Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical Support Outsourcing

Don't let technical glitches hold your customers from enjoying your solutions.

Contact us for analytics-powered technical support outsourcing services.

Are the high costs of providing technical support to your customers spiralling out of control? Are your agents struggling to assist your customers with the changing technicalities of your solutions? Then, technical support outsourcing offers a practical solution to these challenges. Assisting global clients across diverse industry sectors with technical support call center services, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from basic tech support to product installation and troubleshooting assistance.

Our agents continuously learn and expand their knowledge to cater to your specific needs. We incorporate your technical documents into our training sessions to ensure that our agents understand your specific terminologies and systems. Further, we provide analytics-powered support and scalable solutions. This helps you provide proactive assistance and build flexible technical support systems for your evolving needs.

Partner with us for intelligent technical support systems and agile partnership models to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs.

Case Studies

  • FWS Provided Chat Support Services to a Leading UK-based Firm
  • FWS Delivered Chat Support to a Leading UK-based Packers and Movers Firm

    A leading UK-based packers and movers enterprise required high-quality chat support and lead generation services. We provided accurate and cost-effective services.

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  • FWS Provided Lead Generation Services to a Leading Financial Company
  • FWS Delivered Valuable Lead Generation Services to a Reputed Financial Services Provider

    A leading financial services provider was looking for actionable leads to enhance their sales. We provided cost-effective and timely services to the client.

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  • Testimonials

    Clients Speak


    Flatworld Solutions has been an excellent partner in providing support services for our expansion and providing outstanding customer support.

    President, Digital Signage & Television Service Company, TX

    Technical Support Services We Offer

    We have a team of highly skilled professionals, proficient in handling a variety of tech challenges. Our approach is grounded in understanding your unique tech support needs and providing solutions that are both effective and efficient. So, we use the latest tools and methodologies to ensure that your customers always have a positive experience.

    Take a moment to check out the various technical support call assistance we offer.

    1. Email Technical Support

      Email Technical Support

      We provide efficient email technical support to address your customers' technical concerns. We manage technical queries, provide troubleshooting steps, and deliver efficient solutions. Our team, proficient in email support tools and with exceptional writing skills, promises quick resolution.

    2. Advanced Troubleshooting

      Advanced Troubleshooting

      Our advanced troubleshooting services ensure efficient resolution of complex issues. We perform in-depth analysis, identify root causes, and implement effective solutions. Our team is adept at various diagnostic tools and possesses strong analytical skills, ensuring quick and precise issue resolution.

    3. Product Tech Support

      Product Tech Support

      We provide top-notch product tech support to ensure your customers enjoy a flawless product experience. Our team, proficient in various product categories and customer management platforms, delivers quick and effective solutions.

    4. General Support Services

      General Support Services

      Experience holistic tech support with our general services encompassing levels 1 to 3. We provide basic troubleshooting (level 1), in-depth issue resolution (level 2), and system restoration (level 3). Our team, proficient in a wide range of technologies and with excellent problem-solving skills, ensures consistent support.

    5. Remote Assistance

      Remote Assistance

      We provide reliable remote assistance to solve your technical issues without any delay. We remotely access your systems, identify technical problems, and deliver immediate solutions. Our team, adept in various remote support platforms and with strong analytical skills, guarantees a seamless resolution process.

    6. Pre and Post Sales Support

      Pre and Post Sales Support

      Experience holistic customer management with our pre- and post-sales support. We help in product selection, provide purchase assistance, and solve after-sales queries. Our team's expertise in various sales technologies and exceptional interpersonal skills promise a smooth customer journey.

    7. Desktop Support

      Desktop Support

      Experience seamless desktop support with our team of experts adept in the latest technologies and platforms. Our team is skilled in troubleshooting, system updates and configuration, offering you a hassle-free work environment.

    8. Maintenance Support

      Maintenance Support

      We offer maintenance support services to keep your systems running at their best. Our experts are proficient in routine check-ups, system updates, and troubleshooting, ensuring your infrastructure's health. We use advanced analytics tools for preventive maintenance and timely upgrades.

    9. IT Support Services

      IT Support Services

      We offer comprehensive IT support services to keep your business operations smooth. Our experts specialize in managing servers, data recovery, and cybersecurity, ensuring optimal performance. We use advanced predictive analytics tools to prevent potential disruptions.

    10. Chat Technical Support

      Chat Technical Support

      Our chat technical support services offer real-time problem resolution. We manage live chats, diagnose technical issues, and provide instant solutions. Our team is skilled in live chat software and has exceptional communication skills, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    11. Inbound Tech Support

      Inbound Tech Support

      Our inbound tech support services guarantee prompt resolution of technical issues. We handle customer calls, diagnose issues, and provide effective solutions. Our team is proficient in various diagnostic tools and has excellent problem-solving skills, ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Call Center Software we use

    HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

    Sectors We Cater to

    • IT and Software

      IT and Software

      Provide round-the-clock support for software issues to promote efficient operations and productivity.

    • e-Commerce


      Resolve checkout and payment issues, promoting a smooth shopping experience.

    • Manufacturing


      Assist in operating automated systems, promoting productivity and operational efficiency.

    • Insurance

      Help customers navigate online insurance portals, improving user experience and policy understanding.

    • Learning and Education

      Support online learning platforms to ensure uninterrupted education and ease of use.

    • Telecommunications

      Resolve network issues promptly, ensuring uninterrupted communication services for customers.

    • Software as a Service (SaaS)

      Software as a Service (SaaS)

      Assist in troubleshooting SaaS applications to promote user satisfaction and long-term subscription.

    • Consumer Electronics

      Consumer Electronics

      Assist callers with device set-up and operations to enhance user convenience and product satisfaction.

    • Financial Services

      Financial Services

      Support assistance with online transactions and banking services to promote secure and seamless financial operations.

    • Hospitality


      Manage online reservations and queries, enhancing the overall guest experience.

    What Makes Us the Preferred Call Center Technical Support Company?

    Outsource call center customer support services to benefit from the following -

    • High-quality Services

      We follow stringent call quality monitoring to ensure your customers get the right responses on time every time.

    • Complete Data Security

      We have multiple data security measures to ensure your confidential data remains safe with us and mitigate risks of data breaches.

    • World-class Infrastructure

      We have a pool of experienced professionals who work in a sophisticated IT-enabled call center infrastructure to deliver quick, efficient, and personalized assistance to your customers.

    • Shorter Response Time

      We provide 24/7 technical support services within the agreed response times, as specified in the SLAs.

    • Skilled Resources

      Our team leverages the power of knowledge banks, technical resources, and competency centers to come up with relevant and timely online computer support services.

    • Streamlined Business Processes

      Our technical support consultants work closely with the client's teams to develop innovative solutions for resolving the technical issues of their customers.

    • Flexible Pricing Model

      As technical support call requirements are unique and highly specific, we have competitive pricing options where you will be billed based on your requirements.

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    Contact Center

    Provide quick and efficient customer support, sales assistance, and technical support, among other services, across multiple platforms with our contact center services.

    Inbound Call Center Services

    Never miss a single call, provide responsive call support, improve the customer journey, and boost customer satisfaction with our professional inbound call center services.

    Outbound Call Center Services

    Contact prospective customers for showcasing your offerings, pursue quality leads, and reach out to your target audience efficiently with our outbound call center services.


    Set up a fully managed tele calling system with certified callers to showcase your products/services efficiently with our custom telemarketing solutions.

    Lead Generation

    Generate customer interest in your products and services, identify potential customers, and acquire qualified leads that convert into your paying customers.

    Virtual Assistant

    Get skilled, qualified, and experienced virtual assistants to answer calls, set appointments, manage correspondence, and delegate all your routine tasks.

    Outsource Your Technical Support Call Center Needs

    Providing swift and personalized customer support is the key to winning your technical support game. So, when you outsource technical support services to us, we categorize your calls using analytics to minimize wait times. Our key strength lies in segregating calls that don't need expert intervention, thus optimizing the allocation of resources. This also ensures that each customer receives the appropriate level of technical assistance.

    Our technical support service also serves as a quality management system, which helps you comprehend customer call patterns better. This enables you to monitor call trends and make informed decisions.

    Redefine your customer service standards and get the necessary support for your rapid-scaling needs with our technical support outsourcing services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the benefits of technical support outsourcing?

    By delegating your technical support call center functions to us, you will gain access to specialized expertise without the hassles of recruitment, training, and management. This results in reduced overhead costs and improved service levels.

    What are the pricing models for technical support services?

    The pricing for our technical support services depends on various factors such as the volume of calls, the complexity of the technical issues, and the level of support required. We offer flexible pricing models that can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.

    Can you describe the technical support proficiency your company possesses?

    Our team consists of experienced technical support specialists skilled in areas such as IT infrastructure management, cloud services, cybersecurity, and more. We have a robust training program that ensures our team stays updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.

    In what ways do tech support services enhance business performance?

    Utilizing our call center tech support services enables you to streamline your customer response process, making it prompt and more efficient. Our services also include proactive approaches and intelligent call routing to minimize customer wait times.