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As organizations increasingly outsource their core activities and boost the development of important core functionalities, the issue of high performance security systems in such an endeavor comes to light. At Flatworld Solutions, it is a process driven approach that significantly enhances the call center security of our IT infrastructure from internal and external threats using researched processes, procedures and tools.

The deep call center security skills of our global practice, as well as our experience as a leading outsourcing provider, make us uniquely qualified to help you ensure that your outsourcing arrangements are not only efficient, but secure. We help companies not only determine where their security vulnerabilities exist, but offer call center security solutions to turn those vulnerabilities into strengths.

Our professionals understand the call center security needs critical to every high-performance business…

Call Center Data Security

Call Center Data Security

Our call center security matrix consists of integrated solutions leveraged using deep industry knowledge and tailored to suit the distinctive needs of your company. Our comprehensive call center security systems integrate all security components and business systems for a reliable, cost effective approach.

Employee portals, knowledge management systems and e-mail systems constitute much of an enterprise’s potential vulnerability, our call center security solutions supports the unique business challenges in providing workers with mobile—but also secure—access to a company’s information assets A rapidly increasing variety of mobile networked computing and communication devices offers call center security in addition to unprecedented flexibility and convenience for remote workers, boosting productivity and cost effectiveness.

We provide vital services to companies planning and operating outsourcing partnerships including:

  • Proactively dealing with potential call center security issues at the planning and contractual stage including authentication, identification, authorization, access control, confidentiality and integrity
  • Monitoring the call center security implications of the outsourcing partnership during the lifecycle of the contract, this involves several steps including accountability, audit, intrusion detection, .non repudiation and availability. Recognizing the response to methodology through triage, recovery, reliability and implementing the necessary corrective action

Our Call Center Security Lifecycle…

Fundamental to today’s call center security needs is an integrated security architecture designed, built, tested and deployed in compliance with security requirements.
Security must be designed into solutions then managed proactively to maintain business reliability and availability and to meet regulatory compliance.
Our holistic solutions assess more than just your physical infrastructure We can provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions, management tools and services to meet your call center security requirements.

We plan

  • Asset Identification & Valuation
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • Security Architecture
  • Security Policies
  • Security Tools

We deploy

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • OS Hardening
  • Security Architecture Deployment
  • Security Policy deployment
  • Security Tools Deployment

We manage

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Incident handling
  • Security team
  • Vulnerability updates & Patches

We review

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Architecture review
  • Security policy review
  • Penetration testing

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Our Call Center Security Infrastructure consists of:

  • Cisco PIX firewall in fail over mode
  • 3DES support for secure VPN communication
  • McAfee Enterprise suite for Virus prevention and cure
  • Spam filter for Internet access & mail server
  • URL filtering application from surf control
  • Veritas Backup Exec Suite with Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option for speedy recovery
  • Physical access controlled by biometric access control
  • VLAN based network (for different groups, processes, servers, etc.)
  • Data Access based on Layer 3 access lists for communication across VLANs
  • Restricted Internet Access based on Domain Authentication
  • Logging of Internet Access at user level
  • No Mail & Internet access at Agent’s desktops
  • Profile based Desktop access, which allows access to only required minimum applications. No data storage access at local machines.
  • Centralized server based storage.
  • File system access policy based on user authentication
  • With our proactive security management program in place, your business can gain immeasurably, we:
  • Minimize downtime caused by Security attacks, and thereby minimizing damage to your business, company brand, customer loyalty, company intellectual property and employee productivity
  • Make security incidents and crisis management decisions based on real-time
  • Prevent or minimize the global spread of security attacks
  • Capture internal information for security audits and regulatory compliance
  • Focus on business operations, not security incident recovery

We offer multi-vendor support for market leading security and business continuity products. Our collaborative approach means that we will help you design, select, implement, and manage the right security for your business needs, all while maintaining business agility and employee productivity.

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