About Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) stands as a towering testament to excellence in the global IT, Business Consulting, and Outsourcing arena. When we started our Global Operations in 2004, our foundational ethos was clear: harness technology to empower businesses, obliterate geographic barriers, streamline processes, and amplify global profitability. The path we've carved since then is marked by nearly two decades of groundbreaking achievements, unwavering commitment, and unparalleled expertise. With 18,000+ esteemed clients, transformative increases in their revenues, and a brigade of 5,000+ adept professionals under visionary leadership, our narrative is one of going above and beyond to help our partners unlock winning ways.

Our operational footprint spans the globe, with pivotal sales and delivery centers stationed in India, the Philippines, the US, and the UK. These nerve centers are more than just offices; they're hubs of excellence, providing unparalleled strategic support and resource placements tailored for optimized client solutions. Concerning India operations, the ISO 9001-2008 accreditation stands as a beacon of our relentless pursuit of quality, ensuring we not only adhere to but also elevate global standards with every endeavor.

Flatworld Solutions 2.0

The Flatworld Story

Our Vision

Flatworld aims to lead the IT solutions industry with a tribe of Possibilitarians delivering transformative growth through excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment and thus becoming the preferred choice for clients, the ultimate talent destination, a trusted investment, and a community pillar.


Our Mission

By fostering an environment that believes in the power of possibilities, and fired by a whatever-it-takes-drive, Flatworld will provide resourceful IT solutions to unlock growth for client businesses globally, and enrich our employees, investors, and the communities we serve.


To be the Possibilitarian unlocking winning ways for all stakeholders.

Unlocking Winning Ways


  • We are Flatworldians.

  • We are powered by a visionary, luminary, missionary zeal to take ownership of client challenges.

  • We are self-starters who harness our imagination, knowledge and passion to help clients win.

  • Our whatever-it-takes drive enables us to unlock opportunities and sow profits for our clients.

  • We are agile, customised, and collaborative - ready to adapt, tailor our approach, and work closely with our clients.

  • We believe that to truly be an ally, we must get our clients' vision and deliver on trust.

  • We strive to become our clients' competitive edge in an environment of constant unpredictability and disruption.

  • Our purpose is to unlock winning ways for all stakeholders - clients, employees, shareholders, and the wider community.

  • We are Possibilitarians.

  • Corporate History


    The Origin

    In the bustling mega shopping centers of the US and Europe, an idea took root. During a pivotal visit in the mid-90s, Jacob William, the visionary CEO of Flatworld Solutions, witnessed the synergy of diverse offerings - from baby clothes to dog food—all under one roof. This wasn't just convenience; it was a revolution in service delivery. A single location for multifaceted needs. It was this very essence of comprehensive service that became the cornerstone of Flatworld Solutions.


    Early Formative Years

    In the early 2000s, Flatworld Solutions embarked on its journey, introducing 'Data Processing Solutions' to the world. But as they say, growth is a response to demand. Our clients demanded more. From this voiced need arose our 'Call Center Operations'. Then, as trust deepened and relationships solidified, our clientele entrusted us with more intimate aspects of their business, leading to the genesis of our 'Finance and Accounting Services'. At Flatworld, growth wasn't just a strategy; it was a response to the faith our clients placed in us.


    The Growth Trajectory

    With the pulse of the evolving markets at its fingertips, Flatworld Solutions soared. We expanded our horizons, incorporating specialized solutions spanning Healthcare, Finance and Accounting, Creative Design, Engineering, and Research and Analytics, among others. No longer were we just a service provider; we became the partners of choice for businesses seeking excellence and innovation in their operations.


    Onward: Blazing the AI-Trail

    In the late '90s, while most were just catching on to the potential of outsourcing, Flatworld's leadership foresaw it as the wave of the future. They not only envisioned its power but rode its crest, positioning Flatworld as a powerhouse in the outsourcing domain. Fast forward to today, as the wave of Artificial Intelligence disrupts industries, many find themselves scrambling, trying to catch up and comprehend the vast implications. Yet, in this whirlwind, Flatworld stands unfazed. With the same foresight that once harnessed the power of outsourcing, our leaders now look to AI. Not as a mere tool, but as the next big leap in delivering unparalleled value to clients. Beyond being among the early adopters, Flatworld is positioned as a trailblazer, enabling customers to harness the formidable power of AI. Flatworld aims to carve out unparalleled competitive advantages, ensuring that its customers not only navigate the AI revolution but lead it across their diverse industries.

    Today, Flatworld Solutions, along with its associated enterprises, commands a formidable cadre of nearly 5,000 experts. Operating from our strategically-located international delivery hubs, we provide sophisticated solutions, tailored to meet the intricate business requisites of our 18,000+ clientele spanning 167 nations.

    Company Overview

    Global Delivery Offices

    Our delivery model is meticulously crafted, centered around strategic global locations that optimize both talent potential and business environment. This strategy enables us to meet the exacting standards of our global clientele without compromising on value. Our delivery centers are judiciously situated across Asia, South America, and Africa, ensuring we provide unwavering, top-tier services. In-built redundancies safeguard against business interruptions, while also granting us the agility to manage heightened work demands and cyclical shifts.

    Our talent pool is diverse and elite, spanning from visionary design graduates and adept engineers to strategic business managers. This collective expertise translates to a staggering 99% success rate in our project undertakings. Clients partnering with Flatworld experience the seamless integration of our teams—marked by minimized risk, unequivocal accountability, crystalline transparency, and a dedicated point of liaison. Our premier global delivery centers are situated in:

    India - Global Delivery Center India
    Philippines - Global Delivery Center Philippines
    Bolivia - Global Delivery Center Bolivia
    Colombia - Global Delivery Center Colombia

    State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    In addition to our skilled workforce, we are ably supported by state-of-the-art-infrastructure and highly robust virtual private network in our efforts to exceed client expectations.

    India - Global Delivery Center India

    Our Key Differentiators

    Navigating nearly two decades of pioneering leadership in the global IT sector, our acumen has been sharpened by our strategic foresight into the transformative AI landscape. Our holistic approach ensures that we deeply understand client needs, detail their processes, and align with their forward-looking visions. As AI's capabilities reshape industries, we stand at the forefront, empowering businesses to harness automation, intelligent analysis, and navigate the waves of disruption. This meticulous planning paves the way for seamless transitioning of processes to strategic global locations, all while fostering innovation with AI-driven solutions.

    Our distinctive strengths, setting us apart in the industry, include:


    Swift project execution enhanced by AI-driven process optimizations.


    Optimal value realization by seamlessly integrating AI tools without compromising quality.


    Rigorous adherence to global quality benchmarks, with AI ensuring continuous improvements.


    Mastery in delivering bespoke, AI-enhanced project solutions—from short-term to sustained engagements.


    Proven track record in boosting business revenue and operational productivity through AI innovations.


    Dedicated 24/7 Project Management, Transitions, and Customer Engagement cadre, backed by AI analytics.


    Nearly two decades of unyielding dedication to global clientele, constantly adapting to AI advancements.


    Comprehensive domain prowess with AI-driven insights, and outsourcing proficiency spanning myriad sectors.


    Ensured operational continuity, powered by AI-based predictive analysis and strategic resourcing blueprints.


    Multilingual, multi-expertise team known for its communicative clarity and AI strategy adoption.


    Forward-looking delivery locales, primed to harness next-gen AI technologies to their zenith, ensuring clients stay ahead of the curve.

    Leadership & Social Responsibility

  • Jacob William - CEO
  • David Antony - COO & President
  • Anand Mathews - CMO & Managing Director
  • Ofir Nir - CFO
  • Seby Kallarakkal - Strategic Advisor
  • Unlock Winning Ways in a World Beyond Boundaries

    Engage with Flatworld Solutions and unlock a future where specialized services seamlessly integrate with the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Across myriad industries and verticals, our nearly two-decade legacy stands not merely as experience, but as foresight - positioning us at the forefront of AI-driven solutions. In doing so, we eliminate the intricacies of vendor assessments, contract negotiations, and the labyrinth of legal, compliance, and SLA concerns. Anchored in our core tenets of integrity, teamwork, and excellence, we're not just forging partnerships; we're crafting AI-empowered alliances destined for longevity and innovation.



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