Lead Generation Services for BFSI Industry

Lead Generation Services for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry

The banking, financial, and insurance sectors are under extreme pressure nowadays owing to changing regulations and increasing demand for quality services. Today, customer service is a major differentiator between successful banks and financial organizations versus those who falter. Therefore, the right call center partner plays an important role in delivering cost efficiencies and providing 24/7 customer services.

At Flatworld Solutions, we specialize in providing bespoke lead generation services for banking, financial, and insurance industry. We cover a range of requirements such as customer service, cross-selling and up-selling for your product portfolio, revenue generation, market opportunity capitalization, telemarketing, etc. Outsource lead generation services for BFSI Industry and banking industry to us, and we will ensure that communication with your customers is always taut, ensuring maximum satisfaction through our team of experienced call center agents.

Our Lead Generation Services for BFSI Industries

At Flatworld, our call centers are armed with the latest technology and are run by experienced professionals supporting lead generation activities around the world. We specialize in providing robust and cost-effective services for both outbound and inbound communications and offer voice, tele-chat, live chat, email, SMS, and IVR support. Our services include -

  1. Customer Care Services

    Customer Care Services

    Excellent customer care is a critical factor when customers choose their bank, financial organization, or insurance service provider. We offer efficient, prompt and timely customer care solutions that keep your customer base satisfied and is easy to reach out to. With our help, you receive a strong boost to your customer relationship efforts through the following sub-services -

    Customer Service Solutions

    • Customer Complaint Management
    • Customer Retention
    • Request Cancellation
    • Customer Loyalty Management
    • Email Support
    • Live Chat Support

    Customer After-Sales Support

    • Product and Service-related Information
    • Product Returns and Refunds
    • Warranty-related issues
    • Service Dispatch
    • Delivery Updates

    Customer Revenue Management

    • Billing Support
    • Claims Processing
    • Order Management
    • Order Processing and Dispatch
    • Debt Collection
  2. Sales and Customer Acquisition Services

    Sales and Customer Acquisition Services

    Call centers today are effective channels for sales and acquisition-related efforts so that your organization can engage with potential customers in the most natural way possible through both inbound and outbound routines. Our lead generation services for banking and other industries allow you to nurture and develop customer relationships as well as speed up new revenue generation. Our services include -

    Inbound Sales Services

    • Inbound Call Center Services
    • Inbound Order Taking Services
    • Direct Response Call Centers
    • B2B and B2C Sales

    Outbound Sales Services

    • Outbound Call Center Services
    • B2B and B2C Sales

    Customer Onboarding

    • Customer Telemarketing
    • Cold Calling Services

    Product / Service Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

  3. Debt Collection and Recovery Services

    Debt Collection and Recovery Services

    Debt collection services are one of our most sought-after call center services for the insurance industry. The current unpredictable economic climate ends up putting a lot of financial pressure on certain customers, resulting in bad debt. We can help you retrieve this debt with the help of our trained and extremely successful debt collection agents. We can help reduce your delinquency rate by 40-50%. Our services include -

    • Early and Late Stage Debt Recovery
    • Data Validation Services
    • Customer Tracking Services
    • Dispute Management
  4. Customer Retention Services

    Customer Retention Services

    The total cost of retaining a customer is usually 5 times cheaper than attracting a new one. Loyal customers not only give you repeat business but also help in the word-of-mouth referral for your brand. With consumers today being spoilt for choice in most industries, customer retention services and loyalty program management have come to play a significant role in maintaining the customer's interest and implementing an effective sales and customer acquisition strategy. Our services include -

    • Forms Processing
    • Managing Data Workflows
    • Customer Database Maintenance
    • Reviewing Fraud Possibilities
    • Capturing, Verifying, And Cleansing Customer Data
    • Brand Promotion Through Customer-centric Channels
    • Reporting and Analysing Customer Feedback
  5. Technical Support and Helpdesk Services

    Technical Support and Helpdesk Services

    Most companies believe that a business transaction is far from over once the customer makes his purchase. However, when you outsource lead generation services for BFSI Industry to FWS, we provide rich post-purchase support which in turn is a catalyst to developing long-lasting customer relationships. Our helpdesk services are handled by knowledgeable contact center agents who are proficient in the services you provide and regularly keep themselves updated with training documentation. Our services include -

    • Technical Problem Resolution for all Tier Levels (T1, T2, and T3)
    • Broadband, Network and Mobility Support
    • Technical Software Support
    • Technical Hardware Support
    • Installation Support
    • Product Activation Support
    • Remote Diagnostic Services
    • Remote IT Support Services
    • Patch Management Support
    • Database Upgrades Support
    • Warranty Management Support
    • RMA/SLA Management Support
    • Engineer Dispatch Management
    • Email Support
    • Live Chat Support
    • Customer Query Helpdesk
    • Ticket Management Support
  6. Insurance Claims Management Services

    Insurance Claims Management Services

    When you outsource lead generation services for the insurance industry, you need a partner who can help you face stiff competition and achieve optimum business efficiency by taking care of a variety of non-core functions. As a leading insurance claims management service provider, we can handle calls for multiple claims efficiently without wasting any time. Our services include -

    • Insurance Claims Management Support
    • Insurance Claims Database Management
    • Insurance Claims Processing
    • Claims Data Processing
    • Customer Complaints
  7. Complaint Management Services

    Complaint Management Services

    Resolving complaints is an integral part of any company's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process. Today, customers demand enhanced services delivered 24/7 in the form of accessible apps, etc. If your customers have grievances, you can bank on our lead generation services for the insurance industry because we offer a cost-effective solution to managing your valuable customers while delivering a professional and courteous treatment to hear them out.

Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

The Lead Generation Process We Follow

We follow a transparent business policy where we help you understand the process we follow and the challenges in the existing method. We will commence the service only after providing insights and overview. Our process is as follows -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

Once you reach us, we will work side-by-side with you to understand the lead generation challenges and your existing process

Contact Strategy  

02. Contact Strategy

Our lead generation agents will understand your business policies to determine the best contact strategy

Multichannel Contact  

03. Multichannel Contact

We will initiate outbound as well as inbound communications to increase user engagement and chance of closing the deal

Delivery of Warm Leads  

04. Delivery of Warm Leads

We will deliver warm leads that are informed and ready to close the sales


05. Reporting

We will furnish reports to help you gauge the sales progress and the volume of sales achieved through our lead generation services

Other Services You Can Benefit From

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Our Call Center Portfolio

Why Should You Outsource Lead Generation Services for Banking, Financial Services and BFSI Industry to FWS?

Flatworld Solutions is a leading customer service outsourcing company and offers a wide range of call center solutions for global clients across industry verticals. Our services are defined by the following key differentiators -

  • Certified lead Generation Company

    We believe in the accuracy of metrics and regular reporting to empower your team in making informed business decisions. Our services are handy when it comes to tweaking your Customer Relationship Management strategy with perfection. By following individual KPIs throughout their life cycle, such as Average Handling Time (AHT), First Call Resolution (FCR), call rate fluctuations, abandoned call rates, etc. we offer a birds-eye view of what your customers want, and how they go about it. By complying with ISO 9001:2015 standards we ensure better decision making and better overall control over your customer outreach methods.

  • Information Security

    For our customers in the banking, insurance and BFSI industry, the security and confidentiality of the contact details and other customer information are extremely critical. We ensure strict confidentiality measures to maintain regulatory compliance and build long-term trust with our clients. As an ISO 27001 certified company, you can rest assured we take the security of your information very strongly.

  • High-quality Customer Service

    With more than 20 years of experience under our belts, we have made a habit of exceeding client expectations and providing the highest level of quality for all our lead generation services for financial services. As an ISO 9001 certified organization, we take the quality aspect of our standardized processes very seriously, solving customer problems professionally while ensuring cross-selling always remains a valid alternative.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We at Flatworld Solutions work with agility to drive client conversations. Driven by superior contact center technology and skilled resources, we engage your customers before the competitors.

  • Scalability

    As a banking and financial company, you need to rely on a service provider who can help you expand your customer base as you grow your services and expand to new regions. We facilitate the standardization of customer service process channels and can easily scale up or down based upon your immediate requirements.

  • Cost Effective Services

    We are in the business of providing end-to-end customer service, and can take care of all your needs right from appointment setting to customer acquisition and sales, after-sales support, etc. by providing multiple services under one roof, we help to bring down costs further, while saving you the hassle of partnering with multiple vendors and eliminating the risks associated with outsourcing to an unknown vendor.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We provide a single dedicated agent who is highly available to handle nearly all the concerns that you face. We provide personalized support through your preferred channels at blazing speeds.

  • Skilled Lead Generation Experts

    We have a team of seasoned lead generation experts who possess the right skill you hope to see in an agent handling client concerns for your business. We will handpick professionals by assessing the cultural fit and other aspects so that you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Our call center infrastructure is complete with the latest technological tools which can help us achieve better customer satisfaction rates while logging a larger number of calls. This further allows us to optimize our customer care methods too. The technology we use includes AI-driven IVR, automatic call distribution tools, voice loggers, dialers, reporting engine, real-time dashboards, etc.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    We use secure FTP and VPN to make sharing of data faster and safe. Our channels offer robust security to your confidential data through encryption technology.

  • Omni-channel Support

    Like most other sectors, banking, insurance, and financial companies need to adapt to modern requirements and bridge the digital divide to woo tech-savvy customers and remain ahead of their competitors. Our multi-channel contact centers are equipped with tools to handle customer queries arising from multiple channels and across touch-points, such as inbound and outbound calls, online chat support, emails, IVR options, SMS tools, AI-based chatbots, etc. this ensures we are always available 24/7/365 for your customers and provide them with the highest level of service.

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My client Microsoft is very pleased with the results. Thanks for providing such outstanding results and for your high attention to quality. It's great to find a company you can trust to have your best interests at heart. We can also turn this success into other projects.

Market Research firm in Seattle
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Outsource BFSI Lead Generation Services to FWS - Lead Generation Experts

Over the years, our global clients rely on us to provide customized offerings which can help them meet the changing demands of the modern customer. Whether you belong to the banking, financial, or BFSI industry, delivering high-quality customer support need no longer come with any caveats.

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