A Health Insurance Company Benefits from Flatworld Solutions' CATI Services - A Success Story

Health Insurance Company Benefits from FWS

The Customer

Flatworld Solutions carried out a pilot project that involved interviewing 2000 clients of its customer - an established health insurance provider in the State of North Carolina - and 4000 clients of its customer's competitors. The respondents were interviewed to understand their preference for "referral management" with regard to a particular health insurance plan. The survey methodology used by Flatworld was that of a Blind Phone Survey. Some of the challenges that Flatworld came across during the exercise were:

  • The customer's offerings had to be positioned amidst several other products and services existing in the market.
  • 5 different quotas in different segments, across the 2000 surveys, had to be attained.

The Challenge

  • The team at Flatworld designed a specific training program and a process, which included a 15 minute survey consisting of 18 questions. Out of the 18 questions, 15 were multiple-choice questions, while the rest were open-ended questions.
  • The following conditions were adhered to: Respondents could not be employees of a hospital, physician or advertising/marketing firm. This was done to refrain from getting biased results. 15 interviewers executed the survey successfully in a span of 4 weeks.

Flatworld's dedicated Quality Check professionals verified all the voice and data screen records.

The Results

  • Flatworld Solutions successfully created interview screens using Industry Standard CATI Application.
  • All the voice and data screens were captured and presented to the customer.
  • The dynamic team at Flatworld finished the project with one week to spare, with 99% accuracy.
  • The project was completed within the budget specified by the customer, resulting in over 40% savings in costs as compared to a US based CATI center.
  • Flatworld achieved about 91% conversions as against the customer's expectation of 70% conversions.

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