Soft Lead Generation Services

Soft Lead Generation Services

Our professional lead generation experts use the best call center technology and soft lead generation strategy to convert leads into paying customer at rates starting at $10 per hour

Strategic marketing is the number one priority for lead generation companies to reach audiences and grow their business, but if you lack the expertise in soft lead generation services, outsource soft lead generation services to Flatworld Solutions. We help a large number of clients by helping them find quality business leads and have a streamlined lead generation process. If you need more sales-ready leads or better ways to utilize the business drivers, choose a soft lead generation service provider like us.

At Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in providing bespoke soft lead generation services to several industry segments. We offer a range of services to help bring customers under your fold. Outsource soft lead generation services and we will ensure to convert each opportunity into true sales.

Soft Lead Generation Services We Offer

At Flatworld, our call centers are armed with the latest technology and most soft lead generation activities are managed using automated methods. We specialize in providing robust soft lead generation services for inbound communications and offer voice, tele-chat, live chat, and other support. Our services include -

  1. Website Soft Lead Generation

    Website Soft Lead Generation

    Being a soft lead generation services providing company, we design innovative web banners that will entice web traffic to click the CTA and get them landed on your website. Before we launch a web lead generation strategy, we will verify the interest of prospects and measure the probability for conversion.

  2. Lead Generation via Voice Call

    Lead Generation via Voice Call

    We will dial up the list of leads segmented by our backend team to ensure they are made aware of the product through engaging interaction. We will convert leads after assigning scores and queue them in your sales team’s pipeline for conversion.

  3. Social Media Soft Lead Generation

    Social Media Soft Lead Generation

    We also target leads on social media through multichannel engagement. Our team will run a soft lead generation strategy that is specifically designed for social media to get interested leads onboard. When social media engagements go unresponded, we will send a follow-up message to re-establish the connection.

  4. Soft Lead Generation via Email

    Soft Lead Generation via Email

    We will target clients by email by sending personalized messages and send custom marketing content with CTA so they can click and get guided back to your order page. We have a dedicated email marketing team, having a high degree of expertise in lead generation.

  5. Webinar Soft Lead Generation

    Webinar Soft Lead Generation

    Our team promotes webinar by sending invites to leads and booking members who are inclined to attend the event. We walk them through the proves and measure the satisfaction before further follow-up.

  6. Chat Stream Soft Lead Generation

    Chat Stream Soft Lead Generation

    We contact leads via chat media and convince leads about the product benefits and provide information that enables them to make buying decisions.

The Soft Lead Generation Process We Follow

We value transparency in pricing and process so we educate our clients before committing to soft lead generation. We will commence the service only after providing insights and an overview. Our process is as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

Once you contact us, we will work alongside you to understand the lead generation challenges as well as your existing process


02. Contact Strategy

Our lead generation strategists will diagnose business policies to determine the best lead generation strategy


03. Multichannel Contact

We will initiate outbound communications to increase user engagement and the chance of closing the deal


04. Delivery of Warm Leads

We will deliver warm leads that are fully informed to take sales decision


05. Reporting

We will furnish reports to help you measure the progress and suggest changes if needed

Other Services You Can Benefit From

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Why Outsource Soft Lead Generation Services to FWS?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading soft lead generation service outsourcing company and offers a wide range of call center solutions for global clients across industry verticals. Our services are defined by the following key differentiators -

  • Cost-effective Services

    Our services are affordable and we ensure that you get the best value by customizing the solutions.

  • Information Security

    Being an ISO 27001 certified company, you can rest assured as we take stringent security measures to protect your data.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Our call center infrastructure is complete with the latest technological tools which can help us achieve better customer satisfaction rates while logging a larger number of calls.

  • Skilled Lead Generation Experts

    We have highly skilled lead generation experts with years of experience in soft lead generation services.

  • Certified Soft Lead Generation Company

    By complying with ISO 9001:2015 standards, we continually ensure superior decision making and superior control over your customer outreach programs.

  • High-quality Customer Service

    We ensure quality in each step and take appropriate measures for guiding the leads to your sales team.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We are agile in engaging clients and getting them aboard. We do it in the shortest time compared to other service providers.

  • Scalability

    Our solutions are scalable as we have the bandwidth to accommodate priority needs at a moment’s notice.

  • Omni-channel Support

    We have contact centers that help you in getting an instant response from our team. Contact us via phone call, email, or web chat to get a fast response.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Lead Generation Services to a Leading Financial Company

FWS Provided Lead Generation Solutions to a Reputed Financial Services Provider

A top financial services provider was looking for professional and robust lead generation services which we provided at highly cost-effective rates.

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Case Study on Lead Generation for an SEO Company

FWS Provided Lead Generation Services to a Reputed Provider of SEO Services

A top provider of SEO services required reliable and cost-effective lead generation services, which we provided promptly.

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Outsource Soft Lead Generation Services to Flatworld Solutions


We have had a very good experience working with FWS. They are highly reliable and professional

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Over the years, we, at Flatworld Solutions have been contacted for various lead generation offerings among which is soft lead generation service. We have been successful in meeting the unique needs of clients by offering them modern customer engagement solutions. We cater to a wide range of clients and domains to help then expand the clientele.

Contact us today to outsource soft lead generation services and get assisted by our team as they walk you through the process and cost.

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