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The Covid-19 wave has had a significant impact on call centers in the past couple of years. Call volumes have skyrocketed in many centers and most of the agents had to work remotely. The end result of that was seen when the average handle time, abandonment rates, hold times, and average queues in call centers increased significantly.

In order to deal with the drastic shifts in demand, most companies then had to choose a very unlikely ally and that is automation. Most companies saw unprecedented growth in demand for solutions related to call centers and hence RPA (Robotic Process Automation) became a very important part of the industry to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.

Uses Of RPA in Call Centers - What is The Benefit?

With the introduction and development of RPA, most organizations have actually begun to see huge growth and success in the company. This is all related to savings as well as overall operations and the scaling that took place. Some of the most effective benefits have been seen in call centers due to the incorporation of RPA.

By implementing different techniques and resources of robotic process automation, call centers are able to generate different solutions to various challenges that are based on the process, services, and technology of the organizations.

Here we are going to have a discussion on the important benefits that call centers can receive once they choose to implement RPA in their business strategies.

  1. Optimization of Operational Costs

    With the growth and popularity of businesses, it becomes a costly as well as a time-taking task to hire new and talented employees. Also, you can factor in the high churn rate in the markets related to BPO services. So, it can be said that the entire process is quite excruciating as the organization tries to reach its optimal operation cost.

    With the help of RPA, such problems can be solved in the best way, and that too without any trouble for sure. When your call center has Robotic Process Automation options, you don't have to hire new employees. Also, there is no need to outsource labor in that case. All the company has to do is deploy the robots to perform those same roles in the company.

    In fact, when it comes to labor automation with the help of RPA, it has the potential to reduce the operation costs of an organization by more than 70%. Now that is a really big percentage. The automation technology is completely adaptable and hence won't require any changes in the long run, thus reducing other major costs as well. So, it is definitely a plausible solution to choose.

  2. Improvements in Customer Experience

    For any business to grow and thrive, customer experience has always been a very crucial component in the process. So, when it comes to the improvement of customer experience, RPA has a very important role to play in that regard. For example, on a very strategic level, the utilization of automation tools for handling repetitive everyday tasks in the call centers such as opening cases, recording updates, and checking the status of an order, can be very helpful.

    How? Well, such actions, when automated, will be empowering the call centers to deliver amazing and fast customer service. This will in turn help the customers experience the best that the organization has to offer in the first place. RPA will be able to provide a bit of consistency to the otherwise unpredictable journey of a customer when talking to support agents in call centers. RPA also has a near-zero percent rate of error which can be good for the company. When it comes to providing the best customer experience in the call center, RPA can be really helpful for sure.

  3. Boosting Revenue

    Implementation of RPA techniques and resources in the call centers enables the customer services agents and representatives to increase the satisfaction of the customers. RPA helps the service agents to effectively cross-sell or up-sell any product or service for greater and much better profitability and that too without any trouble.

    With the help of RPA, Customer Service Representatives will be able to reach the topmost level when it comes to sales. Robotic Process Automation provides insightful information about customers, services, and products, and that too in real-time, thus enabling the agents to make better decisions in the end.

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Call centers should definitely look into the implementation of RPA into their processes in order to leverage the myriad of benefits that it can bring. Did you find this article helpful? We wanted to convey that if you are looking for RPA services in the industry, Flatworld Solutions can offer a helping hand.

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