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Persuading random consumers to purchase your product or avail your services over impersonal and vague calls may do more harm than good to your business. Outbound telemarketing has always remained popular due to its consumer-focused outlook towards generating business and not just a business-led sales approach. The idea behind telemarketing is to understand the target audience, identify the decision-makers who can influence purchase behavior, and then smartly convert their intent to buy into final sales.

Well, it is easier said (or written) than done! Many studies have indicated a lack of training and knowledge amongst telemarketers to push the sales prudently enough by deeply understanding customer needs and offering them with relevant solutions in the form of products/services. Despite their strong communication skills, what is missing? Well, the same studies have found out that the number one issue in meeting the marketing needs of a company through telemarketing is the amateurish script used by the agents to make sales calls.

In outbound telemarketing, especially if the agents are making cold calls, the need for a strong and well-defined telemarketing script becomes imperative. A skillfully articulated and well-planned telemarketing script can do wonders in meeting your sales and other marketing objectives.

12 Tips to Create Effective Telemarketing Scripts

After a comprehensive study and years of experience in the field of outbound telemarketing services, we have listed down the twelve most potent ways to draft successful telemarketing scripts that are compelling and highly lucrative.

  1. Understand Your Product/Service and Create A Marketing Plan

    Understand Your Product/Service and Create A Marketing Plan

    It is imperative to understand the mission and the guidelines of your client's marketing campaign and its needs. "What is the purpose of conducting outbound telemarketing?" should be carefully examined as this will help you draw out a concrete outline for your scripts. In some cases, the goal might just be to create a certain level of interest or it might be to boost subscriptions. Without a clear goal, telemarketing cannot start because the marketing plan will depend on it.

  2. Build a Powerful Introduction

    Build a Powerful Introduction

    In outbound telemarketing, the first twenty seconds after making a call are the most crucial. You need to understand that the caller does not know anything about you and why you have called, therefore, their first instinct is to resist, making it all the more vital for you to confidently deliver your opening statements.

    A telemarketer should always start with a greeting, which company are they calling from, and other important information.

    "Good afternoon, Sir/Ma'am, hope you are having a good day. This is (full name), I am calling on behalf of (name of the company), and we are into providing (products/services) solutions for (field and reference of the audience)."

    In telemarketing scripts, always use conjunctions, italics or bold, etc., as it can help you take the necessary pause, emphasize more while speaking the words/phrases with italics/bold, and use voice intonations as per the script structure thereby helping you improve telemarketing sales calls' quality.

  3. Seek Permission for their Time, But Intelligently

    Seek Permission for their Time, But Intelligently

    This is a tricky one. While building a telemarketing script, the common mistake is how you ask for their time -

    "Is it a good time to talk?"

    Well, believe it or not, but 9 out of 10 times you will get a reply like this, "I am busy right now/ I am in a meeting right now. Call me some other time." and cut! So, when we say, seek permission for their time, you must find other ways to do it than to directly ask if it is a good time to engage in a conversation. The first and foremost thing to keep in consideration is to not sound like a salesperson. Have a courteous but a firm tone and thank the prospect for taking up your call. Then, make a smart judgment from their tone of reply. If you hear blaring horns behind them, or if you notice urgency in their voice, respond with something on these lines -

    "You seem occupied, why don't I give you a call later in the day. I hope that is alright with you."

    Here, you are polite, but you make an affirmatory suggestion and do not ask a direct question. If you get a dull 'No, not interested,' here is how you can handle it -

    "Well, I completely respect your choice. However, only if I could borrow two minutes of your time to explain our new offers in the (product/services division), I would appreciate that."

    When you get a positive response from the other end, it is time to go ahead with the next part. However, if you get another negative after the first attempt of persuasion, do not be too pushy. End politely -

    "I appreciate it sir, thank you for allowing me your time. I hope we can serve you sometime in the near future. Thanks again and have a good day."

  4. State the Point of Reference

    State the Point of Reference

    In outbound telemarketing, references can be of great help. If they have made a purchase before from your client's company and you must market the new offers, it is important, you state the past record. It instantly builds a connection.

    However, in case of cold calling where you do not have any experience with the prospect, you can build a connection by asking an engaging question like -

    "You have been handling the production operations for XYZ company and you are really doing a wonderful job. Do you source all your products from the companies listed with your firm?"

  5. Draft Clear-cut and Precise Questions

    Draft Clear-cut and Precise Questions

    A powerful introduction is only a kickstart to your conversation. The essence of your call starts from this part of your script. Therefore, prepare your questions around the marketing objectives in advance to start off on a positive note. Your questions should be to-the-point, concise, and should be easy to comprehend. Right questions are necessary to get your customers comfortable with you and open them up for a flowing conversation, which is exactly what you would want to make the call successful and fruitful.

    While your questions should cover the subjects of your call, they should also address your customer's problems and seek their requirements. Here are a few points to remember when you draft questions -

    • Do not fire your list of questions continuously. The prospect might feel overwhelmed and it might eat away their interest in the call.
    • Arrange them intelligently throughout the script to ensure better replies from your prospect.
    • Stay away from technical jargon when asking a question as it can confuse your prospects. The easy language will help them to understand your questions better and therefore, answer correctly.
  6. Establish your Products/Services Need

    Establish your Products/Services Need

    To be a good outbound telemarketer, one needs to align products/services to the needs of the prospect. Your telemarketing script should have enough room for questions to understand the pain points of customers and establish a relevant need for your products and services.

    For example: "I noticed that you are using ABC product from… (competing company name). Do you know that you can get better features in (your client's company name and product) at a lesser price than what you are paying right now?"

    Understanding their needs and making logical comparisons are one of the few techniques to successful telemarketing.

  7. Recapitulate to Further Push Your Products/Services

    Recapitulate to Further Push Your Products/Services

    While preparing an effective telemarketing script, it is important to position your products/services in a way that meets the varied requirements of prospects. After gathering information, you must summarize them to convince them that you have listened carefully and understood their needs correctly.

    "You have been very cooperative in sharing the information regarding .... (subject). (Summarize and restate the answers given by prospects.) Is this what you were willing to share with me?"

    Such a statement can prove instrumental in strengthening their trust in you. Also, summarizing their needs puts you at the advantage of making effective offers to your prospects.

    "Your information has given me an effective insight into your current needs and I strongly recommend you to try (product/service) and see the difference it can make."

    You can point out some similar instances with other customers in similar situations and how using your company's products/services benefit them. Therefore, always have a few testimonials, customer reviews, etc., written and marked in your telemarketing scripts when making outbound phone sales calls.

  8. Set Your Limits

    Set Your Limits

    Good telemarketing scripts always keep you in line with the objectives of your clients' needs. Sales scripts keep reminding you of what you are selling and why. If we could give one tip on how to be a successful telemarketer, we would say to always list down limits of your products/services.

    Setting these guidelines is imperative for you to not oversell your product/service and avoid overpromising your prospects with unrealistic standards.

  9. Prepare for A Convincing Call Closure

    Prepare for A Convincing Call Closure

    Learn the art of closing effectively. You have entered the final stage of your outbound telemarketing call, what can you do now to fuel their intent to buy, one last time. Well, first, while closing, take feedback about the information you have shared and how relevant it was for your prospect.

    "Are you satisfied with the information I have shared with you regarding (product/service), or would you like me to explain any part of it again for better clarity and evaluation?"

    The second step is to state some of the most striking features of the company whose product/service you are selling and establish that what you offer is the best option available in the market. You can say something like -

    "Our company has been into manufacturing (product/service) for 21 years now and we are the market leader in providing (product/service relevance) solutions to you at reasonable pricing. We assure you of our quality and guarantee excellent after-sales services. How does that sound?"

  10. Request for An Appropriate Call for Action/ Follow Up

    Request for An Appropriate Call for Action/ Follow Up

    Whether the answer is negative or positive, you must be ready. Your final statements share a lot about the character of the company you are representing, therefore, make sure to end on a polite and respectful note.

    List down all the options available to you for a follow-up in case of positive replies. Request for a follow-up call, detailed email or message, email additional documents immediately, or set-up an appointment with an expert or salesperson.

  11. Keep Enough Space for Improvisation

    Keep Enough Space for Improvisation

    One of the most crucial tips to follow for a successful outbound telemarketing is to have room for improvisation. The best telemarketing scripts are those that allow you to improvise as per the varied situations and complexities that can arise during the calls.

    See telemarketing scripts as your roadmap to making successful calls, but do not shy away from going impromptu in the situations that demand you to. Trust us, it one of the most important traits to have in order to be a good outbound telemarketer.

  12. Accommodate Changes in Your Telemarketing Scripts

    Accommodate Changes in Your Telemarketing Scripts

    In order to make telemarketing more effective, be ready to make changes in your telemarketing scripts as you learn the customer behavior patterns. You might have developed a polished script after thorough trials and practice, but with changing demand, supply, and market variables, you must be willing to change your script, too.

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