The right ambience to blossom your aspirations and inner potential

At Flatworld, we look for people who are creative and willing to go the extra mile.

At Flatworld, business is about people. People with big dreams and big visions, people with a passion to make their dreams come true.

Because we started up with a bunch of people just like that. And we've grown spectacularly because of the zest and passion of those handpicked few.

We know they're few and far between. But we're ready to go that extra mile to find people like these.

We're looking for that extra something that fires people from deep down within, to be all that they can be. People who don't just "fit the job description" but s-t-r-e-t-c-h the limits.

Our work culture encourages creativity and openness. We provide a stimulating environment with team-building activities and regular interaction with leading multinational customers from across the globe.

You'll find our people comfortable to be with - not the kind who need to 'look good' just to prove something or satisfy their egos. People who are comfortable in their own skins. So you know you can be yourself around here.

If you think you fit the "Flatworld job description" as detailed above, email us your resume.

(All the openings are for INDIA and the salary is in INR.)

Who knows? You could be one of the Flatworld family and raring to grow very soon!

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