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Lead Qualification Services

Lead Qualification Services

Are you facing difficulties to qualify business leads? Or, is your sales budget keeping you from deriving the most from your inquiries? Timing is everything and during the short-lived sales inquiries, you need to act at once. If you lack the required resources to leap upon the prospects or struggling to keep your sales funnel going further, do not worry. We can help you devise a strategy to continuously boost your sales funnel with high-quality leads. We can instantly send vetted leads to your sales team, thereby helping them convert those into sales and customers.

Flatworld Solutions is an expert B2B lead generation company where our lead qualification experts can grow your business by helping you in getting high-quality leads. We can cover all the time-zones in the brief time that will help you reach your monthly/annual sales quota.

Lead Qualification Services We Offer

The shelf life of a lead is short and need a dedicated sales campaign to convert. The prospects tend to collaborate up with the company that responds first. Thus, you must be fast and meticulous in your follow-up plan. Moreover, you need to work on your sales pitch as and when the prospect progresses into a healthy lead. However, giving equal attention to each lead is difficult. Your sales team needs to filter the leads on a priority basis and leverage marketing tools at each phase of the sales funnel.

FWS is an expert lead qualification service provider where our agents can generate leads through multiple channels, including social, email, voice, mobile & web marketing. Our lead qualification services can help your internal sales team to qualify, filter, classify, manage, append, and follow-up on the leads. We can also create a framework to carry out the lead qualification and boost your sales funnel with better leads. We can promptly direct the vetted leads to your sales team, thus serving them to convert those into qualified sales and clients.

Our lead qualification services include -

  • Web Enquiries
  • Contact Us Forms
  • Company Database
  • Request for Quote
  • Inbound Calls
  • Online Referral Sources
  • Whitepaper, eBook, Case Study Downloads
  • Webinars
  • Demo Downloads
  • Events
  • Tradeshows
  • News Stories

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Industries We Cater To

We are a pioneer B2B lead generation company that provides expert lead qualification services to clients of several industries and verticals. It includes -

Custom BrokerageCustom Brokerage
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Public Sector / GovernmentPublic Sector / Government
Retail & EcommerceRetail & Ecommerce
TransportTransport, etc.

Our Lead Qualification Services Process

We have built our lead qualification process in a meticulous way that will facilitate targeting your prospects within the allocated budget. It includes the following 8 processes -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering / Sign of Contract

Our lead qualification experts will find your exact requirements and we will get into a contract which will allow us to kick-start the project

Making of Client List  

02. Making of Client List

Our team of sales experts will create a thorough list of clients to communicate with

Script & Sales Collateral  

03. Script & Sales Collateral

After we have the collated lists of the customers, we will start working on the call scripts, FAQs, and manuals

Reaching Prospects  

04. Reaching Prospects

Our contact center executives will reach the prospects via multiple channels, including voice, email, social media, etc.

Qualifying the Leads  

05. Qualifying the Leads

Once the agents capture the leads through various marketing channels, they will begin the lead qualification process according to your requirements

Nurture Prospects  

06. Nurture Prospects

Our agents will now leverage the marketing automation and lead scoring tools to address the lead's requirement

Manage/Monitor Leads  

07. Manage/Monitor Leads

If the lead shows interest, the agents will continue to nurture them until the lead reaches a maturity level. Thereafter, the agent will hand them over to your internal sales team

Lead Qualification Report  

08. Lead Qualification Report

We also collate and send weekly/monthly reports to help you find the gaps, issues and use those to make your sales campaign successful

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Benefits of Choosing Flatworld Solutions for Lead Qualification Services

We have been providing lead qualification services for more than 19 years now. Our solutions can boost your sales lead quality and improve the lead closure rates. A few of the benefits of choosing our lead qualification services from FWS are -

  1. Flexible Pricing Options

    When you lack the required ability or have a fixed allocated budget, do not worry. We provide flexible pricing models when you outsource lead qualification services to us, which are based on a few factors, including the shift coverage, volume of calls, locations, average call counts per week, etc.

  2. 100% Information Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified lead qualification company. We can safeguard your business information from any unwanted interruptions. Our offices, delivery centers, systems, and tools are rock-solid and can protect your data, information, etc., from any security breach.

  3. Modern Infrastructure

    Our lead qualification team has access to ultramodern infrastructure, systems, and technologies to accomplish your business goals within the stipulated time. Our offices and delivery centers have 8 levels of redundancy for local connectivity, Telco-grade data center, FM200 fire prevention, and protection system, etc.

  4. Operational Transparency

    Our lead qualification process is built in such a way that can expedite the lead conversion. Also, we record all our communications for future analysis purposes. The communication with the leads is analyzed on more than 128 parameters and stored in a manner to facilitate its availability during its research.

  5. High Quality

    We follow Six-sigma method to enhance our call quality level, boost productivity, and reduce waste. We follow-up with each prospect and upon any sign of interest, we pass the info to your internal sales team. Thus, with us, you will only receive high-quality leads that will reduce the cost per prospects.

  6. Built-in CRM

    Our office is equipped with a built-in CRM to handle the customer contact info, personalized follow-up records, track progress reports, etc. for all the lead qualification services.

  7. Multilingual Support

    We have a gamut of lead qualification representatives who are experts in several languages. They can communicate with the prospects and empathize with their issues by acknowledging their requirements in their language.

  8. Experienced Team

    We hire only the best sales reps and have an exhaustive recruitment process to attract and train them. Our call center representatives surpass 200 in capacity and our combines management experience exceeds 100+ man-years. So, when you outsource lead qualification services to us, you will sure of receiving the best leads.

  9. 24/7 Availability

    Our team of call center agents is available 24/7/7 days a week. With their prompt response time and validated process, you can be sure that you will receive only high-quality leads. Furthermore, if you need any clarifications or want to raise any query, you can always call our agents at your convenient time.

  10. Detailed Monthly Report

    We send weekly/monthly reports of the work done that can give insightful information on the gaps/issues. By using the reports, you can streamline your internal sales process, find the gaps, and boost your sales campaign.

  11. Option to Scale-up

    We can scale-up our services when needed. This way you do not have to be concerned about the overheads, layoffs, or infrastructure.

Outsource Lead Qualification Services to Flatworld Solution

Flatworld Solutions, a foremost lead qualification outsourcing company provides a plethora of call center services, including Lead Generation Process, Telemarketing Lead Generation Services, Outbound Lead Generation Services, Local Lead Generation Services, B2B Lead Generation, Insurance Lead Generation Services, Local Lead Generation Services, telemarketing, outbound call center services, B2B Lead Generation, etc., to its global clients. Our team of lead generation experts is adept at sorting, qualifying, filtering, appending, handling, and following-up on the leads to boost your prospect-to-sales ratio.

At FWS, we not only help in qualifying the leads but also assist our clients in constructing a long-lasting bond with the leads. Get in touch with us today for a dependable, cost-effective, and effective lead qualification services.

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