email Support Service Provider?

    Timely responses and accurate replies are crucial to improving customer experience. This is precisely where we help you deliver with our customized support. Here are some of the aspects that set us apart -

    • Quality Monitoring

      We have quality monitoring systems to evaluate every email response's quality. This ensures that your customers receive ideal responses relevant to their queries.

    • Data Security and Privacy

      Our processes adhere to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ISO guidelines. This assures our European clients that safety and project security are not compromised at any given point.

    • Timely Email Responses

      We use innovative technologies to evaluate and segregate customer emails. This reduces the response time and improves the accuracy/relevancy of the replies.

    • Proficient Agents

      The resources who work on your project are pre-vetted and trained. This step is crucial to assign the right resources to your project.

    • World-class Infrastructure

      All our offices are powered by advanced tools. This enables our team to deliver outstanding services on time, every time.

    • Flexible Engagement Models

      We have multiple engagement options. These include "pay-per-project," "pay-per-email-response," and hybrid payment models.

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    Live Chat Support Services

    Communicate with your prospects in real-time to enhance customer experience and boost conversions.

    Call Center Technical Support

    Assist your callers with software/hardware issues and resolve customer complaints promptly with our customized services.

    Remote IT Support Services

    Provide uninterrupted customer service and resolve technical issues efficiently with our remote IT support services.

    Customer Support Services

    Gain access to our skilled and trained agents to deliver unwavering pre- and post-sales support to your customers worldwide.

    Outsource Email Support Services


    Flatworld's service package is impressive, excellent, and very professional. They have a great team to execute the tasks assigned. We expect this relationship to grow in the coming years as we expand our global presence using the full depth and breadth of Flatworld's expertise.

    CEO, A Fast-growing Research and Technology Company in Florida, USA More Testimonials »

    Optimized using the latest market trends and fortified through automation-powered tools, our services ease your administrative hassles and slash costs. When you choose us, we start by understanding your customer base. This includes accessing your historical customer queries and ticketing systems to deliver personalized replies to every customer's email. From resolving ad hoc customer queries and clearing email backlogs to providing speedy responses without auto generating, we address your customer concerns efficiently.

    Get prompt, efficient, and scalable email support to provide exceptional customer care with our email response services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why are email support services essential?

    Email support helps your customers contact you anytime, regardless of location. This makes it a convenient channel to articulate their issues. Email conversations can also be used as written records to track progress and resolve misunderstandings.

    What are the benefits of outsourced eCommerce email support services?

    Operating from lower-cost regions, outsourcing providers help you save expenses. Besides, these services employ skilled professionals to manage email queries, address customer issues, and deliver superior services. Outsourcing also allows you to scale quickly based on your specific needs.

    What is the cost of email support outsourcing?

    Some factors that impact the cost associated with email support outsourcing are the volume of emails, the complexity of queries, and the level of support required. Some standard pricing models include pay-per-response, subscription plans with a fixed monthly fee, and pay-per-hour.