Top 15 Reasons to Leverage Live Video Chat for Your Business

Top 15 Reasons to Leverage Live Video Chat for Your Business

Live video chat is the next big thing in the world of contact centers and customer service. There are many business benefits of live video chat but the key reasons why companies are opting for it are that it delivers a superior personalized experience to customers and has become an innovative competitive differentiator for businesses. According to a latest research survey, more than 1 out of 5 of the largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat by this year for customer-facing interactions. And this number will double within the next three years.

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance customer experience, and video chat is one such solution that offers a rich feeling of presence to the customers and a highly collaborative communication due to its real-time nature. In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of customer service video chat.

Top 15 Business Benefits of Live Video Chat

By using video chat, the customer may directly connect with the customer service agents in real-time and get their queries solved quickly. Video chat may soon replace some of other customer service channels owing to the numerous benefits it has to offer. Some of the key benefits of using live video chat are listed here -

Real-time Service

1. Real-time Service
Video chat provides an opportunity for customers to interact with the company in a real-time and personalized way. Although there has been a significant increase in self-help, most customers still prefer to interact with a live agent to get their problems solved quickly. The live and real-time nature of video chat is preferred by customers when they need a personalized service and faster resolution.

Improvement in Customer Service

2. Significant Improvement in Customer Service
Live video chat for businesses is a great way to enhance customer service levels. With an instant and clear understanding of customer challenges and the show-and-tell methodologies employed by the agents, the process becomes easier-to-understand for the customers and there is a tremendous rise in customer satisfaction rates.

Quick Resolution of Issues

3. Faster Identification of Issues and Quicker Resolution
Video chat enables the agents to quickly gauge the problems faced by the customer and it is way less time-consuming than the customer trying to explain the problems over the phone or typing it in live chat and then the agent trying to explain the resolution steps over the phone and so on.

Better Relationships With Customers

4. Better Relationships With Customers
A high level of personalization that, in the virtual world, is only achievable through video chat, builds better customer relationships and loyalty. This goes a long way in increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Customers also feel more connected to the company and feel that they are being cared for and their problems are being heard.

Scope for Cross-selling and Up-selling

5. Greater Scope for Cross-selling and Up-selling
Most businesses are anxious about how video chats will increase sales; the answer is simple. With a deeper level of connection with the customers through video chat, the support agents can foster better relationships and develop an environment of trust and credibility. The screen-sharing tool enables customers to share exactly what they are browsing and this puts agents in a better position to suggest additional relevant services or products to customers without sounding over-zealous or pushy.

Increased Profits and Sales

6. Increased Profits and Sales
Due to a significant increase in the first call resolution numbers as well as a reduction in average call handling times, the profitability increases. The call center becomes more efficient, there is an increase in customer satisfaction scores, and the business gets aligned with customer expectations. Live video chat also reduces cart abandonment rates in e-commerce websites as the agents hand-hold the customers till the time the transaction is done. In the virtual world, this is akin to an in-store sales person who answers questions during the decision-making process and follows through till the purchase is made. All the above work is done in tandem to increase the overall profits for businesses.

Reduction of Travel Expenses

7. Reduction of Travel Expenses
Live video chat among employees of a business can reduce time wasted in back-and-forth emails and enhance collaboration and sharing with ease. Virtual meetings and video chats can improve employee training capabilities as well, since the collaboration is not restricted to physical presence and resources from all over the world can collaborate without travelling.

Better Collaboration Among Employees

8. Better Collaboration Among Employees
There was a time when a video editor was stuck to editing a video while keeping the aspect ratio in mind, typically 4:3 or 16:9. But today, media is being regularly consumed on devices which are responsive to multiple aspect ratios and even different orientations as well.

Increased Credibility

9. Increased Credibility
When a customer calls a telephone support number, he doesn't know whom he is talking to, but during a video chat, the face-to-face conversation that occurs becomes more credible as the customer feels more comfortable talking to a real, relatable person and can see the facial expressions of the agent to feel connected to. This improves the credibility of the whole business. By providing real people to talk to your customers shows that your business is genuinely trying to make an effort.

Customer Support Access to Disabled Customers

10. Customer Support Access to Disabled Customers
Live video chat is a superb solution to offer quick help to disabled customers who find it difficult to use other customer support tools. In fact, the agents can totally handhold the customer during the interaction and make the support process easy and efficient.

Opportunity to Entice High-worth Customers

11. Opportunity to Entice High-worth Customers
Proactive support is something high-worth customers are always looking for. Video chat can be provided as a premium service to high-value clients to make them feel special and also provide them superior support services whenever they need.

Can be Offered Any time and From Anywhere

12. Can be Offered Any time and From Anywhere
The best feature of video chat is that it can be provided virtually at any time and from anywhere. Your best salespeople or customer support agents do not have to be present physically at the customer's location and yet nurture them and help them make the purchase.

Safe Secure and Reliable

13. Safe, Secure, and Reliable
One of the main reasons to leverage live video chat is that it is highly secure and reliable. With encryption technologies and high-speed internet, it has become possible to conduct video chats with ease. Along with video chat, companies can also utilize facial recognition technologies to identify the customer and get their history instantly, so that more efficient support can be provided.

Recall by Customers

14. Greater Top-of-the-mind Recall by Customers
Video-based interactions are much more memorable than voice-based interactions. If you wish to make a greater impact on the customer and want them to remember your brand better then live video chat, during pre-sales as well as post-sales interactions, would be a better bet.

Stand Out from Your Competition

15. Stand Out from Your Competition
Video chat is still at a nascent stage of deployment and hence it is a great time for companies to establish an image that the competitors have still not gotten into. Probably one of the biggest benefits of live video chat for companies is that it enables them to stand out from the competition.

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