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A proactive approach to lead generation can help a business boost sales and brand awareness. However, outbound lead generation is not an easy strategy because it is often exploited by deceptive marketers. Are you seeking a solution that guarantees leads while ensuring an honest and transparent approach? Then, a promising solution is just around the corner. Outbound lead generation services from experts like us can eliminate the legwork behind lead generation and drive brand awareness.

We have garnered the trust of thousands of businesses worldwide because we deliver responsive leads that convert into sales. Armed with high-quality marketing intelligence, we will navigate unexplored markets with scattered opportunity. Our lead generation agents will look for leads by running a targeted campaign. We will initiate conversations with the potential audience and drive brand awareness by urging them to consider your products or services. We use proprietary campaign management tools to plan, execute, track, and run analysis for fast and efficient outbound lead generation.

We don't stop at finding the best leads. We also nurture their interest with steady promotions until they are ready to take the next step in sales.

Outbound Call Center Lead Generation Solutions We Offer

Our lead generation solutions effectively reduce the TAT and streamline the effort required to move the leads through various levels of lead generation funnel. Our expertise can immensely benefit your business lower overheads and better productivity. Our outbound lead generation services include the following -

Outbound B2B Lead Generation Services

Outbound B2B Lead Generation Services

We can help you identify the decision-makers at other businesses, create a targeted list of prospects, send out personalized outreach emails, and follow up with any queries.

Outbound Lead Generation for Service Based Companies

Outbound Lead Generation for Service Based Companies

Our comprehensive services help law, accounting, consulting, and other service-based companies expand their reach and generate new leads.

Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS Companies

Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS Companies

We can leverage email campaigns, social media outreach, and other forms of digital marketing to reach out to potential clients who can benefit from your software.

Outbound Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Outbound Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Since small businesses often have limited resources for marketing and sales, we help them identify prospects and create customized outreach campaigns.

Outbound B2C Lead Generation Services

Outbound B2C Lead Generation Services

We help B2C companies identify the demographic that is likely to be interested in their products or services and generate new leads through targeted forms of digital marketing.

Outbound Lead Generation for IT Companies

Outbound Lead Generation for IT Companies

We help IT companies connect with their prospective clients. Our services include B2B lead generation, appointment setting, and cold calling for IT companies.

Outbound Lead Generation Process We Follow

We have built a stellar reputation for ensuring process transparency. Our business policy is to follow honest methods to find and engage your target audience. The outbound lead generation steps taken by us include -


Requirement Discovery

Once the project receives a green light, our project heads will allocate resources. Responsibilities will be assigned based on the deadlines, lead volume, and other requirements


Planning Lead Generation Strategy

Our project head will collaborate with the team to finalize the contact strategy and will involve designers and other creative experts to design custom campaigns


Lead Segmentation and Appointment

The responsive leads will be segmented efficiently into a priority list who will be nurtured using further content and incentives


Transfer of Qualified Leads

The leads who are warm and ready to have an appointment with your sales team will be segmented in a lead database that will be sent in your preferred format


Lead Generation Analytics

The process from lead discovery to nurturing will be documented in the form of analytics data. We will use this data to understand the market, optimize contact strategy, and do more

Call Center Software we use

Misys Tiger Medisoft Ortivus QRS Misys Tiger
Medisoft Ortivus QRS QRS

Our Call Center Portfolio

Have a look at the call center services portfolio provided by the experienced team at Flatworld Solutions.

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Why Choose Us as Your Outbound Lead Generation Company?

We have the experience and know-how of the lead generation strategy appropriate for your business. We will drive brand awareness by urging potential clients to consider your products or services, and show your brand in the best light to help your leads make a buying decision. Partner with us and benefit from -

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Ensure customer service that exceeds expectations and boost business development by leveraging our contact center services.

Our professionals provide the best services for inbound call requirements, including real-time tech support, query resolution, and more.

Boost customer engagement and ensure higher revenue by leveraging our international-quality outbound call center services.

Our virtual assistant services help increase your sales by assisting with upselling and cross-selling. We help you save on costs and increase productivity.

We offer call center monitoring solutions, that include CCTV monitoring to call and video monitoring, to gauge customer satisfaction levels.

Hire our telemarketing agents with multi-language proficiency to increase brand awareness and get potential opportunities for business growth.

Client Success Stories


We Provided Lead Generation Services to an e-logistics Company

We enhanced the ROI and volume and quality of sales-ready leads for a top e-logistics company with our robust lead generation solution.

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We Provided Outbound Call Center Services to a UK Client

A UK customer benefitted from a boost in the sales volume of mobile applications. The outbound sales calling from us was responsible for the client's success.

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Success Stories

Outsource Outbound Lead Generation Services to Us

You can avail of high-quality outbound lead generation solutions that lower your overheads and drive your business in the right direction. We have provided call center services, including outbound lead generation, to companies for 20 years. We can help you launch a successful lead generation campaign with our analytics-driven approach that has been perfected with many years of experience. Partner with us to also benefit from -


Secure data sharing with FTP and VPN to prevent unauthorized access


Experienced team of lead generation agents and managers


Ideal price-performance advantage with high quality services

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