How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

We unveil the process of how call center outsourcing works to help you understand how working with us can be easy and effortless

One of the main strategies that companies consider while reducing the cost investments is call center outsourcing. There are many companies that stand firm with the idea of call center services and the cost savings it offers. However, there are some companies who think otherwise and value having the call centers within their vicinity.

If you are a startup or an existing venture and are planning to outsource customer service calls, then go ahead to find out how call center outsourcing works, pros and cons of call center outsourcing, benefits of call center outsourcing, and many more things about contact center solutions.

How Does Call Center Outsourcing Work?

Due to unstoppable growth in technology, the competition among industries is swelling up to escalate security, market, and compliance issues. A pragmatic approach is necessary to avoid breaking customers trust. Also, penetrating newer and less explored markets to increase the business footprint can be an uphill effort, unless huge money is invested. But worry not! Call center outsourcing services can assist you with everything, starting from project initiation and planning to execution and timely completion. Therefore, before choosing a partner for your choice to outbound call center outsourcing, it is cardinal to know answers to these questions -

  • How good is the track record of your service provider?
  • What is the experience of your partner in the outsourcing industry?
  • Are call center services scalable and flexible?
  • How can the service provider fulfill your requirement?
  • How can you benefit by outsourcing call center services?
  • Can monthly or yearly goals of your business be fulfilled with clean timelines?

Processing your requirement is simple and transparent. Here is an overview of what we do for all our clients -


01. Gather Customer Details, Requirement, and Documents

Flatworld Solutions' team will closely collaborate with you to interpret your business procedures and objectives. Then, our subject matter specialists and expert consultants will survey these procedures and operations.


02. Provide Flexible Prices

Depending upon the size, type, and complexity of your project, we provide custom call center outsourcing services at rates ranging from $8 to $25 per hour.


03. Process Contract and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

After deciding the specific call center outsourcing services from us, we will officially contract the partnership agreement and SLA will be signed.


04. Initiate Process, Training, and Documentation

FWS will commence agent training to familiarize our agents with the tools and CRM used by your company. Moreover, it will help our team understand your workflow like your in-house employees. The process will be documented in every step of the way.


05. Cut Out Tasks to Potential Workforce

After we streamline the process for customer support, we will screen agents for cultural fit and assign responsibilities within the outsourced call center program.


06. 2-4 Weeks of Nesting

Our agents will be enrolled into call center nesting for a period of 2-4 weeks. Here, they will receive training from veteran agents to learn how call center outsourcing works. Live calls and support requests will be used as training resources to enable our agents to learn your business process.


07. Prepare with Mock Calls and Training Assessment

In the post-nesting period, mock calls will be assigned to our agents, during which they are vetted for performance. This includes timeliness, support quality, friendliness, resolution time, etc.


08. Commence Training for 1-4 Weeks

Our agents will further receive grueling customer support training to sensitize with temperamental customers. Our agents are groomed to specialize in all crevices of call center outsourcing activities including cross-selling of products or services, polite and friendly customer engagement, compliance with corporate culture, etc.


09. Finalize Candidates to Onboard

We onboard all chosen agents with out-and-out knowledge of customer service operations. On the merits of specialties and expertise, FWS will map projects, as well as mentors for further supervision.


10. Conduct Client Interviews

Flatworld Solutions offers a highly flexible onboarding process. We allow our clients to interview and choose the desired agents for their requirements.


11. Begin the Project

As soon as our call center agents are shortlisted, they are enrolled in the client project.


12. Quality Calibrations

Using a standard grading system we will evaluate our agent's performance. We consider several parameters for agent evaluation that includes call response time, oral proficiency, resolution time, clarity in communication, etc.


13. Ongoing Reviews and Assessments

In the last step, we use continuous evaluation to streamline the call center outsourcing services. We keep communications taut with our clients in every stage of the outsourcing project to fill gaps that may affect the project.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Outsourcing call center services saves a lot of money, time, and resources for businesses. It allows them to concentrate more on core activities like product and service development, content strategies, and sales strategies. So, instead of hiring in-house staff for customer support department, choosing call center outsourcing companies for handling customers data of a region can yield productive results.

Turnaround time, efficiency, compliance, and several more factors must be considered in call center outsourcing process. With more than 18 years of experience in outbound call center services, Flatworld Solutions has stood strong as an efficient customer service provider to a plethora of clients' business relationship management.

What Are the Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing?

When you outsource customer service calls, you are open to so many options. You are completely set free from overheads like hiring full-time agents, real estate ownership, employee perks, etc. Call center outsourcing is a one-stop-shop solution that brings you the following advantages -

Saves a lot of time
Access to a highly talented workforce
100% accurate conflict resolution
Flexible and scalable support
Easy to monitor and measure
Clean timelines in meeting deliverables
Shorter average time for customer support
Saves a lot of money
Provides complete control over the project
Reduces time-to-market
Helps you efficiently manage your business in different time zones
Cost-competitive edge
Provides control over the burn rate

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource a Call Center?

Flatworld Solutions offers free support, training and, customer reporting services. Our pricing models are moderate where the quote is customized to the client's requirement, contracts terms and conditions, number of agents, call volume, the complexity of the project, etc. Below is a rundown on the cost of our major call center services -

Non-technical and
telemarketing support services

Starts @
$8 - $10

Support services

Starts @
$10 - $15

Advanced technical
support services

Starts @
$15 - $25

Staffing Calculator

Call Center Staffing Calculator

Calculate staffing & costing for your project
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Average Call Count
Average Call Count
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Shift Coverage
Shift Coverage
Average Call Count
Average Call Count
Average Handling Time
Average Handling Time (Min)
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Call Center FTE Calculator from Flatworld Solutions is One-of-its-kind, FREE online tool that helps you calculate the number of agents and cost requirement for your call center operations, with least possible inputs. This calculator is easy-to-use and is made to provide you the best user experience while getting an accurate answer to your call center expansion requirements. In case you need some assistance with our Call Center Staffing and Cost Calculator, please refer to our Calculator User Guide

What are the Services included in Customer Service Outsourcing?

Flatworld Solutions provide a wide range of contact center services which include -

Choose Flatworld Solutions Call Center Outsourcing Services to Collaborate

Flatworld Solutions has been leading the chart of top call center outsourcing companies for a decade or so. With more than 18 years of experience and thousands of clients across the globe, FWS is among many reliable and trustworthy call center outsourcing companies around the world. We have built a prolific relationship with global industries that help us penetrate untapped markets with our call center services.

We provide personalized call center outsourcing solutions based on the client's requirement. We also help in gauging your company's infirmities or liabilities present in the current workflow. We will then help you understand the positive effects that contact center solutions fetch. Flatworld Solutions peerlessly work on essential requirements of your call center services and improves your reach in a wide range. Our prime agenda is to render the best among all the industry's contact center solutions through our well-versed and proven process flow, infrastructure, and workforce.

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