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The Client

Our client is a dynamic nutrition business operating in the health and wellness sector. Founded in 2019 after years of development, the company is headquartered in West Hollywood, California. They offer a range of high-quality products and services to meet the evolving demands of their customers. The business has established distribution centers in Ontario and Van Nuys, California, as well as Bolingbrook, Illinois. Notably, the company holds the prestigious Certified B Corporation status and actively collaborates with other organizations through its For Good program to create a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Client Requirement

The growing popularity of the company's products, driven by social media advertisements and influential brand ambassadors like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Arnold Rodriguez, and Tabitha Brown, led to a surge in customer demand. While this was a positive development, it also posed several challenges -

  1. Product Shortage and Shipping Delays

    The rapid increase in demand resulted in shortages of products and frequent shipment delays, leading to a rise in customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

  2. Overwhelmed Customer Support

    With the exponential increase in email volume and customer queries, the existing customer support team struggled to keep up, leading to delays in responding to customer inquiries.

Our Solutions

To address the challenges faced by our client and enhance their overall customer experience, we proposed a comprehensive strategy that focused on improving customer support operations and streamlining processes. The key solutions we recommended were -

  1. Expanded Customer Support Team

    We advised the client to hire additional email and chat support staff to provide top-notch customer care and efficiently handle customer queries. Our team of experts launched Chat and Email Support on November 4, 2019, with 15 skilled agents, and this team quickly expanded to 90 agents in just four months.

  2. Continuous Improvement

    Despite the significant headcount increase, we remained committed to further improving response times and the overall support experience. Our team worked diligently to ensure that every customer received prompt and satisfactory resolutions to their inquiries

The Outcome

Our proposed solutions proved to be highly effective, delivering remarkable results that significantly impacted our client's business and customer experience. The implemented strategies yielded the following outcomes -

  1. Product Diversification

    With the strong foundation of effective social media marketing tactics and exceptional email and chat customer support, our client expanded its product range from one to 15 goods. Among the popular offerings are Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Ashwagandha Gummies, and Supergreens Gummies.

  2. Market Expansion

    The combination of outstanding products and top-tier customer support facilitated the transition from consumer-focused sales to business-to-business sales. As a result, our client's products are now available in various top retailers globally, further boosting their market presence and revenue streams.


Through a strategic focus on enhancing customer support and addressing the challenges of rapid growth, our client, a dynamic nutrition business, successfully expanded its product line and market presence. The commitment to excellence in customer care and the Certified B Corporation status further strengthened their brand reputation and increased customer trust. By partnering with Flatworld Solutions and implementing our tailored solutions, the client achieved significant growth and emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the health and wellness industry.

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