CATI Services

CATI Services

Are you stuck trying to frame sensible questionnaire to interview your audience? Then using inferior CATI services to cut corner is not the best way. What you need is a highly intuitive Computer-assisted or Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) that improves the performance and quality of market research data collection by helping interviewers ask relevant and effective questions. The responses are simultaneously recorded onto a computer system for further analysis.

At Flatworld Solutions, (FWS) we offer you the best end-to-end CATI Services for market research data collection. This comprises the very best in CATI software and includes a CATI call center which is a completely automated, predictive dialer enhanced telephone center with Rapid Dial. Our CATI market research solutions and services are highly effective in international B2B and consumer interviews. They offer significant benefits in terms of sample management, question routing, accuracy, and timing.

Studies We Perform Under CATI Research

CATI services can help you with detailed analysis of many business facets. This service can help you understand the customer behavior, market behavior, and everything in between. The studies covered under CATI research includes the following -

  • Urban and rural studies
  • Analysis and buyer behavior and market segmentation
  • Quantitative pricing research
  • Report creation and presentation
  • Event feedback survey
  • Study on need analysis
  • Testing advertisement response
  • Data Analysis
  • Studies on product development and its usage
  • Evaluation of customer experience and satisfaction via survey

What Makes Our CATI System Different?

Enterprise Reporting
Enterprise Reporting
Questionnaire Design
Questionnaire Design
Design Functions
Design Functions
Automatic Call Scheduling
Automatic Call Scheduling
Interview Length
Interview Length
Interviewer Training and Monitoring
Interviewer Training and Monitoring

At Flatworld, we have all the elements of an effective CATI system; Starting with a well-designed questionnaire created in-house and ending with customer feedback about our interviewers. Here's what makes us different -

  1. Questionnaire Design

    Having a ready paper questionnaire and just sticking it into the computer is not all that it takes into developing a CATI survey. We ensure that question layout is effective, and that skip logic and valid response values are specified in all our questionnaires. The data collected is then coded by the CATI system and updated in the database. Control and performance reports are available which help to deliver quality and timeliness.

  2. Design Functions

    Some of the design functions that make our system efficient include the following -

    • Editing allows us to identify any discrepancies in respondents' answers and record errors done by the interviewer
    • Customization allows the text of a question to be tailored based on the answers to previous questions
    • Probing is used to extract the "best estimate" answer from a respondent when an appropriate answer is not offered
    • Autodialing helps in reducing the load on the human operator by reducing human errors
  3. Automatic Call Scheduling

    Scheduling calls to respondents automatically is a vital part of a CATI system. Randomizing and scattering call attempts, prioritizing important calls, and adjusting time zone differences are all strategies that go a long way towards making a survey effective.

  4. Interview Length

    Interview-length helps in ensuring the reliability of computer-assisted interviews, as it is a well-studied fact that the longer an interview or survey, the less reliable the data quality.

  5. Interviewer Training and Monitoring

    Includes training interviewers to persuade respondents to participate in the survey and gather accurate data. Monitoring the interviewer and receiving customer feedback ensures that the interviewer is effective.

  6. Enterprise Reporting System

    Once you outsource computer aided telephone interviewing services to us, we collect data and reports on events in real time with access to analysis reports and voice recordings.

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

CATI Service Process We Follow

Designing a series of questionnaires isn't easy when you have a partial understanding of your audience and less experience in customizing the layout for enhanced user interaction. By using a transparent strategy, we provide computer aided telephone interviewing services that are ideal for your business to enhance the accuracy of microdata by engaging survey respondents. The steps we follow as part of CATI service is as follows -

Gathering Intelligence  

01. Gathering Intelligence

We compile questions that need answers by working with your team, this allows us to skip questions that are less relevant to the respondent

Interview Scheduling and Interviewer Training  

02. Interview Scheduling and Interviewer Training

We impart high-quality training to interviewers to obtain and analyze the inputs from respondents. We also schedule the interview by prior consultation with respondents

Design & Customization of Questionnaire  

03. Design & Customization of Questionnaire

We customize questions to extract answers that give better business insights. The computerized questions are customized by CATI software's smart logic by automatically skipping irrelevant questions

Executing Phone Interview  

04. Executing Phone Interview

Once questions are prepared and fed into CATI software we interview clients by reading out questions. The user response is directly fed into the software for further analysis

Input Analysis and Report Creation  

05. Input Analysis and Report Creation

Our experts and analysts transform the inputs into high-quality business insights and reports that will support better decision making

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Why Choose CATI Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Are you keen on outsourcing computer aided telephone interviewing services for better value? You are not alone, there are many businesses that need insights to take their day-to-day engagements and customer service to the next level. If you are ready to evolve we have the solution to carry you to the goal in the fastest way. Here are benefits of choosing FWS' CATI services -

  • Certified CATI Services Company

    Flatworld Solutions is a reputed provider of CATI services because our services are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Since our inception in this industry 20 years ago we have followed high quality standards to meet the industry expectation and guarantee better results as well as value in the long run

  • Data Security

    Ours is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company that adheres to data security standards approved by the information security management system. We eliminate security risks and protect your confidential data by using technology and physical infrastructure as barriers. This will ensure complete security and assurance that only signatories of Non-disclosure who are assigned to the project have access to protected information

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    FWS' high-quality CATI services have consistently produced precision reports that are sought by B2B businesses worldwide. With 100% transparency and 98% accuracy, we capture customer insights through tailormade questionnaires that are relevant to prospect target audience

  • Short Turnaround

    We have equal concern for the time you spend waiting for results. Our CATI services can be implemented in short TAT that includes 35% of the time that is saved by outsourcing CATI services to call center professionals at FWS

  • Scalability

    As your business evolves you may need to cover a large target group of respondents. To do so, in an efficient manner, you will need scalable performance - one that can be availed by turning to us. You can target a broad range of verticals that include real estate, broadcasting, software, etc.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Cost is a critical factor in price sensitive markets. To ensure you get the best value for your budget we offer a flexible pricing structure that comes with customizable components, so you can choose the service that justifies your business needs

  • Single-point Contact

    You will be assisted throughout the project and after by a dedicated specialist who is also a subject matter specialist. In this way, you can skip the queue and straightaway get your issues resolved without waiting for help from the upper hierarchy

  • CATI Services Software

    Since CATI software is essential to customize the questionnaire we use advanced software with smart branching logic to automatically omit irrelevant questions. The proprietary software used by our team will help in gathering valuable microdata as well as to maintain an orderly flow of questions depending on the answers submitted by the survey recipient. The software we use has an intuitive interface that allows questions to be read from the computer screen

  • Experienced Team of Call Center Specialists and Analysts

    We have a team of savvy call center agents who are well-versed with CATI software. Our agents are skilled to simultaneously handle phone calls and conduct interviews as per the schedule. Our team possess 10+ years of experience in various call center service facets to help you make the best business decision

  • Modern Infrastructure

    At Flatworld, we routinely upgrade the physical, technology, and security infrastructure to remain consistent with up-to-the-minute needs of the industry. This enables us to render call center services that are accurate, and secure to bring maximum satisfaction to your team

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We use highly secure FTP and VPN to let you share confidential data with us. The data once received at our end is stored in the Cloud for easy access and management. Using a secure login, you can access the data and reports from our network for taking best business decisions

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our personalized support can be availed from your local time zone as we work on a 24x7 basis throughout the year. When you need to hear from us you can give us a call or write an email to get a quick response

Client Success Stories

Health Insurance Company Benefits from FWS CATI Services

A Health Insurance Company Benefits from Flatworld Solutions' CATI Services

A US client contacted Flatworld Solutions to carry out CATI service on 2000 customers guided away from the competitors. The interview was intended to determine the choice for referral management. We helped increase conversion by 91%.

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Case Study on FWS CATI Field Services

Flatworld's CATI Field Services Helped Australian Client Survey Parents and Children

An Australian client contacted FWS to outsource CATI so that parents and children can be surveyed to understand internet behavior. We successfully completed CATI research as per the client's need.

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We hired Flatworld Solutions for their cold calling, telemarketing, sales, and lead mining services. From initial conversations right through the functional application, Flatworld and their team have earned our respect and praise. They have always demonstrated initiative and commitment to our campaign to ensure the quality of their service and our service which is something that we value the most. We'll continue to use their services and are appreciative of their efforts.

Electrical Solutions Provider, ON, Canada
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At Flatworld Solutions, we have been providing value-added Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing services to our global clients since 2002. With our cost-effective services, fast turnaround time, dedicated staff and well-defined processes, it's easy to see what makes our services attractive in the CATI marketplace. With 20 years of combined experience in call center service we have emerged as a true leader in call center services to become the first choice for clients who outsource CATI services.

We have helped numerous clients from diverse domains increase their business revenue through CATI Services, check out what brought them success. Also, we offer other services that help you enhance ROI and market awareness. We offer services such as lead generation services, market intelligence services, disaster recovery services, and more.

What are you waiting for? Hurry, contact us to outsource your CATI requirements and make profitable ROI on the go!

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