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Do you run a chat system to support certain activities through text mode? Are you in need of text monitoring services to screen chatrooms used for internal communication as well as to resolve customer queries? In most of the businesses, it becomes tough to monitor each text conversation and see the topic of discussion, severity, complication, etc. If setting up a text monitoring system and exclusively hiring in-house staff for it is expensive, outsource text monitoring services to us.

Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is a text monitoring service provider with 20 years of experience in text monitoring. With skilled professionals, we are a leading text message tracker body with zero manual errors in reports. We have a highly modernized infrastructure, latest tools, and software, multiple service centers, etc. to serve all kinds of clients across the globe.

Text Monitoring Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions have worked with plenty of organizations having various needs; hence, we are well aware of satisfying each client in pursuing their needs. Based on our clients' requirements we enlisted our services into a few categories so that it will be easy for newer clients to know which services should they opt. The text monitoring services we offer are as below -

Text Monitoring

Text Monitoring

Flatworld Solutions has set up spy monitoring software to check messages. We give equal importance to both private and public sector clients. Our text monitoring team is well-trained to use all the best spy apps in the right manner with ethical, legal, and technical parameters in mind.

Quality Control

Quality Control

FWS expert team monitors the text messages in chatrooms to see the severity of messages. They perform text monitoring periodically to ensure that chatroom topics are legal and no serious information is exchanged across. In short, text monitoring makes sure that chat messages are going smooth without facing any hassle.



All the monitored chats are documented for future reference. FWS experts team makes sure to document critical parameters along with text monitoring information such as text message tracker used, chat message topics, the severity of texts, persons involved in the chat, etc. This information is much essential as it may support investigation during disputes that may happen in the future.

Our Text Monitoring Process

Apart from having a professional workforce, the latest software, modern infrastructure, we have a stringent workflow to make sure that our text monitoring services are of high quality and accuracy. Being a leading call-quality monitoring service provider for more than 20 years, FWS has tested and tried numerous procedures to come up with this successful workflow. Our unique workflow consists of the following steps -


Integrating Text Monitoring Apps with Applications to be Tracked

The text message tracker or apps are synchronized with the respective organization's chat room station through a secured internet system. Based on the client's choice, messages can be monitored day-in and day-out or whenever the messaged are left unattended. The clients can prefer to see messages based on their severity


Diagnosing Threats

If there are texts involving any suspicious activity, the spy application will detect it, and FWS staff will check it manually and immediately send the report to the clients


Investigation Text Messages

Unattended text conversations will be analyzed with several parameters and important messages will be marked and sent to clients for further action

Why Should You Outsource Text Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions?

With more than 20 years of experience in text monitoring services, our call quality monitoring experts will work as an extended part of your in-house team. We make sure that you always receive exceptional text monitoring services to handle dynamic requirements. Here are some predominant benefits you will cherish when you outsource text monitoring services to us -

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Maximize customer satisfaction and streamline operations with our professional inbound call center services.

Drive your business growth with our outbound call center services. Our experienced agents follow a strategic approach to expand your customer base.

Unlock new opportunities and generate quality leads with our targeted cold calling services. We will help you accelerate your sales pipelines.

Fuel your business growth with our effective B2B lead generation services, where we use proven strategies to identify and engage high-quality prospects.

Client Success Stories


Provided Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services to a Prominent South Asian Internet Company

Monitoring services were provided to a Singaporean client. We monitored video content recorded from a live stream in the backstage.

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Provided Call Quality Monitoring Services to an AI Platform Provider

An AI platform provider was provided with call monitoring support. The client could achieve their business goals with our affordable service in a quick TAT.

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Success Stories

Outsource Text Monitoring Services to Flatworld Solutions

Are you trying various text message tracker to survey the messages? Are you looking for apps to monitor child's phone? Stop relying on unsatisfactory or non-guaranteed apps from Google store or trying to set up an own spy tracker for yourself, the reason being latter is expensive while the former is unproductive. So, the best option you have is to outsource text monitoring services to Flatworld Solutions.

We are helping several clients like individuals, parents, and organizations with quality text message tracker, quality control, documenting and reporting it with accurate details. FWS has evolved day by day over the decade to become the leading and most preferred text monitoring services providing company in the world. As a top call center services provider, we boast of highly experienced veterans and exceptionally trained youths along with the best spy apps which ensure that you regret the decision of outsourcing text monitoring services to Flatworld Solutions.

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