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Self-service is the best customer service! 80% of the companies strive to improve their contact centers to provide a delightful customer experience. The challenge here is to steer the customer towards cost-effective channels of communication. By leveraging Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), businesses can achieve the right blend between customer satisfaction and cost-optimization.

The modern-day customer wants to feel heard. They want tailor-made solutions, and they want it right now, with high levels of relevance and accuracy! IVR Voice Recognition holds the key to it, and more! That is why IVR systems have found their place in inbound sales, outbound sales, loyalty programs, operations, and other marketing endeavors.

Scale Your Business with These Top Features of IVR Systems

By designing an IVR system that puts the customer at the center, organizations can experience several benefits. Here's our top 6 -

  1. Autonomy to Consumers

    If consumer experience is your top-notch priority, you may think of implementing IVR services in your contact center strategy. Consumers love interacting with IVRs because their easy speech-centric phone menus can route them to the right agent in less than a minute while giving them the autonomy to navigate their way.

  2. Widespread Scope

    From appointment reminders to reserving a table at your favorite restaurant, IVRs are extensively in use. Whether placing retail orders, generating bill notification, or gathering schedule info - IVRs can execute these efficiently without involving a live agent.

  3. Quick and Personalized Responses

    IVR systems come with custom-build menus that can expedite incoming calls and seamlessly tackle tasks routing callers or scheduling a callback. With the help of an IVR system, a caller can get information within seconds, even without having to escalate their issue to an agent! It shortens sale cycles while saving time at both ends.

  4. Cost-effective Solution

    When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the IVR system towers head and shoulder above other telecommunication channels. Compared to live-chat and telephone-based consumer services, IVR is incredibly cost-effective. An IVR service can cost less than 1 USD per contact. It makes consumers happy and increases personnel productivity now that they can focus on resolving more serious issues.

  5. Qualified Lead Generation

    Predominantly used as a customer service tool, the IVR is beginning to assume a more diverse role in the sales channel. The good thing about IVRs is that since they automate the process of reaching out to prospective clients, they offer a simple way to pre-qualify interest. A few questions are all it takes, and the qualified prospects can be quickly routed to live sales agents!

  6. Post Campaign Marketing Tool

    IVR systems serve as rich data pools for marketers. Interactive Voice Response systems are a great way of getting to know the customers. They say a lot about customer likes, interests, and demographics. Based on this data, the marketers can conduct a quick post-campaign analysis. They can determine which demographics responded favorably and can tweak the message accordingly.

The Future of IVR In Customer Support

To sum it up, IVR is one of the most significant touch points between your customer and your business. To a large extent, IVR systems can humanize digital channels by enabling a certain level of personalization. It serves both businesses and customers. New age IVRs leverage ML and NLP algorithms to evolve rapidly. They aim to significantly reduce wait time and make responses more accurate. IVR systems will continue to be a crucial part of consumer services in the future, and businesses should incorporate them in their marketing strategies to leverage business growth!

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Flatworld Solutions is a leading provider of IVR services. In the last 18 years, we have worked with more than 18,000 clients. We have a team of global experts that operates from 10 global delivery centers. We leverage the latest technologies and software to offer you top-notch IVR services. Not just that, we offer an array of inbound call center services to grow your business. To know more, contact us now!

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