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Nothing makes your business closer and more accessible to your customers than a toll-free number to contact you. Giving you a 'local-business' feel, 800 numbers can increase the percentage of customers trying to get in touch with you.

Getting an 800 number is easy, but manning it 24/7 and having friendly, professional staff to answer these calls is difficult. That's where our philosophy of 'flat-world' really comes in. Answer your customers from anywhere in the world, any time, with a smile.

Our 800 Answering Services

With our extensive experience in providing call center services for organizations around the world, we can assure you of high-quality services at reasonable rates. Some of the key toll-free answering services on offer include -

  1. Never miss a call - You will not lose precious business again due to lack of agents, or busy agents. We can handle toll-free answering services with efficiency and politeness, round the clock.

  2. Route calls to the right department - Having individual toll-free numbers for each department is cumbersome to manage. We can route calls to specific departments or personnel within your organization after checking caller requirements.

  3. Live inquiry routing - Our agents can route inquiries to your task management system, ticketing system or CRM so that your sales and support teams have instant access to customer queries.

  4. IVR integration - We can successfully implement IVR integration for your toll-free number so that many frequently asked questions can be automatically answered instead of being routed to an agent.

  5. High-quality technical support - At Flatworld Solutions, we have experience in providing Level 1, 2 and 3 technical support, to address and resolve customer queries.

  6. Appointment setting - We can schedule appointments for further calls, teleconferences or personal meetings with customers acting as an extension of your sales and marketing teams.

  7. Cross-selling or up-selling - Once a customer's concern is addresses effectively, they are more open to learning about your business and what you can offer. Our agents can efficiently market your services to the callers.

  8. Multiple languages - Flatworld's global delivery model ensures that we have agents all over the world, who can answer your customers in their language of preference, making you truly Global.

Research says that it costs 5 times more money to acquire new customers, compared to retaining existing customers. A customer who contacts you with a query or concern should be considered as an opportunity and not a nuisance. How well you address these queries reflects your passion and commitment to keeping them happy.

The customer representative for 800 call answering is the voice of your company. They should sound pleasant, professional and courteous. And this requires a comprehensive script along with intensive, continuous training. Flatworld's agents go through multiple levels of training before they start answering your calls. They are also kept updated on recent developments in the industry so that they sound knowledgeable and intelligent while talking to customers.

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Why Opt for 800 Phone Service or Telephone Answering Service?

The 800 answering service, telephone answering service, or the toll-free answering service as it is commonly referred to is a special call answering service wherein the person calling is not charged for the call. Instead the party to which the call has been placed to and which receives the call is the one who pays the charges.

The customer doesn't have to pay for the long-distance call and hence it is an asset for businesses as it serves to portray a customer-friendly image. It shows that you value the customer and are willing to pay the cost of the call while helping with your customer's query. An 800 answering service offers what no other voice mails or answering machines can provide - a personal, individual reply to your customer's inquiry.

Still, wondering why do you need a toll-free number for your business? The answer is simple -

Customers are not charged to make calls on a toll-free number, but the company owning the number pays a monthly charge, or per-usage charge to the provider. This makes your company more customer-friendly and accessible to customers.

They usually begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 to make them easily identifiable by customers. Customers also have the option of sending text messages to these numbers provided they are 'text-enabled'.

Toll-free Call Answering Process We Follow

We are among the industry-leading telephone answering service providers, providing business phone answering services for over 20 years. We follow a streamlined 7-step process to ensure that all calls routed to us provide a swift resolution and create happy customers. Our process involves the following steps -

We Pick up Your Call in the Shortest Time Possible We pick up your call in the shortest time possible
Call Center Agents Carefully Listen to your Queries Our call center agents carefully listen to your queries/concerns/grievances
Think of the best Possible Resolution They analyze the problem scenario and think of the best possible resolution
Solution is Timely Shared with Customer The solution is timely shared with the customer in hope for a quick resolution
Incase Client is not Happy with Solution then call is forwarded to an Expert In case the client is not happy with the solution, the call is forwarded to an expert
Call is ended once the customer is happy with the outcome Call is ended once the customer is happy with the outcome
Our Team Does Customer Follow-up Our team does a customer follow-up to ensure that the client is satisfied with our response

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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We schedule on-time appointments with prominent decision-makers. Leverage our services to build instant connections with prospective clients.

Telemarketing Services

Scale your telemarketing operations and improve your operational flexibility with our telemarketing services.

CCTV Monitoring

Enhance the security of your organization, its assets, and your employees by choosing our CCTV monitoring services.

Call Quality Monitoring

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Why Choose Flatworld Solutions as your 800 Answering Service Provider?

  • Over 20 years of experience in the call center industry, in inbound and outbound calls, telemarketing, lead generation, technical support and more
  • Knowledgeable, professional agents who are trained to follow your systems and scripts
  • No more busy tones, unanswered calls or wrongly processed calls for your business
  • 100% call recordings, giving you access to all the recordings any time you want them
  • Single point of contact or project manager to address your queries and concerns
  • Scale up or scale down to meet seasonal fluctuations in call volumes
  • Regular call quality monitoring to make sure that our agents meet and exceed your expectations
  • Over 40% cost savings compared to having your own agents and training them in-house
  • Leave the call answering to us, while you focus on growing your business and increasing profits

Client Success Stories

Inbound Tech Support for Leading Printer Services Company

Case Study on Inbound Tech Support Services

FWS designed a unique BPO platform to improve the performance of our client's inbound tech support. Our solution helped client improve TAT, reduce their call abandonment rate to 8% - 10%, and increase customer satisfaction rate to 87% - 93%.

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Outsourcing BPO Services Helped a Leading IT Services Company

Outsourcing BPO Services Helped a Leading IT Services Company

Flatworld Solutions design a unique mail order processing BPO platform for an IT company's BPO division, to help them process millions of mail orders each month. Also, we provided them 24-hour technical support as per US time-zone.

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Outsource Toll Free Answering Services to FWS - The Leading Toll-free Answering Service Provider


My client Microsoft is very pleased with the results. Thanks for providing such outstanding results and for your high attention to quality. It's great to find a company you can trust to have your best interests at heart. We can also turn this success into other projects.

Market Research firm in Seattle
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Our services cost as low as $10 per hour depending on the complexity of tasks assigned to us, and the level of expertise required for the representatives. With unbeatable rate and quality like no other our services can bring you the best value without stretching your budget or making you frustrated. We can professionally engage your customers to ensure that their concern is fully addressed in a professional and courteous manner. Read more about our inbound and outbound call center solutions.

Never lose a customer again. Outsource 800 answering services to Flatworld Solutions today!

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