Flatworld's Customer Support Services Spelt Success - A Success Story

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The Customer

A leading global online medicine retailer wanted to do away with its customer support problems. Flatworld Solutions' call center services division came to the company's rescue with effective solutions, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by a considerable degree.

For the online pharmaceutical company, e-mail was the main medium of communication with its clients, most of them being in the US. However, the company was not able to respond to its clients' emails quickly and accurately due to the increase in operations. Thus, there was an increase in the volume of cancelled orders. Besides, several sales opportunities were missed.

The Challenge

Flatworld Solutions' call center services division created a special team that took over the customer support function of the company. The dynamic team managed emails efficiently, about 9,000 in a month, and brought down the response time drastically - from being measured in days to less than 10 hours. The email support was provided 24x7, irrespective of weekends and other general holidays. Moreover, the company registered a drop in costs by 65% by outsourcing its customer support operations to Flatworld Solutions.

The Results

Besides, Flatworld Solutions suggested the company to cut down considerable costs in its voice processes and launched a trial program. The company's in-house call center was unable to manage calls made by its clients; each call would take more than 4 minutes. On outsourcing its call center services to Flatworld Solutions, the company recorded reduction in costs by 50%. Besides, the volume of complaints also dropped.

Going an extra mile, Flatworld Solutions also provided sales assistance through phone so that its customer did not miss out on missed sales opportunities. Flatworld Solutions managed its customer's call volume and email support accurately with minuscule abandonment rates. The company recorded an overall cost saving of 40%!

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