Product Recall Management Services

Product Recall Management Services

Are you looking to outsource product recall management services to recover from the disorganized in-house product recall process? If yes, then you are the right place. An unsystematic product recall management process can devastate your brand value and effect negatively on the ROI.

Flatworld Solutions is among the prominent providers of product recall management and support services with over 13 years of experience in handling the product recall. Our risk assessment methods are of international standards and we can assist you in keeping your day-to-day business functions afloat by leveraging the best practices of product recall management.

Product Recall Management Services We Offer

Through our product recall management services, we can streamline your recall process. A few of our product recall management services, we offer -

Product Testing

1. Product Testing
Our product recall management specialists can execute mock recalls to test and plan the recall process. This helps in finding out the time that will take to finish the recall process. The output of the recall testing process can provide with an estimation of the amount of product needed to recall versus available time to track the products.

Risk Assessment

2. Risk Assessment
Product recall is risky, and you must have a complete understanding of its effects on the buyer, business, and environment. When you choose us to outsource product recall management services, we can lessen the possibility of major recalls through our well-defined testing procedure that enables us to understand the risks involved with the recalls.

Product Destruction / Disposal

3. Product Destruction / Disposal
Our product recall management services include the essential know-how to assist you with best practices of product disposal. We can help you recover the major products, thus significantly reducing your net losses.

Reporting & Cost Analysis

4. Reporting & Cost Analysis
Our team of product recall experts can assist you with the estimation of the effect of the product recall on the business by giving you the analysis on the quantification & measurement.

Advanced Analytics

5. Advanced Analytics
Under our product recall management services, we can sort out the future product recall management processes & plans and help you identify the risk areas that you need to mitigate to reduce the costs of the recall.

Call Center Software we use

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Our Product Recall Management Process

We are your one-stop product recall management destination and can make contingency plans to recall your products with our product recall management process. Those are -


01. Preparation/Planning

We will help you with the product recall by initiating it with a test plan as per your industry

Consignee Identification  

02. Consignee Identification

Our team of product recall management expert can help you find out the consignee details of the affected product(s)

Notification / Response Management  

03. Notification / Response Management

We make use of our multi-channel communication tools to notify the customers at the appropriate time

Process Documentation  

04. Process Documentation

Our team leverage the modern recall tools to document the product recall management procedures according to the compliance standards

Process, Remedy & Disposal  

05. Process, Remedy & Disposal

Our expert team can assist with eliminating, processing, and destroying the product

Recall Retrieval  

06. Recall Retrieval

This step involves pulling of all the products from the inventories. Based on our extensive network, we can support you with the product retrieval from its source.

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Why Choose FWS for Product Recall Management Services?

We have been providing the product recall management services to our clients since the past 13 years. Our services can protect your brand and boost your ROI. A few of the many advantages of our product recall management services include -

  1. Flexible Pricing Options

    If you have a fixed budget and cannot manage your current product recall management process effectively, then, do not worry. Our product recall management services' pricing model is flexible enough to provide customized services based on your budget, company size, geography, etc.

  2. 100% Information Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified product recall management company and can successfully avert unwarranted interruptions in your company's business functions. All our offices and systems are equipped with secure systems to protect your business information from any security mishaps.

  3. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our product recall management experts have access to modern infrastructure, tools, & systems. Our offices and delivery centers have advanced VPN technology, high-end internet connectivity, power redundant options, continuous network facilities, topnotch automation tools, etc.

  4. High Quality

    When you collaborate with us for product recall management services, you can rest assured that you will get a high-quality service from us. We can assist you with the product recall management planning, product tracking, and reporting and analysis.

  5. Multilingual Language Support

    Our product recall management support executives are experts in multiple languages and can understand the requirements/issues of the local market and offer a valid resolution.

  6. 24/7 Availability

    Our call center executives work 24/7 that enables us to resolve the customer's query in no time. Furthermore, with our well-defined product recall management process set at your facility, we can persuade your customers by understanding their needs & challenges.

  7. Experienced Team

    We have more than 200+ product recall support representatives who are well trained in clearing the buyer's doubts and handling their queries. Moreover, our total management experience exceeds 100+ man-years. Thus, with our experience, we can significantly cut the resolution time.

  8. Ease of Scalability

    We have a well-tuned infrastructure & process that can be spiked or scaled down as per your demand. Thus, when you want quick deliverables or want the recall process to be done on more products, we can do that for you. And you no longer must spend on any new infrastructure, etc.

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Outsource Product Recall Management Services to FWS


Flatworld has been very professional with the onboarding process and shown a lot of interest and initiative in learning our business and presenting it effectively to the prospective clients.

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Flatworld Solutions, a pioneer provider of product recall management services offers a gamut of other call center services to clients across the globe. Our team of product recall management experts has well trained in the handling the complexities associated with the product recalls and can handle the customers. Our team has an in-depth understanding of all the major regulatory compliance standards.

We can also communicate with your end-customers and resolve their grievances using the modern communication channels and tools. Get in touch with us today for a fail-safe, affordable, and systematic product recall management services.

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