B2B Telesales Services

B2B Telesales Services

Our professional and experienced telecalers call leads and promote your business offerings at rates starting at just $8 per hour

Looking for a team to assertively pitch your products and services across the phone? Are you on the hunt for the best professionals to gain new clients for your business? B2B telesales is an integral part of telemarketing that emphases on acquiring businesses by generating sales through leads. We, at Flatworld Solutions, have with us the best professionals that are rigorously trained to provide you with great strategies and ideas for your telemarketing campaigns.

B2B sales via telephonic conversations and/or online calls not only help you generate new leads and attract new clients via brand awareness but can also help you introduce your new products and services to your old client base. Irrespective of the area of business, we cater to assorted industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, construction, and many more where there's a need for brand promotions and a wider reach.

B2B Telesales Support and Services We Offer

Over the last decade and a half, Flatworld Solutions has established itself as the premier B2B telesales service provider in India as well as all over the world. Irrespective of the size of your business, we can be approached to handle your entire sales requirements with our virtual assistance for the following services -

  1. Outbound B2B Telesales

    Outbound Calls

    We conduct extensive research on how to influence your target demographic as well as use our resources to acquire new clientele. Our media crew brainstorms to come up with the best ideas to successfully highly your products/ services by engaging users over the telephone. We try to highlight brand credibility and work relentlessly to ensure customer loyalty by conducting follow-ups.

  2. Inbound B2B Telesales

    Inbound Calls

    Based on the information acquired by the inbound sales team we gauge the clients that could be approached to purchase a product or avail a service. We strategize on gaining back the trust of strayed clients by instilling/ re-gaining trust in your business. We provide up-selling and cross-selling services that guarantee maximum benefits to clients all the while ensuring the acceleration of your sales.

  3. B2B Telemarketing

    B2B Telemarketing

    Our telemarketing team, with its trained sales personnel, work incessantly to turn leads into opportunities. With a team dedicated to creating brand awareness, we focus on the following -

    • Lead generation
    • Extensive market research
    • Polling and surveys
    • Scheduling meets
    • Client feedback and retention
  4. Targeted Strategy

    Targeted Strategy

    We strive on providing a blueprint strategy for your products and services. This includes a defined call structure that covers all key points introducing specific requirements that could be of use to the client or steering them towards new products/ services. These checkpoints or keywords are done after extensive background research of the potential client company. We ensure that we cover the points mentioned below -

    • A clear introduction to the service
    • Defined questions that help us understand their requirement as well as the challenges that they face
    • Summarize and cross-check that we understand the client requirement and strive to provide complete solutions
    • Offer a solution
    • Deliberate on resolving any shortcomings or issues
    • Sell your service so that the client can utilize it to overcome any challenge or hurdle that they are facing
  5. Brand Promotion

    Brand Promotion

    We represent your brand right from initial call promotion to final sales. We help sell products/ services, set- up appointments and meetings, are available full-time to clear any doubts as well as assist in any issues.

  6. Client Acquisition via Telesales

    Client Acquisition via Telesales

    We conduct a thorough research about the company by specifically targeting the decision-maker. We are straightforward in our approach and voice out your product/service in a tone that is relaxed, self-assured, and confident. The scripts curated by us are exclusive for a particular company. They are appealing, written to garner attention, and persuade potential investors to finance existing and/or new products.

  7. Call Control

    Call Control

    Our team can efficiently handle any incoming phone calls providing quick resolutions, and help with issues/ difficulties. We are equipped with a single screen to manage all incoming and outgoing phone calls helping us view call client information from one central source. We offer incentives to boost productivity. We provide rewards and promotions all the while making the client aware that they are getting more than they anticipated.

  8. Emphasis on Key Competencies

    Emphasis on Key Competencies

    We ensure that the key competencies are followed such as -

    • High Referrals - Due to our immense reputation almost all our clients are based on referrals. When approached we ascertain that all your expectations are met with.

    • Problem-solving - Our staff is trained to handle any trick question on their own without any delays.

    • Trustworthiness - We keep all information confidential and disclose only what is relevant to the client. We provide instant solutions to any queries.

    • Result-oriented - We pursue the client relentlessly to achieve the desired targets and help in the rapid proliferation of your sales.

    • Communication - Our staff speaks eloquently and clearly. We ensure that there are no misunderstanding nor any communication problem when it comes to dealing with decision-makers.

  9. Conducting Tele-surveys

    Conducting Tele-surveys

    We conduct short surveys that help us assess your business situation and the requirements that could help improvise your business. It helps us gain insight into client needs and how you can fulfill their requirements.

  10. Event Management and Conference Registration Services

    Event Management and Conference Registration Services

    We entice customers and confirm their participation in events, business meets, and conferences via calls. Thus with our assertiveness be assured of a great turn-out for promotional events. We schedule/re-schedule appointments and notify you of the same accordingly.

  11. Lead Generation

    Lead Generation

    Not only do we advise our clients on which businesses can be reached out to but also how to attract a newer audience towards their business offerings. We focus on targeting and attracting clients from different demographics. With our convincing prowess, we are fully capable of turning a "no" into a "yes".

  12. Measurable Metrics

    Measurable Metrics

    We keep track of the gained clients and possible ways of improvising the product to meet client expectations. We track all activity with Key Performance Initiatives (KPI).

  13. Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Our competent crew, via telephonic and internet calls, helps entice clients. Our team adheres to an original script containing valid information and using their persuasive skills influences clients/ investors to acquire or retain products and services. Our team updates their technical knowledge as per the latest contemporary trends to ensure that all clients and customers are satisfied with our services and get their money's worth.

  14. Develop and Manage Databases

    Develop and Manage Databases

    We maintain a database that contains all sales information so that we can use it to improvise and study trends and accordingly advise you for the best approach in the future. All data is strictly guarded. We abide by our non-disclosure agreement ensuring client confidentiality.

  15. Help-desk Services

    Help-desk Services

    Our trained executives are specialized in getting clients on-board with services that your business has to offer. Any difficulties are quickly and cleanly taken care of.

  16. Multi-lingual Assistance

    Multi-lingual Assistance

    With perfection in different dialects, our team is equipped to handle people across various demographics. We ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that all products and services are pitched keeping in mind the benefit it will do to that particular set of people. We ensure that, in any way, we do not hurt the sentiments of our target group of people nor do we compromise with the values they believe in.

  17. Overall Sales

    Overall Sales

    We pride ourselves on providing fantastic B2B telesales services that include robust information on products and services. Our executives strive on delivering superior quality services that include divulging product information, undertaking bulk orders, holding reservations/bookings, etc. We also oversee bill inquiries as well as resolve disputes and complaints. Our experts effortlessly handle warranty registrations, subscription services, and associated dealings.

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

B2B Telesales Process We Follow

At FWS, we promote start-ups enabling them to reach out to other businesses to introduce their products. We ensure that the decision-maker of a particular business has our full attention and we work tirelessly on retaining it. We not only submerge ourselves in the smooth acquisition of new investments but also will help your business soar without the hassle of hiring a full- time promotional team. Here is the process we follow -


01. Introduction

We will be the voice and face of your brand and let the lead know you closely through us. We will stimulate their interest by presenting tangible benefits


02. Posing Questions

We ask questions that were prepared in advance to give the conversation a direction and purpose. We will collect information on specific challenges


03. Discovering Client Pain Points

We will summarize a list of challenges facing the lead and prepare a product checklist that acts as a focussed solution to mitigate or eliminate their business challenge


04. Presenting Solution

We will pitch your products by highlighting its benefits and ability to solve the business challenges faced by the lead


05. Handling Objection

We will explain how your products or solutions can handle specific challenges that were difficult to resolve in the past


06. Qualifying the Lead

We will ask the lead if they would consider your product as a solution to their challenge. We will measure each response and qualify the lead if they show buying inclination

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld as the Best B2B Telesales Service Providing Company?

Choosing our premier services for B2B telesales will additionally provide you with the following advantages -

  • Value-for-money

    We ensure that when you avail our services you get more than your money's worth as we are immersed in providing you with more facilities than any other B2B telesales company.

  • High-Quality Services

    Our high success is attributed to the fact that all antique photos retouched by us are subjected to intense scrutiny by our in- house team.

  • Confidentiality

    We strictly abide by our non-disclosure terms and conditions. All details provided to us concerning your company are not divulged to any third-parties.

  • State-of-art Technology

    We are equipped with the latest technology that helps in instant connectivity and also assists in fast contact especially when a client needs to get in touch with us. We have with us the best software that aids us in predictive analyses helping us decide on the potential clients that we could target.

  • Experienced Team

    Independent, well spoken team capable of making their own decisions in all kinds of situations. Our call- executives provide high- quality services by instilling trust and being assertive in their dealings.

  • Business Strategists

    Our experts develop strategies keeping in mind the current marketing trends thus helping boost businesses and soar your sales.

  • Error-free Services

    With our flawless services, you will be provided with the best help that our service industry has to offer.

  • Systematic Workflow

    Our extensive planning and well- developed workflow make us accomplish a lot within a short time.

  • Swift Services

    Your work is delegated to multiple executives that strive to accomplish and get more clients on board in the least amount of time.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    Once you avail our services be assured of rapid turnaround.

  • Personalized Assistance

    With a single point of contact, we easily handle all your B2B telesales process and clientele.

  • Scalable Services

    Based on the urgency of the input required we are flexible concerning any of your demands.

  • All-round Support

    Our services can be accessed worldwide across all time zones. Our team can be contacted via chat, phone, e-mail, or across our social media platforms 24/7 throughout the year to set you up with on-site consults, for sending across free quotes, and for the requirement of any help.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Telemarketing Services to a Leading Insurance Firm

Flatworld Provided Telemarketing Services to a Leading Insurance Firm

A leading insurance firm headquartered in the US outsourced telemarketing service to us because we had the know-how and expertise. We executed a successful contact strategy and converted many leads.

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FWS Provided Outbound Calling Services to an e-Logistics Startup

Flatworld Solutions Provided Outbound Calling Services to an e-Logistics Startup

A reputed elogistics start-up outsourced outbound calling to promote its shipment tracking app. We promoted the app among shippers and truckers community to convert potential customers on the client's behalf.

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Outsource your B2B Telesales Services to Flatworld Solutions


My client Microsoft is very pleased with the results. Thanks for providing such outstanding results and for your high attention to quality. It's great to find a company you can trust to have your best interests at heart. We can also turn this success into other projects.

Market Research firm in Seattle
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At Flatworld Solutions, we are known to capture the attention of other businesses and have a huge number of businesses that could testify for the same. Our telemarketing reach is extended even through internet calls via social media platforms. We patiently handle clients and clear all their uncertainties. We are approachable at all times and effortlessly manages clients at any hour of the day. We conduct follow-ups and ensure client loyalty. We can be completely relied on in all our telemarketing tactics. Outsourcing B2B telesales has never been simpler and faster for swift business recognition. Opting for our B2B telesales services will provide you with high-quality services by our skilled team that is not only result-oriented but trustworthy in all of our dealings.

Outsource your B2B telesales requirements for implicit brand promotion and rapid increase of sales. Our experts can be contacted for help with all future B2B telesales services, without any hesitations, for any existing brand promotions, new launches as well as help with all assistance related to your products and services.

Get in touch with Flatworld Solutions today because we are the best B2B telesales service provider that can be approached irrespective of the magnitude of the business. Among all B2B telesales services companies, we provide a gamut of telesales assistance available online.

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