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Intelligent Automation Services

Automation is not about business productivity, but business innovation. Join us today to implement the right innovation at the right time. Outpace disruption, work leaner, simplify operational systems, optimize processes, and accelerate business value with our Intelligent Automation Services.

Automation represents far more than the simple streamlining of processes. At Flatworld Solutions, we redefine automation as a driving force for transformation, where we blend intelligence, agility, and innovation into a powerful solution set. To help you stay ahead, we deploy these solutions backed by artificial intelligence (AI), human-centric design, and enterprise data strategy.

Intelligent Automation Services

Based on this philosophy, we offer Intelligent Automation solutions transcending the conventional boundaries of robotic process automation (RPA). We seamlessly integrate business process automation (BPA), cloud analytics, AI tools, machine learning, natural language processing, and RPA with the ingenuity of low-code/no-code development. This approach gives us intelligent automation solutions that we can help you deploy to achieve process and cost efficiencies.

We boast a suite of software and automation platforms for automating Emails, mortgage workflow, custom brokerage process, medical pre-charting, and medical transcription, among others. Our company guides businesses through the automation ecosystem, identifying high-ROI opportunities, expediting deliveries, unlocking latent data assets, automating decision-making, and ensuring compliance with accuracy.

As an ISO-certified industry leader, we take pride in our global presence, ensuring accessibility, assistance, and punctual deliveries through our eight strategically positioned delivery centers.

By choosing Flatworld Solutions as your innovation partner, you embark on a journey that races beyond disruption. We help you enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and accelerate the intrinsic value of your business. Partner with us to enhance efficiency, build positive customer experiences, and enjoy a competitive advantage that will position you at the forefront of your industry.

The future belongs to those who innovate, adapt, and automate. Choose us as your partner in this transformative journey and embrace a future where your business reaches unprecedented heights of efficiency, intelligence, and value creation.

US-based mortgage company with $8bn in loan originations enhances back-office efficiencies with Flatworld Solutions' intelligent process automation solutions

We helped the client overcome back-office redundancies by implementing cognitive automation for three key processes. It slashed manual labor, increased transaction accuracy, and increased the efficiency and number of applications processed/day.

50% Reduction in Manual FTE | 100% Accuracy in Transactions | 70% Increase in no. of applications Processed/Day | 98 % Reduction in Processing Time.

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Leading 272-bed Hospital Enhances Accuracy of Rehabilitation Transcription Reports Using Flatworld Solutions' Electronic Health Records Software

We helped the client convert 3,000+ rehabilitation cases into digital format and implement online billing. Our solution involved a collaborative team of experts streamlining data, ensuring compliance, and achieving 100% accuracy within the deadline.

40% revenue increase | 35% reduction in operational costs | Improved patient engagement | Reduced errors and delays

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Clients Testimonials

"We have been working with Flatworld Solutions since 2009 on several IT projects. When we decided to develop an iPhone app for our clients' use, we turned again to Flatworld Solutions. Their expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product. We have already completed three projects with Flatworld Solutions and are delighted with their services. They have shown enormous skill and vast domain knowledge and their IT expertise is reliable and trustworthy. We would recommend Flatworld Solutions to anyone looking for quality IT services, delivered in a professional manner."

Logistics Company in North America

Breadth of Our Capabilities

Core Automation Services

  • + Robotic Process Automation
  • + Cognitive Automation
  • + OCR Technologies
  • + Generative AI
  • Enterprise AI Services

  • + Data-driven Insights
  • + Predictive Analytics
  • + Scalable Solutions
  • + Insight Dashboards
  • + Maintenance
  • Generative AI

  • + Artistic Innovation
  • + Design Assistance
  • + Efficient Workflows
  • Consultation

  • + Data-driven Decisions
  • + Data-driven Application Development
  • Intelligent Automation Solutions

    Your Customers Are Intelligent. Our Automation Solutions are Too. Explore them now!

    Generative AI Services

    Generative AI Services

    Our services harness AI's extraordinary capabilities to stretch the boundaries of creativity, from AI-generated visuals to groundbreaking content. Our design prototypes and streamlined workflows inspire and automate content generation, ensuring efficiency. We also provide conversational AI solutions to deliver prompt responses to customer queries. Our team of AI experts creates text and voice-based bots for rapid customer query resolution, elevating the customer experience and boosting retention rates.

    Business Process Automation

    Business Process Automation

    Our BPA helps you to plan actions across users, robots, systems, and AI with low-code tools. Plus, our certified connectors ensure seamless integration, creating a harmonious and efficient workflow environment. These solutions help you to fine-tune workflows to enhance operational agility, scale effortlessly, and maintain unwavering compliance and quality standards. Benefit from customization, swift development and deployment, and continuous monitoring with intelligent business process automation.

    Cognitive Process Automation

    Cognitive Process Automation

    Our CPA caters to all business needs, from elementary process automation to advanced data analysis. Our round-the-clock bots have saved clients thousands of dollars by automating tasks across various industries, boosting process efficiency by up to 30% in the first quarter of implementation. Once onboard, our team tailors the solutions to your needs, assesses the quality, and ensures smooth execution of re-engineered processes. With FWS, you get technology that handles routine tasks, allowing you to focus on what genuinely matters - business expansion

    Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation

    Fed up with repetitive tasks? RPA is the antidote. As RPA providers, we craft digital workers that manage end-to-end workflows 24/7, turbocharging productivity and ensuring error-free results. From process discovery and ROI projection to managed RPA services, we optimize your business operations through our intelligent robotic process automation. We usher in a new era of operational efficiency with a robust partner ecosystem, RPA products, domain expertise, and seamless implementation experience.

    AI-driven Process Automation

    AI-driven Process Automation

    Dive into the future with our AI-driven process automation, including machine learning, Natural Language Generation (NLG) for human-like narratives, Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text and speech manipulation, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text extraction from images. Embrace the transformative power of AI, enhancing operational efficiency, precision, data-driven decision-making, and process optimization.

    Digital Transformation Services

    Digital Transformation Services

    We help you revolutionize your business by integrating cognitive skills, transformative AI, and machine learning. We offer tailored roadmaps for seamless digital integration, process optimization through AI-driven solutions, and adaptability to technological advancements. Our AI-powered enhancements extend across crucial domains such as Marketing, Sales, IT Infrastructure, Operations, Finance, Digital Channels, HR, and Reporting. This plays a key role in revolutionizing every facet of your business for a more agile, efficient, and competitive future.

    Enterprise AI Services

    Enterprise AI Services

    We empower you to harness data for making informed decisions and driving extraordinary business growth. Our data-driven insights enable you to extract valuable intelligence from complex data sets and gain a competitive edge. We also offer predictive analytics solutions that help you foresee trends and understand customer behaviors, facilitating proactive decision-making. These solutions are scalable as you can implement them seamlessly AI across various departments, ensuring maximum impact and operational efficiency.

    Contact Center as a Service

    Optimal Character Recognition

    We integrate AI and machine learning to bring you personalized, specific data extraction using the optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Traditional OCRs might leave you sifting through an array of characters. Not with us. Our smart OCR technology recognizes and extracts exactly what you need.

    Exception Handling

    Automation Testing - Exception Handling

    Unforeseen errors can disrupt your business flow. With our advanced automation services, we ensure seamless operations by detecting and rectifying system anomalies promptly. Our platform learns from each exception, enhancing system efficiency over time. We offer flexible exception management rules to cater to your unique business requirements. Our services transform exceptions into learning experiences, fortifying your system. Let's explore how we can assist in making your operations error-free.

    Technologies We Use

    Ui Path Automation Anywhere Microsoft Selenium

    Automation Accelerators

    Our technology accelerators are designed to help you address your unique business problems with tailor-made solutions.

    Sria Scanalityx ARRO Qademy PRE-B TPA

    AI-driven Solutions At a Glance

    Medical Transcription Generator

    Medical Transcription Generator

    We understand the pivotal importance of precise medical transcription in maintaining high-quality patient care and optimizing medical processes.

    • Accuracy and Efficiency
    • Time and Cost Savings
    • Customization and Vocabulary
    • Real-time Transcription
    Email Automation Solution

    Email Automation Solution

    By leveraging historical insights and harnessing the creative capabilities of Generative AI, our Email Automation solution enhances customer support interactions.

    • Enhanced Customer Experience
    • Workflow Optimization
    • 24/7 Availability
    • Data-driven Insights
    Mortgage Automation Solution

    Mortgage Automation Solution

    MSuite is Flatworld Solution's mortgage automation management solution that combines AI and ML capabilities to form an OCR-based automation engine that can be implemented faster and at a low-cost.

    • Document Handling Efficiency
    • 95% Accuracy and Error Reduction
    • Scalability and Volume Handling
    • Minimal IT Dependency

    Intelligent Automation
    Consulting Services

    We help you identify the right avenues and time for automation. Our automation experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization to identify automation opportunities, create roadmaps, implement workflows to enhance process efficiency, and deliver unwavering support from discovery to innovation. Leverage our automation consulting services and benefit from significant cost reductions, expedited service delivery, heightened quality, reduced human error, and swift deployment.

    Our Engagement Model

    Requirement Analysis

    Analyzing project requirements and visualizing sample data

    Design Preparation

    Analyzing existing data to design and configure the solution


    Creating and implementing actual automation solution (big data, OCR, interfaces, and modules)

    Testing Deployment

    Verifying the functionality and performance of automation solution

    Ongoing Support

    Kick off meeting, weekly updates, handover, and training

    Transform Your Business with Intelligent Automation: Elevate Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Amaze Customers


    Streamlined Workflows


    Error-Free Processes


    Smart Bots

    From routine task automation to advanced RPA, we revolutionize your processes using analytics and cognitive technology


    Swift Cycle Times


    Lower Operational Costs


    Focus on the Vital

    Our AI-driven process automation liberates your team from the mundane, enabling them to concentrate on what truly matters


    Precise Validation


    Cognitive Decision Engine


    Delighted Customers

    Bid farewell to human bias and errors, optimize resources, and create happier customers


    Risk-Free Scalability


    Uncompromised Efficiency


    Engaged Workforce

    Expand rapidly, enhance quality, and boost employee morale


    Exceptional Customer Experience


    Rapid Market Seizure


    Turbocharged Digital Transformation

    Why Choose Us?

    Proven Expertise

    With a history dating back to 2004, we're an international powerhouse backed by a team of 5000+ IT experts across India and the Philippines. Our ISO certification attests to our unwavering commitment to quality. As global leaders, we've proudly served over 18,000 clients.

    Global Client Network

    We're on a mission for your success. With 600+ satisfied customers and the successful execution of 1000+ projects spanning 60+ countries, your growth knows no boundaries.

    Innovation at Our Core

    We're not just service providers; we're innovation pioneers. We're constantly exploring new AI frontiers, crafting unique, cutting-edge solutions that set you apart in a rapidly evolving market. By deploying custom bots to handle routine customer queries and operational tasks, we free up valuable time and resources for innovation and product development.

    Tailor-Made for You

    Your business is one-of-a-kind, and so are our solutions. We create customized strategies that seamlessly align with your unique goals and challenges. Offering a higher quality, more dependable product to market faster, and delivering quicker responses enriches the customer experience, giving your company a competitive edge.

    Excellence with Tangible Results

    We have one goal - to drive substantial, measurable improvements in your efficiency, productivity, and overall business growth. Your success is our success, and we settle for nothing less.

    Key Differentiators

    Industries We Serve


    Finance and Banking


















    Food & Beverage


    Transportation & Logistics

    Outsource Intelligent Automation to Flatworld Solutions

    Imagine a world where your business processes are not just automated but elevated to a realm of unmatched efficiency and innovation. That is the power of augmenting RPA with AI technologies - it is a game-changer!

    At Flatworld Solutions, our team of Intelligent Automation experts is poised to transform your automation landscape. We're not just breaking the rules; we're shattering the limitations of conventional automation. Cognitive bots, with their remarkable reasoning and decision-making prowess, are ready to join your human-digital workforce, continuously learning and evolving.

    We don't just stop at possibilities; we deliver results. We will craft your RPA roadmap, design streamlined processes, and seamlessly implement your automated bots.

    The result? Your business becomes not just efficient but adaptable, ready to extract maximum value from your technology investments.

    Experience a new era of Excellence, Efficiency, and Innovation with Flatworld's AI and Automation Solutions. This is the moment to elevate your business, to transform, to thrive. Let's make it happen!


    Intelligent automation services refer to the use of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA), to streamline, optimize, and automate business operations. These services enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity while reducing manual intervention and operational costs.

    Intelligent automation can transform your business in numerous ways. Automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks significantly improves operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. It also enhances accuracy and speed, reducing the risk of human error and improving service delivery. Furthermore, intelligent automation provides actionable insights, aiding decision-making and strategy formulation.

    Yes, outsourcing intelligent automation services is an ideal option for many businesses. It allows you to access expert knowledge and advanced technologies without significant upfront investment. Moreover, it enables rapid deployment and scalability, which is crucial in today's dynamic business environment.

    Intelligent automation can be applied to various processes, including customer service, invoice processing, data entry, HR operations, supply chain management, and IT operations. Any process that involves repetitive tasks and structured data can benefit from intelligent automation.

    The ROI for intelligent automation varies depending on the nature of the business and the processes automated. However, companies often report significant cost savings, increased productivity, improved accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction, leading to a positive ROI within a few months.

    When choosing an intelligent automation solution provider, look for expertise in your industry, a proven track record, robust security measures, and strong customer support. Also, consider the scalability and flexibility of their solutions to accommodate future growth and changes.

    The cost associated with implementing intelligent automation depends on the complexity of the processes, the technology used, and the level of customization required. However, substantial efficiency, accuracy, and productivity improvements often justify the investment.

    Yes, there are ongoing maintenance and support costs for intelligent automation. These include software updates, system monitoring, troubleshooting, and user training. It's important to factor these into your budget when considering intelligent automation.

    Data security is a top priority when implementing intelligent automation. Measures include encryption, secure data storage and transmission, strict access controls, and regular security audits. Outsourcing to a provider with a strong focus on data security can provide added assurance.

    KPIs for measuring the success of automation can include process efficiency, accuracy rates, cost savings, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and the time taken to complete tasks. These KPIs help to assess the impact of automation on business operations and guide future improvements.
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