Super-Agent Services

Super-Agent Services

Call center agents are professionally trained to sound courteous, warm, friendly, and enthusiastic on every single call. The agents undergo months of rigorous training and are assisted with scripting tools, cube wall reminders, and different other strategies so that they perfect the process and precisely understand what to do on each call. Moreover, calls are monitored to ensure that the agents handle calls with perfection, because there's a lot at stake - client dissatisfaction, penalties, legal liabilities, etc., if things go haywire. Despite all that, graveyard shifts, long working hours, and monotonous customer queries can take a toll on agents; after all, each one of us has bad days!

What if you find an agent who is emotionally sensitive, warm and friendly, accent-free, 24X7 efficient, multi-lingual, and consistently handles each call customer call with utmost precision and never has a bad day? Sounds too good to be true, right? Not really, as Flatworld Solutions' Super-Agent is just that, and more!

Super-Agent Calling Services - How It Works?

Super-Agent Calling Services

Our Super-Agent calling services are unlike any other call center offerings you may know. This innovative technology allows live agents to call your prospects or answer client calls using a pre-recorded assisted dialogue which sounds like a natural conversation.

Different components of automatic scripts are pre-recorded in a friendly and professional human voice, free of any accent or diction issues. These scripts can be recorded in any global language. So, when a customer calls, our technology-assisted Super-Agents leverage a simple UI to speak using a pre-recorded audio, simulating a natural sounding conversation with great precision and speed without being robotic.

Agents are trained in Pre-defined keys proficiency, and single & double-digit keystrokes to invoke audio files, navigate the call flow, stop and replay pre-recorded audio, and decide which recording customer listens to. It's rare for customers to differentiate between agents and audio files, but, in case they do, agents are trained to inform customers that a live agent is always there, and the technology is being used to ensure better accuracy. Additionally, agents can join in their own voice or bring in a supervisor at any point on the call, if requested.

  • Agent Communicates with Customer via Audio Files
  • Phone System Tells ProtoCall that a call has started
  • Phone System tells ProtoCall the Call has Ended
  • ProtoCall Demo

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Super-Agent Services for Call Center Compliance

Lead GenerationLead Generation
Customer CallsCustomer Calls
Fund RaisingFund Raising
Live TransfersLive Transfers
Sales PitchSales Pitch
Membership RenewalMembership Renewal
Pledge GenerationPledge Generation
Data CollectionData Collection

Why Do You Need a Super-Agent for Your Call Center?

Engineer Intelligent Call Flows

Engineer Intelligent Call Flows

Our licensed software allows call engineers to make use of the available data like customer records, AHT, call waiting time, etc. to create dynamic call flows suggesting what agents should do and say on a live call. For instance, the dynamic call flow can refer customer purchase history to decide which product to upsell, or whether to skip the cross-selling altogether depending on the current wait time.

Also, in case of a political fundraiser, donor's zip code can be leveraged by the Super-Agent call flow to determine the amount to be requested for donation based on the median income of their locality. Additionally, the software's text-to-speech engine can also be used to confirm confidential user details, like account balance, mailing address, credit card details, etc., ensuring that live agents get access to verified details, every single time!

Eliminate Script Discrepancies

Eliminate Script Discrepancies

Regular conversation with live agents may have an occasional hiccup, hampering the overall call quality. Call aided by a Super-Agent effectively eliminates all possible script variations or conversational defects as each agent uses the same words and voice on a call. Every Super-Agent assisted call is professional, free of hiccups, user-friendly, and script compliant.

Control Damages and Drive Continuous Improvement

Control Damages and Drive Continuous Improvement

One of the primary objectives of Super-Agent licensed software is to provide simplified tools and a user-friendly UI to run A/B tests with a random set of calls or agents, measure and determine the call-flow efficiency, control damages, and make necessary modifications to make the call flow efficient. As each call center agent uses same voice and words, the tests are completely reliable.

Call engineers can leverage the built-in reporting feature of Super-Agent to change the sales-pitch in real time and share the altered version with other agents depending on its conversion, thereby controlling damages considerably.

Reduce Costs and Call Handling Time

Reduce Costs and Call Handling Time

Super-Agent reduces attrition & training costs as well as call handling time in following ways:

  • Less Coaching - With Super-Agent, customer care executives no longer must be coached on soft skills and compliance, but, on how to respond accurately and quickly by pressing buttons
  • Less Attrition - Super-agent assisted agents have better job satisfaction rates, as they are not burned out with mundane and high-rejection calls. The only requirement for agents is to be attentive and quick in response

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Handling multiple calls may not feasible in all scenarios, but many customer service calls for activation, fundraising, registration, notification, survey, etc. are repetitive and predictable, and can be handled simultaneously leading to increased productivity.

Wondering how its done? Super-Agent's visual and audio features allow agents to operate each call with a single hand, using a pre-defined key and determine what and which caller is speaking and where he/she is in the current call flow. This allows agents to effectively pace their replies and respond with speed and accuracy.

Ensure Complete Data Security

Data Security

Super-Agent services are PCI DSS certified, so, customers not only experience a simplified payment process and decreased AHT, but are also ensured about their credit card security – no chance of frauds & chargebacks.

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Industries We Cater To

We have the required experience and skills to work with clients from different industries and verticals. Some of the key industries we cater to include, but not limited to -

Customs BrokerageCustoms Brokerage
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Public SectorPublic Sector
Retail & eCommerceRetail & e-Commerce
Real EstateReal Estate

Other Super-Agent Benefits

Donors report receiving better customer service in areas related to friendliness, knowledge, and communication from Super-Agents as compared to the "live" agents. Super-Agent also improves donor satisfaction by reducing escalated call incidences by as much as 300 percent!

Customer Satisfaction Ratings Super-Agent Sample ROI with Super-Agent

Get Your Own Super-Agent to Make Your Call Center Future Ready

Super-Agent powered call centers never have a bad day; as all calls are handled by the best agents swiftly pressing buttons and responding to customer queries in a fully-compliant, accent-free, warm, and, user-friendly manner. Moreover, you can customize the language and accent of the agent as per your geographical preference, so you get an agent with perfect diction and process awareness without having to invest in multiple training sessions!

Our licensed Super-Agent software is perfect if you want to run campaigns at minimal expenses while ensuring increased pledges per hour, decreased call center AHT, improved CSAT, and more qualified live transfers. If you have a call center and want to make it ready for the next century, or are looking for best call center agents, on their best call, best day, every single day, you need a Super-Agent. Outsource Super-Agent services to Flatworld Solutions to experience call center technology of the future!

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