Call Center Process Flow at Flatworld

Outsourcing one’s call center requirements, in today’s world, may appear to be simple with so many choices. But is it? How do you decide what your best outsourcing option is? How do you find that one precious pearl amidst the rubble?

How well a company works is, more often than not, defined by its process of operations. A well-structured process design leaves little room for error while allowing flexibility for updating as and when necessary. This guarantees success and maximum productivity. At Flatworld Solutions, we follow such a well-designed and standardized call center process flow. While enabling proactive problem identification and immediate resolution, the process also eliminates the use of unwanted hierarchies> and incessant work differentiation among the employees. This simplifies tasks and produces the best results in the least possible time.

Smooth, efficient and self-sustaining

Flatworld’s operational approach is based on that followed in the manufacturing industry. With the stress being on getting maximum productivity using cost-friendly methods, the focus on the primary goal of providing quality results is not forgotten. At Flatworld, we replace usually followed hierarchies by more process-specific guidelines with each person working as part of a unit and each unit being independent, but contributing to the company as a whole.

Call Center Process Flow

  • Our operating approach is designed to meet the challenges of minute-to-minute transactional intensity, scalability and process improvement.
  • Effective one-on-one coaching of agents in small teams (5-7). Coach responsible for own & team target.
  • Shift HR/Admin Manager is responsible for Employee Satisfaction (ESAT), Attendance, Attrition, Counseling etc.
  • Process Engineering Team conducts continuous improvement projects and shares best practices across programs.
  • Customer Management focuses on customer interaction and management.
  • QC Team is responsible for process audits/QA, Quality training and feedback to Coaches/Process Engineering Team.

Call Center Process Flow at Flatworld

As with every call center outsourcing service provider, we begin with recruitment, followed by induction and training and finally a transition period (3 weeks). On a more detailed scale, we follow the following steps -

  1. Planning

    The entire process is planned to suit the needs of the project size and sale requirements. A hypothesis driven approach is developed with attention given to details at the minutest level.

  2. Training

    We define the essential needs of training and the standards for trainer certification. A tollgate approach to evaluation and a simulation of the actual process helps our employees maintain the standards of quality and productivity that we adhere to.

  3. MIS/Analytics

    Management Information System (MIS) is an automated system that collects, manipulates, and disseminates data or information in a user-friendly format. We detail MIS requirements, define exception formats and make information available online and to everyone as and when it is entered.

  4. Floor Management

    We define and implement visual aids and develop the online FAQ/Knowledge base. A “Quality Circle” approach to team briefing is followed with a Daily Exception Report from MIS/Analytics. Daily tasks are assigned to the coaches/performance enhancement team.

  5. Performance Management

    This involves formal re-training based on weekly performance scores encompassing SLAs and call monitoring. Also, compulsory knowledge assessment tests for all agents and coaches are carried out every month to keep them up-to-date with changes in the system if any. The agents also undergo a continuous and ongoing refresher course.

The Flatworld Difference

Two key differentiators, we believe, that give us the competitive edge over other call center outsourcing service providers are our Call Center Operation Transparency at every stage of the process and our belief that the people make the company what it is. By standardizing tasks, we reduce the workload and make people independent. With constant training, performance improvement schemes and long term planning, we produce the best results while maintaining attrition levels to a minimum.

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