Business Continuity Planning Services

Business Continuity Planning Services

Leverage Flatworld Solutions' business continuity planning services and ensure uninterrupted business productivity and continuity, no matter the disruption, at prices starting at $8/hour

The recent pandemic has swept the entire world off its feet, disrupting work, productivity, and business as usual. Organizations across the world have been forced to implement work from home (WFM) models to ensure business continuity. But scaling business-critical applications to supplement the entire WFM workforce can be expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. Coupled with this is the tedious on-network protection of business data against malware, spyware, and viruses.

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand these business challenges and strive to alleviate them with our expert business continuity planning services – an easy and hassle-free solution to ensure business growth, continuity, and profitability. Our seasoned business continuity planning experts can help organizations create, implement, and maintain an effective business strategy plan that ensures uninterrupted functioning of mission-critical operations to create a catastrophe-resilient organization. With a suite of business continuity management tools, we protect business process dependencies across data, applications, infrastructure, and more.

Our Business Continuity Planning Services

As a leading business continuity planning services providing company, we, at Flatworld Solutions, can help you create a powerful business continuity strategy that's more contingent and highly dependable, and contains a backup or recovery plan for every aspect of your business, including different organizational processes, assets, human resources, and more. So whether you want to boost your employees' productivity, focus on revenue growth, or ensure quality and efficiency even during downtimes and interruptions, we can help you learn the best practices for uninterrupted business continuity and growth.

Our expert business continuity support services include -

  1. Identifying Key Business Areas

    Identifying Key Business Areas

    Our experts help you identify your mission-critical business operations, processes, and functions. We help you determine the magnitude of disruption to each function and score effective preventive strategies and recovery pathways.

  2. Updating Mission-critical Applications

    Updating Mission-critical Applications

    If your business is still running on legacy applications and software, we help you scale up your operations to the latest, state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions that can keep you and your teams productive even during downtimes and catastrophes. Our experts also create a step-by-step disaster recovery process to ensure you never miss a thing on your way back to business as usual.

  3. Conducting a Thorough Network Audit

    Conducting a Thorough Network Audit

    Our network engineers help you gain a deep understanding of your network to understand all critical connections, links, and devices running through your network - wired and wireless. We also create a detailed list of your networking vendors, primary and secondary, and BPOs and third-parties who can come to your rescue when catastrophe strikes.

  4. Understanding Downtime Costs

    Understanding Downtime Costs

    No amount of downtime is pleasing. At Flatworld Solutions, our business continuity experts can help you determine the impact of different downtimes on your business operations and create intelligent workflows that support your business processes even during downtimes.

  5. Coupling Networking Hardware with SD-WAN

    Coupling Networking Hardware with SD-WAN

    Our seasoned experts can provide you and your teams with uncompromised connectivity for an optimized and undisturbed work environment. By coupling your mission-critical applications and connections with SD-WAN, we bring unmatched transparency and operational simplicity even during testing times.

Our Business Continuity Planning Process

As a premium business continuity planning service provider, we offer a closed, full-service business continuity plan to help our customers support and continue their business operations even during interruptions and disruptions.

Our business continuity planning process includes -


01. Business Prioritization

We closely observe your different business processes to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to establish priorities and a full-service backup plan


02. Integration into IT

Our experts then take inputs from your teams to understand your business prioritizations and create an overall business continuity program design


03. Creating a Disaster Recovery Process

We then help you create a step-by-step workflow for quick data and business recovery, minimizing the downtime and its impact on your business processes. This includes creating hard copies as well as a digital and online reference for all information needed, creating emergency contact information of vendors and other recovery agents, and establishing escalation procedures for recovery after a disaster


04. Testing

Once created and incorporated, our business continuity plans are regularly tested and upgraded to ensure their overall effectiveness even during changing business environments

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Why Outsource Business Continuity Planning Services to Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions is a premium business continuity planning services providing company with a global footprint. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and having helped thousands of clients across different geographies mitigate the interruption of mission-critical services, we have established ourselves as a leading business continuity planning company. We are backed by a strong and efficient team of highly experienced and certified business continuity experts who can help you develop, implement, and maintain a customized business continuity solution that's practical, agile, and can seamlessly fit into your business' objective and culture, helping you create a catastrophe-resilient organization.

Outsource business continuity planning services to us and enjoy -

  • Affordable Prices and Plans

    Our business continuity planning services are available at extremely affordable rates. Our pocket-friendly prices make our services easily accessible to all organizations, big or small.

  • Complete Data Security

    We follow stringent data protection laws to ensure complete safety and security of your business data. Under no circumstances do we share your business information with anyone without your prior consent.

  • Advanced Tools and Technologies

    We leverage the most advanced software and technologies to help you swiftly analyze your mission-critical business processes and effectively plan strategies to mitigate risks and be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Instant Access to Certified and Experienced Team of Professionals

    We are powered by a certified team of business planning experts who are driven by the passion to provide every client with consistent, high-quality services – ones that can effectively meet your organization's growing needs and demands.

  • Optimized Solutions and Services

    Every business is different and so are its needs and requirements. That's why we never follow a ‘one size fits all' approach. Our professionals expertly tailor all our solutions and services to accurately meet all your business' needs and demands.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Our multiple delivery centers ensure hassle-free delivery of our services within the promised time frame.

  • Quick Response and Hassle-free Assistance

    Our customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide you round the clock assistance and support.

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The team at Flatworld Solutions is always very professional and quick to respond. I highly recommend their services!

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Outsource Business Continuity Planning Services to Flatworld Solutions

Effective business continuity planning can not only help you stay prepared for unexpected business disruption but can also save you from the negative impact that sudden technical outages can bring to your finances, market position, and reputation. Flatworld Solutions' business continuity planning services help you to focus on mission-critical business operations and processes to ensure their uninterrupted continuation when a disaster strikes. Our consultants are certified business continuity planning experts and have deep knowledge of unique business operations. They can help you efficiently design a comprehensive business continuity plan to mitigate interruptions and disruptions and help your organization get back online as quickly as possible for continued work productivity.

So whether you want to create a new business continuity plan or need help in scaling up your existing strategy, we can help. Simply let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you with a customized plan that has been made just for you.

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