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The dynamic nature of business interaction in a multicultural work environment calls for excellent communication skills and thorough process knowledge. We offer you a wide range of customized call center training solutions at Flatworld Solutions. We are backed by extensive experience in the field of facilitated training, coaching and consulting. Our call center training programs include comprehensive skill enhancing programs, on the job training, refresher courses and testing among others. Our ability and expertise in managing voice processes combined with our training heritage in the technological arena allows us to provide inbound call center services from India for various functions like customer service, sales and IT helpdesk. We specialize in effective and innovative solutions to help corporate employees enhance their comprehensive professional skills.

Flatworld's call center training modules

We offer a variety of formal and informal training for our customer support team at every level to help you acquire and build specialized skills faster. Our training modules are split into three levels, which enable the trainees to master a core curriculum at each stage of development, and then move on to the next level of specialized training. The curriculum will vary, depending on your level, industry group and specialization. But it would involve developing a portfolio of business, technology and industry expertise, together with professional skills such as leadership, communication, management, business acumen and selling. This will help in the acquisition and building of specialized skills faster.

The most important aspect of our training programs is the customer's direct involvement. The agents who have completed the three levels of training are finally certified by the customer themselves. This enables all agents to be at the acceptable level of the customer and also suggests developments to be made in the training process.

At Flatworld we give the customer primary importance. When you come to us with a business requirement, we make sure you are satisfied at every step of the process. Customer satisfaction regarding agent performances and training programs directly converts to high quality and efficiency in the output

Level 1 deals with:

  • Introduction to Telemarketing & Customer Support
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Culture Sensitization

Level 2 deals with:

  • Orientation
  • Accent Training
  • Grammar & Conversational English
  • Listening Skills

Level 3 involves:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Process / Sales Training
  • Certification

In addition to the above, we also offer a Performance Enhancement Program, which focuses on:

  • 'Learning Curve' Tracking & Metrics
  • Monitoring of associates by the Training Dept. for 4 weeks from the time they “graduate”.
  • Devising action plans according to needs / opportunities for improvement.

Continuous Learning, which facilitates

  • Need based training (Request from Operations or Quality)
  • Handles updates on processes and products
  • Skill Enhancement Training

We can develop corporate training solutions that will clear all bottlenecks affecting smooth transitions to new systems and changes. We do this by adapting to technological changes and external factors like new laws and regulations, which demand a thorough process of monitoring and enhancing skills.

We offer you a conducive learning environment

Your partnership with Flatworld Solutions will enable your work force to gain considerably from interacting with our high-caliber mentors, customers and agents.
Our senior executives help in achieving higher performance levels, both for ourselves and for our customers. They will work with your personnel to ensure that you reach the full potential of your abilities and also help you in achieving your company’s business development goals and vision.

Our distinctive call center training has given us an edge over our competitors

Our Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) identifies the strengths and specific action points of improvement for each employee.

Based on the above, an action plan is generated to guide and coach so that they continuously exceed desired productivity levels.

An innovative program for hiring agents to achieve maximum recruitment efficiency by customizing call center training program to meet specific individual needs. A training-mix of the internal team and the SMEs (wherever relevant) has enabled us to increase training efficiency.

The call center training advantage!

  • Performance above current industry benchmarks
  • More than 98% recruitment through referrals (substantial dependence on consultants in the industry)
  • Shortening the floor readiness time for new agents to 4 weeks
  • Employee satisfaction (ESAT) rating of over 4.0

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