Call Center Operational Transparency at Flatworld Solutions

In a time when call center outsourcing services are easily available, there is still the need to understand and meet certain possible customer apprehensions. How does one feel safe to send important confidential information of one’s company out to another company, very often in another country and continent? It is the role of any outsourcing service provider to provide this faith and instill a trust in the customer that carries him through the project with ease without worrying about data security, data loss or even value-for-money.

Flatworld believes in addressing all problems head-on. We believe in call center operational transparency so that our customers can see exactly what happens, as it happens. Unfiltered information of what we do convinces our customers of the high standards of quality, integrity and professionalism that we strictly adhere to.

Transparency at every stage

Flatworld’s “open-door” mentality not only fosters a sense of easy accessibility to our customers, but also acknowledges transparency in every stage of our process operation. Our call center operations can be viewed by our customers. While maintaining international standards of data security, our openness lays to rest any doubts that potential customers may have regarding our call center operations. From accessing our database to receiving detailed analysis reports, from listening to any call of their choice to actually training our agents, Flatworld provides the perfect example for call center operational transparency.

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100% Recording

At Flatworld we believe that every single call is important. Other call center outsourcing service providers record about 10-20% of the calls, which are mostly successful sales conversions. Every single customer is important to our customers and so we offer 100% complete end-to-end recording of all calls for analysis and research. When one call can make a difference, we leave no stone unturned. A call without a conversion serves as a learning experience for our agents thereby constantly improving their performance levels.

Using state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest software, each call is analyzed based on more than 128 parameters and neatly organized so that it can be easily called for at any time during research. Voices of both the customer and the agent are recorded on separate channels along with amplitude and pitch graphs to understand situational responses and improve the process constantly. These calls are accessible to our customers to listen to and provide feedback.

Accessibility for Call Center Operational transparency

We provide our customers with web-based access to all our call center operations. Our customers or remote users, can access real-time dashboards, review interviews and trend analysis reports regularly. This allows them to take decisions remotely and in a timely fashion so as to focus exactly on what they want early into the process and this improves quality standards.

Remote users are also provided VPN access to the voice recordings and can save the calls locally for action. Calls can be analyzed using the data tagged with the call with various specifications including key words used, number of calls previously made by the customer, questions asked, voice amplitude and pitch, etc. Our customers can also view voice envelopes of both the customer and agent separately to understand the various situations that arise, the methods followed in response and suggest steps for improvement.

Outbound service – Remote Access

  • Remote users can login to the dialer
  • Access the voice by calling the 1-800 number
  • Can select the agent to monitor
  • Can coach the agents remotely
  • Take control of the call
  • Along with the voice, the agent's screen is also visible
  • Allows remote monitoring of complete agent activity
  • Can monitor data capture and call flow

Inbound Service – Remote Access


  • Remote users can login as supervisor using soft phone
  • View agent status and call information
  • Change agent status
  • Silent monitoring
  • Coach through Chat Messages
  • Queue Monitoring


  • Remote users can have easy access with web-based Reporting
  • Real-time & historical reports
  • Monitored thresholds

Soar with Call Center Services from Flatworld!

By providing our customers with easy access to process-specific information and developing overall call center operational transparency, Flatworld has built a constantly expanding circle of trusting customers. These customers have, through their many projects, experienced and enjoyed the many advantages of outsourcing to us. Let us provide wings to your Call center operations, while providing you complete operational transparency.

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