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Contact centers often operate on old systems that prevent companies from pursuing a connected, customer-centric strategy, and nested automation solutions increase inefficiency. Digital contact center transformation technologies such as cloud-based solutions are key to strengthening customer experience. It addresses challenges by enabling agents to create, anticipate, promote, and deliver great experiences that increase customer loyalty and turn customers into advocates of services. The analysis helps organizations identify what consumers are most likely to experience and solve problems through advanced digital channels, increase the resolution of initial calls to customers, and help turn contact centers into value proposition enhancers.

Contact center transformation and customer service departments include` processes and tools that transform the flow of information and the roles of contact centers and contact center agents. If you lack the infrastructure or in-house workforce, then outsourcing to a reputed contact center transformation service providing company is the best option.

Contact Center Transformation Services We Offer

Contact center transformation not only helps optimize the customer experience but also enables your support staff to solve problems faster, giving them more time to focus on the most important issues. This type of skill conversion is widespread in digital transformation. This trend is emerging in the transformation of contact centers. Here, the technology is used to drive improvements in the operation of contact centers and is not seen in isolation but as part of an integrated and more uniform value proposition for the end-user. The services we offer in this include -

Contact Center Cloud Migration

Contact Center Cloud Migration

To modernize operations for your contact center and upgrade with the latest technologies and solutions, switch to the power of the cloud and AI.

Business Services Support

Business Services Support

We provide you with technology consulting, strategic consulting, support for all business needs that provide a positive experience to your customers.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

To reduce customer service turnaround times and provide an enhanced experience and engagement to customers, we provide higher and superior mobile applications.

Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center Analytics

Using advanced AI, machine learning, and cloud solutions, we provide you with advanced analysis of all call recordings to improve customer service experience with an agent and back-office workflows and assistance.

Knowledge Management and Agent Assistance

Knowledge Management and Agent Assistance

Our services include providing coaching, real-time assistance, and micro conversations using machine learning and AI for enhanced automation for faster and quicker customer resolutions.

Omnichannel Services

Omnichannel Services

Flatworld Solutions provides omnichannel services and support in native languages by providing digital service in all the channels that your customers expect. Channels include messaging services like SMS, messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more.

Holistic Management

Holistic Management

With Flatworld Solutions, omnichannel connections are managed using a holistic approach. We integrate workforce optimization, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence across all digital and voice channels to provide complete management across the contact center.

Conversational Chatbots, Social Media, AI

Conversational Chatbots, Social Media, AI

Flatworld Solutions is a contact center transformation service provider that provides futuristic solutions for chatbots, social media, and voice bots with digital automated solutions.

Phases of Contact Center Transformation

The greatest challenge is to make necessary changes to workflows, processes, and staff to function proficiently and competently in a transformed organization. -

There are 10 phases of contact center digital transformation -

Migration to Cloud

Putting contact center systems on the cloud frees IT Managers and operations to concentrate more on the core business goals. Migration to the cloud is the foundation of all the other phases of the transformation.


Deciding what is the proportion of staff that will be working from home and establishing a work-from-home program for ongoing operations, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Broadened the Contact Center Scope

Broadening the scope of the contact center by taking responsibility for other departments and their functions to assist customers and providing the best customer experience.

Consolidated Front and Back Offices

With new smart technologies, virtual agents, robotic automation, workflows, AI, and machine learning, the operating departments of the front and back office can be consolidated into one. This can improve the customer experience while ensuring employee engagement.

Modernized Policies and Processes

Contact center transformation can bring about reviews of existing policies and processes and eliminate the old and upgrade to new ones to enhance customer experience. To optimize customer and agent experience, contact centers need to update with new systems, applications, and channels.

Staff Skill Upgrade

Contact center transformation will lead to a skill upgrade of agents. The basic tasks of data retrieval, spell check, etc. will be eliminated and replaced by problem-solving skills, the ability to handle omnichannel interactions, and other high-level skills.

AI-enabled Applications

Regardless of the size, all contact centers, once transformed, will replace their old solutions and systems with intelligent AI-enabled applications. This will be cost-beneficial and will benefit the contact center in the long run.

Analytics Oriented

Contact center transformation will result in centers that are analytics-oriented. First contact resolution (FCR), revenue generation, average handling time (AHT), customer satisfaction, number of calls, calls on hold, calls transferred, timelines for emails, chats, agents' management scores, etc. can all be combined and reviewed from all perspectives.

Centralization, Optimization, and Automation

AI-enabled workflow solutions and machine learning capabilities enable contact centers to revamp numerous parts and aspects of the business. The continuous improvement of the process is the ultimate goal of doing what is best suited for the contact center.

Emphasis on the Customer

Contact center transformation is all about customer experience. All these phases mentioned above are intended to improve the overall customer experience.

Contact Center Transformation Services Process We Follow

When you outsource contact center transformation services to FWS, your brand reputation and customer satisfaction are in the safe hands of professionals.

Here is the roadmap created for businesses that define the contact center transformation strategy and process flow -



We meet with stakeholders to present the future vision and agree on the new target and ensure alignment



Once agreed and approved by stakeholders, we work on re-engineering the process and redo the operating model for the digital contact center transformation


Tech Architecture and Integration

We use new processes and the new vision to define the new architecture and integrate it into the contact center



We provide you with the breakdown of the costs and ROI, to build a high-level investment plan


Roadmap & Plan

We define a strategic roadmap for the deployment of the vision and creating a plan of action for the contact center transformation


End-user Journey

We ensure all plans are translated into processes that are easy to manage for customers and agents

Why Outsource Contact Center Transformation Services to Flatworld Solutions?

The digital transformation of contact centers goes beyond the operation of contact centers, as artificial intelligence automates tasks, improves accuracy, and provides executives with insightful and timely information. Contact center transformation is a key cornerstone of a company's digital transformation, as demonstrated by the ability to deliver competing goals, customer experiences, and costs. As a leading contact center transformation service provider, FWS excellently covers these areas in addition to offering a plethora of advantages to clients, which include -

Client Success Stories


Flatworld Provided Outbound Calling to an Event Management Firm to Confirm Attendee List

An event management firm from the US outsourced outbound calling by trusting our ability. We trained 15 agents to work on the attendee list. The operations were scaled and the project challenges were resolved deftly.

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Flatworld provided Cold Calling Support to a Contract Research Organization

A contract research firm that specialized in safety and compliance of life sciences and food industry offshored cold calling support to capture the interest of prospects and turn them into warm leads.

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Success Stories

Outsource Contact Center Transformation Services to Flatworld Solutions

For the past 20 years, we have helped leading companies across multiple industries address answering service and call center support requirements. Our comprehensive services have helped them provide high-quality support and improve customer satisfaction. With outsourced answering service, you get to benefit from -


Contact center solutions identify use cases to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. It leverages state-of-the-art technologies and develops intelligent automation solutions. Flatworld Solutions is a leading contact center transformation service providing company that recognizes customer service representatives in contact centers who go above and beyond to provide a great experience for the customers.If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced contact center transformation company, then you are in the right place. Start your contact center digital transformation with us to ensure that your contact center supports multi-experience and deephuman engagement to increase customer loyalty and revenue.

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