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A lot has changed over the years due to the advent of the COVID19 pandemic. The adoption of hybrid work culture has eradicated some challenges but also created a new doorway to acquiring talent. Businesses are enjoying excellent workforce culture from various aspects and including its benefits to serving their customers better.

Workforce Optimization - A new trend to follow

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a new practice in the modern business world where companies are hiring in-house candidates, working with freelancers, providing work-from-home options, and integrating software solutions to do so. The different aspects of WFO focus on the increase in the productivity of a workforce, as well as the efficiency of individuals working in the force.

This practice is kind of a solution that every business needs to optimize its resources. If we look closely, we can easily realize that these resources range from humans to an office setup, a cloud storage system to a software-based solution for remote working options. A solution is designed based on the type of business, industrial genre, customer relationship management, and other major factors. A solution is thus designed to escalate the rate of workforce engagement across all the practices and platforms.

Thus, a WFO platform will enable a business to assign responsibilities, delegate workload, monitor output, and share information. It also allows a business to provide information to customers, maintain a proper communication channel across all domains, and strengthen employer-employee relationships.

How can WFO be utilized in a hybrid contact center?

Tracking down the daily productivity or instantaneous activities of a workforce is not difficult anymore. It can be done using the best WFO solutions designed by the top service providers. People working a few days onsite and then the rest of the week remotely will not cause chaos anymore.

The installation and integration of a WFO solution will allow a management team to check how many employees are available and who have been deployed to meet certain responsibilities. We all know how businesses suffer from unnecessary break times, and improper login and logouts even though they are adequately staffed. This is where such solutions can be a breakthrough.

When a WFO platform is utilized, everything becomes absolutely clear. Every login and logout time can be monitored remotely. In fact, the idleness of a certain interaction point can also be checked. These features enable companies to delegate workforce, check adequacy, allocate workload, and even predict staffing requirements. Here is how an optimization solution can escalate the quality of a workforce.

  1. Building a proper communication channel and trust

    Employees are recruited and trained for their special employable skills. They are paid handsomely for their skills and the employer expects them to be productive on the floor. The rate of productivity depends on the employee satisfaction level.

    This is where a strong communication channel needs to be created to build trust. Building the right tools for eradication of friction between employees and inter-departments and nurturing a positive mindset of responsibilities will create a positive environment.

  2. Automation is obviously the key

    The automation of different business operations can lead to a smoother execution of work. Both onsite and remote workforces often get confused or knotted creating differences. These differences can be eliminated by using an automated platform. Workflow automation via a cloud software system will make a hybrid contact center more resourceful and productive.

    Task automation will lead to quicker allotment of responsibilities and their accomplishment. The accessibility and governance of data will also be maintained across all the channels. Task automation will lead to better yields.

  3. Staffing purpose

    A manager delegated to look after a workforce is responsible for checking its capabilities on a regular basis. He will also have to check whether the force is well-staffed or understaffed. It is his responsibility to ensure no setbacks on remote and onsite stations. Hence, using a WFO solution will help him to manage staff, realize the necessity of more staff, understand overstaffing issues, plan shifts, and manage daily business operation volumes.

    You can easily realize how efficient a WFO solution can be to boost the productivity of a business. Offering flexibility to employees will become a lot easier by tracking down staff and shifts in a hybrid contact center.

Scaling with WFO makes businesses better

A WFO system will allow managers to scale the productivity of a workforce. The output can be measured after a regular interval and reports can be generated accordingly. The facts and figures allow a company to make better decisions regarding hybrid contact center and enjoy these benefits mentioned above.

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