6 Ways in Which Culture and Brand Affect Client Experience

6 Ways in Which Culture and Brand Affect Client Experience

Creating a value-driven & customer-centric culture can help you boost customer relationships

Is your client portfolio diverse? Are you having trouble dealing with the heterogeneity? What are your expectations for the future? These questions will settle the dispute between the multifarious customer strategy and your brand appeal. By adding a seamless set of cultural awareness methodologies and ideas into your customer experience strategies, your brand is sure to become diverse. If not, you need to find alternatives to woo your global customers in other ways, which is too much of a task.

A few marketing professionals do not put stress on distinguishing customer service from the customer experience. They must know that customer service is a single point of communication, while the other is a macro impression that covers the entire journey of the customer.

What is Customer Experience?

Before explaining the broader definition of the customer experience, you need to understand that there are three key aspects that can maximize the relationship between the business and the customer. These are -

  • The entire journey of the customer
  • Brand touchpoints
  • Interaction media (social channels, sales call, etc.)

Customer Experience (CX) is the interaction between customers and organizations throughout the business association (and across the enterprise). Various important interactions include pain points finding, brand awareness, development, advocacy, purchase, and service. Although CX is one of the fragments of the CRM, it is considered an important business touchpoint as it has a positive/negative impact on customers. Thus, it can be a milestone or metric for further development.

Ways in which Culture and Brand Affect Customer Experience

A diverse customer experience (CX) tactics can help you promote products, advertise, provide customer services and more. In order to firmly grasp the global market, you must also prioritize the cultural aspects of the market. Everyday usage of internet, promotional marketing, niche advertising, sales potential discovery, communication, and even the system of beliefs must be considered.

However, if cultural awareness is something of a non-starter, then, you must begin to recognize the customer experience trends and take some concrete steps to encourage it. Culture and branding influence customer experience in many ways. Most important are - People, Purpose, and Image.

Here are 6 Ways in which Culture and Brand Effect Customer Experience

The cultural effect on customer experience will play a decisive role for the simple reason that companies that emphasize customer experience can jump the barrier of branding in a diverse market, thus, resulting in more profits!

  1. Conducive Work Environment - Corporate Culture

    Conducive Work Environment-Corporate Culture

    Each organization has its own distinctive culture. Culture is the character of a company's business model. If the culture or environment is not healthy, then some constructive measures are required. Otherwise, the employees will start questioning the company's ethics and morals.

    So, how cultural difference impact customer experience? Here's how -

    • Teams are usually enthusiastic when working in a conducive environment. Thus, a favorable corporate culture can make or break your brand
    • The corporate culture has a direct correlation between the brand and customer experience
    • A company with a conducive work environment will propel its employees to work together in improving their client's needs
    • Employees satisfaction has a direct impact on how they treat their customers. If the employees are satisfied they will strive to resolve the customer issues
  2. Customers Respond to Empathy

    Customers Respond to Empathy

    Empathy goes a long way in identifying the customer's pinpoints. Yet most of the global firms because of their cost-driven business model do not understand it, let alone practice. Empathy helps in dissecting the real cause of the customer's need and respond appropriately. As per the latest data from PricewaterhouseCoopers, a mere 38% of the respondents said that their employees interact in an empathetic way to understand their consumer needs.

    • Employees must read the conversations and introspect - Most companies do not do this
    • Observe and analyze the message threads to see if they were able to pinpoint the customer's need areas
    • Training the professionals to be able to express compassion in every possible way
    • Try to be spontaneous rather than sticking to the old practice of using pre-written textual answers
    • Create storyboards in the domains where the consumers have responded positively

    Customer experience is mostly about taking good care of the customers' needs. Thus, managers must be equally committed to employees and customers. The shared caring culture brings rewards to everyone.

  3. Niche Tools and Teams Help in Better Understanding of the Customers' Needs

    Niche Tools Teams help in Better Understanding of the Customers Needs

    Every professional must recognize their company's clientele, so they can prepare their mindset likewise. As a business owner, you should also create an infrastructure to help your employees leverage customer insights. You can build custom dashboards or use robust CRM. One of the simplest ways to understand your customers is to create a niche customer relationship department whose sole purpose would be to boost employee interaction and improve customer understanding.

    • Regularly meet with your teams
    • Understand the team's approach to enhance customer understanding
    • Outline, if any, company's past portfolio of customer service experience
    • Trust your staff and make them understand their key roles
    • Provide real-time goals to each professional, and more
  4. Talented Professionals or Customer-centric Orientation Assists in Creating Better Brand Awareness

    Talented Professionals or Customer Centric Orientation Assists in Creating Better Brand

    "A team is as good as its leader." If you are about to create a new customer service team, then bear in mind that the candidates are customer-oriented. Otherwise, train them and align them in working in a customer-centric way.

    Businesses must create substructure and means to facilitate their employees to interact directly with the customers. Each employee impacts the customer experience in some way or the other.

    • Engage employees to focus groups
    • Participate in client activities
    • Engage in support calls and evaluate the resolution and time taken
  5. Natural Communication Facilitates Customer Interaction

    Natural Communication Facilitates Customer Interaction

    One of the major cultural effects on customer experience is the magnitude of the brand's impact on culture. As a C-level executive, you can strive to bring the brand and culture together in a real way. Ask your call center agents and trainees to avoid the using scripts and make decisions spontaneously.

    Remember that successful companies have a clear brand message and real-time engagements. They often use all the marketing channels to weigh their brand's acceptance and take necessary steps to bring new customers. Real people in ad-hoc scenarios with genuine communication creates a lasting impression on the customers.

    Brands is a culmination of the right behavior and solidarity of employees. Thus, by integrating culture and brand via increased interpersonal involvements can make things easier for your call center operations. But too many automated communications can affect customer-brand relations.

  6. Fully Integrated Marketing Portfolios

    Fully Integrated Marketing Portfolios

    According to the PwC study, 79% of customers evaluate product quality and price as a critical parameter for their purchase decision. Moreover, almost 60% of consumers may forsake their brands if they have a series of bad experiences with them. One bad experience will make 17% of people turn away from their brands.

    The internal work environment has a major impact on the performance of an employee. To measure the impact, you can integrate the marketing functions with the Human resource.

    • Onboard a customer-centric consultant or manager
    • Take his/her expertise to define roles - categorize the functions and responsibilities of the professionals
    • Ask the person to review your brand's DNA - its value proposition
    • Initiate long term process changes if the shorter ones are fruitful

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Customer Experience Trends and Predictions

As an organization, you must ponder on the below latest trends in customer experience and take decisive actions -

 AI, machine learning, data analytics, etc., will play a key role in shaping the future of customer experience
 As the surge in digital channels, the customers will start to value transparency more than ever
 Increased usage of chatbots
 Security will be paramount, and more

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