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Experience seamless IT outsourcing with 20 years of expertise in application development, infrastructure support, and data center management. Let's manage your IT tasks to enhance efficiency and agility!


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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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Secure and efficient IT operations are crucial to the success of any modern business. These operations not only need to perform seamlessly but they also must transport your business into the future. Our reliable IT Outsourcing services are designed to facilitate a smooth transition between your legacy IT systems and the latest technological advancements.

Our IT outsourcing services offer a wide-ranging collection of solutions, specifically designed to bolster, augment, and safeguard your IT ecosystem. Our proficiency covers a broad range of IT domains, from network infrastructure—including servers, switches, routers, modems, and wireless access points—to Cloud services like infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). Our offerings also encompass on-premises data centers and state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools.

We excel in data storage solutions, managing databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, tailoring them to align with your organization's unique needs. Our cohesive approach positions us as a comprehensive resource for all your IT necessities, enabling you to optimize your operations and focus on your primary business expansion.

We are not merely about preserving the existing conditions; we are committed to propelling your business ahead. Our approach begins with streamlining your current infrastructure using proven tools and smart automation. We strive to decrease your operational costs, liberating funds for you to invest in your future IT landscape. We strategize and execute digital transformation initiatives, paving a clear route to IT modernization, whether in your data center or in any cloud platform. Our objective is to ensure uninterrupted IT services, accelerating your business transformation.

Contact us today and embark on your journey to IT modernization with our comprehensive IT Outsourcing services!

On-demand IT Outsourcing Solutions We Offer

As your trusted IT outsourcing service company, we define and examine software for integration, perform risk analysis, choose suitable integration approaches, and implement and test the integrated system. Our IT outsourcing solutions comprise of the following:

Software Development Services

Our team creates robust, scalable, and secure software solutions tailored to any OS, browser, and device. We leverage our industry knowledge to create bespoke solutions and products that meet specific business needs and usage patterns.

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Mobile App Development Services

Our services involve conceptualizing, designing, and implementing mobile applications that are adapted to your business needs. The technical aspects include programming in high-level languages, integration with APIs, and ensuring optimal performance and security.

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Enterprise Software Development

Our clients receive a comprehensive business case with ROI estimations for complete financial transparency. The application architecture we design, accommodate methods like point-to-point, event-driven service-based architectures, and microservices.

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Software Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services, including functional, compatibility, localization, performance, usability, accessibility, and security testing. These technical aspects ensure that the software functions as expected and promotes user-friendly experience.

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IT Staffing Services

We offer a unique blend of consultation and staff augmentation to ensure seamless integration of new team members into your existing operations. Our vast pool of talent encompasses a wide range of programming skills, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs.

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IT Infrastructure Management

Whether you need us to manage your entire infrastructure, collaborate with other managed service providers, or work with your in-house team, we are flexible to your needs. Partner with us to reduce IT expenditures significantly.

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Ecommerce Development Service

We provide bespoke business advice to enhance operational efficiency and manage holistic customer experience. By transitioning from monolithic to decoupled architectures, we ensure you gain greater functional flexibility.

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Application Development Service

Our developers help finalize your app concept to ensuring its compatibility with various platforms and devices. We devise comprehensive project plans aimed at optimizing your development costs and ensuring seamless execution.

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Database Consulting Service

We assist in the efficient management of customer profiles, contacts, and related documents. We also provide guidance on database solutions for member tracking, fee management, event coordination, and volunteer recruitment.

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Automation Services

We analyze your business processes, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize for efficiency. We help reduce software implementation time and use low-code development tools where suitable to hasten automation and cut costs.

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Cloud Services

We analyze your cloud adoption needs, prepare a feasibility study, and a business case. Our cloud architects suggest the optimal cloud provider and deployment strategy, advising on the appropriate IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS services.

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Our Proactive IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services are designed to guide and support your business during your digital transformation journey. We leverage our global network of IT consultants, solution architects, and tech teams to smoothly transition from problem identification to solution implementation. Our extensive experience with robust programming technologies, coupled with our continuous adaptation of the latest trends such as smart connected devices, decentralized ledgers, and AI-driven automation, ensures we deliver cutting-edge and efficient solutions.

Looking for top-tier offshore IT services? Dive into a world of seamless technology solutions with us. Contact us today!

IT Innovations We Excel In

Big Data

Our IT services harness the power of vast datasets to unearth key insights, enabling businesses to make decisions anchored in solid data.


We elevate our IT services by incorporating intelligent systems that automate complex tasks, thereby minimizing human intervention.

Data Science

Utilizing scientific methods to extract value from data, our IT services aid businesses in making more informed decisions.


Our IT services focus on IoT solutions, boosting efficiency and precision by facilitating interaction and data exchange among internet-connected devices.

Compute Vision

By making use of systems that interpret visual data, our IT services expand their reach, automating a range of tasks.

Augmented Reality

We amplify real-world experiences with digital overlays through Augmented Reality applications, a key component of our IT services.

Virtual Reality

Our IT services craft captivating virtual reality experiences that simulate user interaction in real or imagined environments.

Block Chain

Our IT outsourcing services bolster transaction security and efficiency by adopting secure, decentralized digital ledger systems.

Technologies We Leverage

Backend Technologies

.net-core Entity Framework NHibernate Python Node JS

Frontend Technologies

Angular Vue.js React KnockOut

Mobile Technologies

ios android flutter xamarin react-native

Database Technologies

Mssql Mysql Oracle Mongo DB Redis Postgresql

Cloud Technologies

aws azure google-cloud digital-ocean

Finding the right IT solution for your business can often culminate into frustration. Off-the-shelf solutions does not exactly feature requirements. Whereas customized solutions may take too long to implement or can be too dense for your budget. You may think in-housing your IT requirements is the best way to ensure that your needs are met.

But have you stopped to consider the repercussions arising from limited knowledge-based, outdated methodologies, unprecedented delays and missed deadlines? There is a better approach to this, where you can harness global resources and have a team of experts looking for tailored solutions for IT requirements. Watch this video to know more!

IT Outsourcing Models We Offer

Full-Service IT Outsourcing

With our full-service IT outsourcing, we take on all your IT functions so you can focus on what you do best. From infrastructure management, software development to technical support, and network management, we have you covered. Our team of experts also ensures your cybersecurity is top-notch, mitigating any potential risks. By choosing this model, you benefit from cost savings, access to specialized skills, and improved efficiency.

Co-Sourcing with Your In-House IT Team

In our co-sourcing model, we collaborate with your in-house IT team to provide a holistic service. Your team can focus on strategic IT tasks while we handle the routine tasks. This model enables you to retain control over your IT functions while also benefiting from our expertise and resources. You get the best of both worlds - your in-house team leading strategic initiatives and our team ensuring continuous IT support and maintenance.

Co-Sourcing with Other Vendors

We understand that sometimes, your needs might require multiple vendors. That's why we offer co-sourcing with other vendors. This model divides your IT functions among several vendors based on their expertise, providing specialized knowledge, risk diversification, and competitive pricing. We seamlessly integrate our services with other vendors, ensuring you receive a comprehensive IT solution.

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Why Hire Us as Your IT Outsourcing Company?

We combine decades of software engineering expertise and astute project management to provide unrivaled IT outsourcing services. Our commitment lies in ensuring unparalleled IT solutions, thus catalyzing your journey towards sustainable growth. The key indicators of our services include -

Smooth Operations

We ensure your IT operations run like a well-oiled machine, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity. Our team is available 24/7 to resolve issues and maintain seamless operations.

Security and Compliance

We prioritize security and comply with industry standards such as ISO, GDPR, and more. Our robust security measures and compliance protocols safeguard your valuable information.

Access to Our Superior Resources

We have partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Adobe, and more. This gives us direct access to advisory assistance, additional discounts, and more, which we pass on to our clients.

Flexibility for Evolving Needs

We understand that business needs can evolve. Our flexible services can scale up or down as per your needs, ensuring you always have the right level of IT support.

Focus on Core Competencies

By outsourcing your IT needs to us, you can focus on your core business competencies. Leave the technology to us while you concentrate on growing your business.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies

We employ the latest technologies such as AI/ML, big data, IoT, blockchain, and more to provide you with efficient and modern solutions.

Long-Term Collaboration

We value relationships and believe in forming long-term partnerships with our clients. We are committed to providing high ROI and striving for your business's success.

Cost Saving

Our optimized processes and effective use of resources guarantee a significant reduction in your IT costs. By outsourcing your IT needs to us, you get access to professional services without the overheads of an in-house team.

Client Testimonials

We thank Flatworld Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Leading System Integrator, EMEA Region

Client Case Studies


We Developed an Augmented Reality App to Help Customers Choose the Best Air Conditioner

Our team developed an augmented reality app for a London-based client within a quick time.

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We Created a Plant Recognition Mobile App for a US-based Entrepreneur

A US-based client was looking for an app which would be able to recognize the plant from the image uploaded in an instant. Our mobile app developers developed the app in no time.

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Success Stories

Outsource IT Services to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld Solutions, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. Our service extends beyond maintaining your existing infrastructure. Our proactive infrastructure engineers are at your disposal to help you improve, secure, and evolve your IT environment. Our team doesn't just follow the existing standard operating procedures -we work with you to understand your business goals and align our IT strategies to support your most ambitious digital initiatives.

Our approach ensures your IT infrastructure is not just up to date but also future ready, giving you a competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our offerings and deliverables are designed to provide you with a secure, robust, and scalable IT infrastructure that is cost-effective and supports your business goals. We are committed to delivering excellence in service and helping your business thrive in the digital age.

Ready to transform your IT infrastructure into a streamlined, cost-effective powerhouse? Contact us now.


IT outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring external experts or firms to manage specific IT functions. Services you can outsource include software and application development, IT systems management, data center operations, and technical support.

Outsourcing IT services allows you to leverage specialized expertise, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and focus on your core business.

An IT outsourcing company offers specialized skills, cost-effectiveness, scalability, round-the-clock support, and risk mitigation.

Consider factors like the provider's expertise, experience, reputation, pricing, and their approach towards data security and confidentiality.

Most IT service providers implement stringent security measures, including data encryption, secure access controls, and regular audits to ensure data security and confidentiality.

Yes, software development and application maintenance are commonly outsourced services, helping you to access specialized skills and reduce costs.

Yes, many IT outsourcing providers offer cloud migration and management services, including planning, execution, and ongoing management.

IT outsourcing can complement your internal staff's efforts while providing access to specialized skills. It can lead to improved IT infrastructure due to the provider's expertise and up-to-date knowledge.

Initiate by identifying your IT needs, shortlisting potential service providers, evaluating them based on your requirements, and then finalizing a contract.

Cost benefits include reduced labour costs, cost-effective access to specialized skills, and cost savings from increased efficiency and productivity.

Avail best-in-class services at affordable rates

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input. We deal exclusively with(names of tools).

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