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  • Wide expertise in handling , UK & law system
  • Up to 50% cost savings and faster TAT
  • Signing NDAs to ensure complete security of legal data

Why Flatworld for LPO Services?

  • Team of highly qualified lawyers & paralegals
  • In-depth knowledge of the US/ UK legal system & the European civil law
  • Well-versed in local regulations & civil court procedures
  • Expertise in handling judicial council forms & legal filing procedures
  • In-tune with the recent developments in the international legal market
  • Completing huge LPO assignments within short deadline
  • Our LPO team subscribes to the Law Journal Press, Compliance Reporter & the New York Law Journal
  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure security of legal data

LPO Team at Flatworld

Flatworld Solutions is the partner of choice if you are looking for expert legal process outsourcing services at affordable rates. We are adept at meeting any LPO requirements of your legal firm with our vast experience in providing legal drafting solutions, and provide you with all the advantages of a legal firm. Avail up to 50% cost savings by outsourcing your LPO Requirements to our staff that includes:

  • Skilled Attorneys and Lawyers
  • Experienced Paralegals
  • Expert SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)
  • LPO Coders
  • Legal Document Specialists

Our Litigation Process

  • Analyze and understand the customer's requirements and processes
  • Design project workflow based on the customer's specifications and goals
  • Allocate a team of coders, supervisors and project managers
  • Provide project specific training to the team
  • Schedule resources accordingly
  • Run a trial program to ensure quality and reliability
  • Make changes as per the feedback, and prepare checklists for quality control processes
  • Execute the complete project to customers' satisfaction

Our Customers

Flatworld Solutions has been offering Legal Process Outsourcing Services for over a decade to global clients, comprising:

  • Law Firms
  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Consultants
  • Legal Representatives
  • Legal departments of organizations
  • Any Organization that Needs Services of a Legal Department
  • LPO Services
  • LPO outsourcing
  • LPO Services India

The most important characteristics that one looks for in their legal process outsourcing partner is reliability and experience, and this is what makes Flatworld Solutions a key player in the domain. Our areas of specializations include civil pleading forms / documents and legal research. With our knowledge of the rules of civil procedure and the rules of your local court, we are an ideal LPO services partner.

Our expert paralegals, SMEs, legal specialists and coders can prepare chronologies, draft complaints, analyze SEC forms, obtain title searches, and digitize legal publications, search liens, index documents or process legal documents.

Instead of setting up an in-house legal department in a company, outsourcing LPO services helps in saving the cost of hiring legal resources and ensures accuracy in output without any hassles. This has been understood and deeply appreciated by our clients that include respected Law Firms, Legal Consultants, Attorneys, Paralegals and Legal Departments of Companies. Get your law office/ LPO organized with our professional management of legal files and papers according to your requirements. We can draft contracts, manage cases, prepare legal documents or dispatch letters and enclosures.

Legal Process Outsourcing in India are offered by experienced legal experts and are cost-effective. Our team of legal experts can help you with summarizing deposition transcripts, drafting memoranda, reviewing documents and contracts, patent services, preparing briefs and trials and conducting legal research and writing. Our experienced lawyers can draft legal pleadings, prepare discovery documents, perform legal research, organize legal documents, maintain files or analyze legal information within a short turnaround time.


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