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The job of a call center agent is stressful and demanding at all times. They are expected to maintain the right balance between meeting the targets of their organization and providing the best customer service to their clients. This is the reason that companies usually go for skilled and experienced call center agents to handle their customer service requests.

Each call made by clients is different and call center agents need to be equipped with the right set of skills and expertise to handle these calls. Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 qualities that a call center agent must possess to be ahead of their competitors and provide the best customer service to their clients at all times.

Top 10 Qualities of a Call Center Agent

Here are some of the top 10 qualities that a call center agent must possess to stay ahead of their competitors and provide clients with the best customer experience. Check for the following qualities while hiring call center agents for your organization -

  1. Great Communication Skills

    Great Communication Skills

    Communication is one of the key skills that are a must for every call center agent. The agent must not only have great communication skills and be able to convey the required message but also be a patient listener to be able to hear and understand what the client has to say.

  2. Capability to Handle Pressure

    Capability to Handle Pressure

    On average, a call center agent has to handle a huge volume of calls in a day and the agency may suffer burnout in such cases. They have to constantly interact with frustrated callers and hence have to be able to be calm and composed at all times and be able to handle any kind of situation.

  3. Efficiency and Speed

    Efficiency and Speed

    A company always expects that each call center agent can resolve the client's queries and doubts in the shortest possible time. A call center agent must be a quick learner and be able to handle a large volume of calls and resolve their issues within a short time while maintaining the quality of the service provided.

  4. Problem Solving Abilities

    Problem Solving Ability

    Usually, call center agents are provided with set templates and scripts which help them to handle common inquiries and client issues. But sometimes the callers may have some unique problems and the agents need to handle them creatively. Putting calls on hold may further affect the company's reputation negatively hence the agents must be prepared to solve any problem under any situation.

  5. Multitasking Ability

    Multitasking Ability

    Working at a call center can get hectic and busy during peak hours. Agents need to be able to handle several tasks at once, such as taking notes, entering information into the system while talking to the caller on the phone. The clients are expected to be able to handle all the tasks effectively at all times.

  6. Team Player

    Team Player

    Call centers work most efficiently while working in a group. Organizations strive to build a healthy relationship between their employees so that they can provide a helping hand to each other whenever necessary. The call center agents must be team players which will help the organization to function smoothly and provide efficient customer service.

  7. Empathy


    Empathy is one of the most important and fundamental qualities a call center agent must possess. A happy and friendly approach to listen and understand the caller's problems can go a long way to build and foster a healthy relationship.

  8. Emotionally Stable

    Emotionally Stable

    Call center agents have to deal with a variety of customers on a daily basis. Whether they are dealing with a friendly and calm customer or a frustrated and angry client, the call center agent must always be able to keep their emotions intact as any irresponsible and angry reaction from the agent can worsen the situation even further.

  9. Knowledge Retention and Recall

    Knowledge Retention and Recall

    The call center agents must have a good recall ability and a good memory to be able to understand and recall all the details about their company. Callers are always on the lookout for quick answers and agents must be ready with the same without causing any delays.

  10. Positive Attitude

    Positive Attitude

    The call center agent must always showcase a positive attitude and be patient while interacting with their customers. A positive attitude always helps to build trust and keep the client motivated and avoids any kind of escalation in the client's hostility, especially when the issue is taking a long time to be resolved.

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