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Cold calling can be frustrating. We believe that they call it cold calling for a reason: you are bound to get unfriendly responses, mainly because the receiver has no idea who the caller is. Usually, when someone receives a sales call, they are likely to show zero-interest, as it is a basic human tendency. The good thing is that no two calls are the same. All successful cold calls help you learn something new about the cold-calling business.

However, this should not disappoint you as a calling agent. Cold-calling is an ever-evolving market. When you are focused on the client instead of focusing on delivering your script, the tables turn. The first job for a salesperson is to get familiar with the prospect, and then proceed further. Let us share some 25 odd cold calling techniques that prove to be some of the finest B2B cold calling tips for sales success -

  1. Study Your Market

    Study Your Market

    Make it a ritual. When you add value to the conversation you are having with the caller through research, you are already one step ahead of everyone else. If you have some key information about the client, use it intelligently as it shows them that they matter. This ensures that you come across as a human being, rather than a cold caller.

  2. Be Concise in Conversation

    Be Concise in Conversation

    Prospects appreciate the extra efforts made by the caller, which means, they are likely to engage in a conversation with you.

  3. Prepare an Outline

    Prepare an Outline

    If you're going to talk on the phone, make sure you do it without any hesitation. The best way to eliminate dilly-dallying is by preparing a brief outline around what you are going to say. Not only does it help you communicate better, but it also shows your confidence and knowledge about the services the company is providing for the receiver.

  4. Get Professional Script

    Get Professional Script

    It is okay to take inspiration from the internet. Sometimes, it can offer ideas that never crossed your mind. Always begin your script with a brief introduction about yourself. Once it is established that you are a certain "Gabriel" from a financing company, "Walter Finance Services," it is time to make a statement that will help you connect with the client. For example, "Ma'am you hold a wonderful credit score, it is rare to find in a time like this. Congratulations!" This is where you slip in your reason for calling her. Validate your services by sharing some of the company's testimonials. And, finally, ask if they are interested in purchasing the service/product.

  5. Take Time to Cleanse Your Call List

    Take Time to Cleanse Your Call List

    Do your homework. Go through your call list and evaluate each profile in a detailed manner. In this way, you will be able to figure out whether a prospect is likely to make a purchase from you.

  6. Plan the Number of Calls to Make

    Plan the Number of Calls to Make

    It is always necessary to determine the number of calls you need to make, in order to be able to hit your monthly goal. This helps you stay focused on your goal. A rough calculation of the number of calls required to get you through can be done through a worksheet. Always remember, working in an organized manner will always help you improve cold calling techniques.

  7. Prepare an Opening Statement

    Prepare an Opening Statement

    They say B2B cold calling can only be successful through powerful opening statements, after all, a caller has a limited time of a few seconds, before the receiver decides whether they would like to take the conversation forward. You could open your statement by sharing a professional achievement of the receiver, something that you found out through research.

  8. Rejection isn't Final

    Rejection isn't Final

    Rejection helps you make smarter cold calls. It is easy for rejections to demotivate you, but we advise you to be persistent and not give up. Learn from your mistakes.

  9. Practice Harder Each Day

    Practice Harder Each Day

    Constant practice always makes you feel more confident than ever. The best cold call script cannot get as ahead as a persistent practice routine.

  10. Don't Hesitate to Answer Calls

    Don't Hesitate to Answer Calls

    Sometimes, callers don't feel like making calls because of the fear of rejection. The only way to get along with cold calling is to smile, pick up the phone, and dial.

  11. Timing is Everything

    Timing is Everything

    Never interrupt your cold calling prospects during lunchtime. It is a sin. Always call between the defined office hours, especially between 3 PM to 5 PM. Research shows that calls made during this time usually last the longest.

  12. Create your Timetable

    Create your Timetable

    Analyze the timings around which you receive the best results, and slowly you will know where to put in most of your efforts.

  13. Trigger Moments

    Trigger Moments

    Most B2B cold calling tips fail to tell you how important it is to stay updated about your potential client's profile. Use the trigger moments, i.e., is the client looking to buy a new house? Now is the time to pitch your company's 3BHK apartment to them.

  14. Always Say Please

    Always Say Please

    It is the magic word that automatically makes the caller like you. "May I please borrow two minutes of your time?" When you request, you persuade.

  15. Dodge the Email Bullet

    Dodge the Email Bullet

    There are times when the receiver would rather have you send the information through email. If you're pitching to the client with an intent of cold calling and lead generation, you will perhaps get nowhere with it. Tell them how the phone call can help them understand the concept, better.

  16. Keep Reminding Yourself of your Goal

    Keep Reminding Yourself of your Goal

    Don't get disheartened and deviate your mind from the goal. Sometimes, it is easy to get distracted, when you know where the conversation is going. Always remind yourself that you know all the essential cold calling tips out there that can help you deliver with ease.

  17. Proof


    Prove it to your client through examples that people who have faced similar problems like them have benefitted from your services.

  18. The "Wh-" rule


    Always ask your clients questions that begin with "wh-": what, where when, why". This allows your client to be able to communicate more easily with you.

  19. Watch Your Tone

    Watch Your Tone

    Your tone can make all the difference in the world. Use facial expressions to add depth and sincerity to your words. Try this for your next B2B sales call success.

  20. Never ask "is it a good time to talk?"

    Never ask

    Never ask your client if "it is a good time to talk." Often, the answer will be negative. But again, if the prospect tells you that he/she is busy, do not continue to bother them any further and simply ask for a better, suitable time.

  21. Keep the Focus on Your Prospect

    Keep the Focus on Your Prospect

    Make sure that you are not distracted by objects/screens around you. If you lose the focus of your prospect, you could lose a client. The easiest way to prosper when it comes to cold calling is by keeping your focus fixed to your prospect.

  22. Listen to Pain Points

    Listen to Pain Points

    This is where you can relax. If the client is talking to you and wants to add value to the conversation, let them. This is one of the simplest, yet the most powerful cold calling tips and tricks out there.

  23. Stay Engaged

    Stay Engaged

    Don't lose track of the conversation, and always stay focused. Engage, ask questions, take notes, do whatever it takes to stay engaged with your client.

  24. Always end on a note of Curiosity

    Always end on a note of Curiosity

    Every time you finish a conversation, remember to leave it open-ended. Ending it on a note that generates curiosity can make the receiver more interested in talking to you.

  25. Find Out What Triggers Buying Intent

    Find Out What Triggers Buying Intent

    Finally, find out what it takes for the client to buy from you. Experiment with different clients, and see what strategy works best for the clients you work with.

If you get these techniques correctly, you will no longer need cold calling techniques to get you going. Remember, B2B cold calling tips for sales success will get you far, but only practice, determination, and self-confidence can get you the farthest.

Cold Calling Techniques Do Work

It is okay to be overwhelmed by the concept of cold calling, especially when the world keeps reminding you that cold calling is dying out. The above listed cold calling techniques should be used as a rule of thumb for your next pitch to a client. You're bound to get rejections, but don't let that dishearten you because you are also bound to get results if you use the right cold calling techniques.

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