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The Client

Headquartered in New York, the client is a marketing company that provides qualified leads to insurance providers. They have been a long-standing client of Flatworld Solutions. They wanted to ramp up their services, which led to a renewed partnership with us.

The Requirement

The client approached us for a telemarketing campaign focused on Medicare/Health Insurance during the Open Enrollment Period. Their extended team already comprises 50 agents from Flatworld, Philippines. They wanted to add more call center agents to their team but from a different center.

The Challenges

The limitations of direct contact within the team due to the pandemic hindered communication, thereby impacting productivity. Additionally, staffing shortages arose as many agents were unable to work due to illness or childcare concerns, making it challenging to meet the increased demand for service.

Moreover, to ensure better operational efficiency, the client was not particularly inclined to hire all their agents at the same center. In most cases, transitioning from one delivery center to another could lead to glitches and unnecessary downtimes. But that was not the case with us, thanks to our streamlined workflows, effective coordination, and top-notch office infrastructure.

Our Solution

The client wanted to leverage the classic perks of outsourcing: business flexibility and rapid scalability. So, we decided to kick-start the project with a pilot team of 10 call center agents. We agreed to ramp up based on the spikes in the client’s seasonal requirements.

The worldclass infrastructure across global offices helped address technical challenges like dropped calls, static, and poor audio quality. To further improve call quality, we put our best agents on the project who prioritized listening effectively, communicating clearly, and handling customer issues in a timely manner.

Our Strategic Approach

We wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible from the client. We onboarded 10 highly experienced agents to decrease the hiring turnover and flatten the learning curve. We decided on the number of agents required for each season in advance and expedited the hiring based on the timelines. Also, we allocated experienced sales coaches for effective performance management.

We closely collaborated with our IT Team and engaged with stakeholders to address pressing issues. Effective monitoring and coaching of all callers were ensured by our leaders, with valuable insights from the QA team contributing to team improvement. Training played a pivotal role, equipping agents with comprehensive knowledge of our products/services and customer service best practices.

Understanding our clients' mission, vision, and goals enabled us to develop effective strategies for fostering strong business relationships. We prioritized deploying qualified agents and provided necessary support to ensure callers received the assistance required to meet KPIs and achieve desired outcomes.

Skillsets We Leveraged

  • Aggressive hiring timelines
  • Excellent coordination
  • Quality sales transfers
  • Cost-effective talent pool
  • Rapid scalability during peak seasons

Technologies Used for This Project

Zendesk & Magento

The Outcome

Over the course of the project, the client increased the number of agents from the initial 10 to a whopping 26! Not only that, but we also expanded from focusing on 1LOB to 4LOBs. Expanding into new LOBs helped the company to increase their ROI by diversifying their revenue streams. This helped them reduce the company's risk if one LOB is underperforming. It also helped them to achieve cost savings by sharing resources across LOBs. Our callers were cross trained to dial for multiple LOBs to ensure the best outcome.

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