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The Client

Our client is one of the top international talent scouting companies in the world. They find, recruit, and place talents from fields like acting, modeling, singing, dancing, etc. Their main tasks include searching for the right talents and connecting them with the right opportunities.

The Business Requirement

To be successful in their field, the company needs talents, connections, and timing, all in equal measure. The client receives thousands of profiles each month and faces many issues in event scheduling, planning and management due to a large number of profiles involved. Every profile needs extreme skill assessment, and the ever-increasing workload forced the client to search for a partner who could provide them with the perfect BPO solution to handle the work.

The Challenges

The client chose Flatworld based on our history of providing excellent BPO services to global MNCs. The project was to be implemented on a large scale, and some of the challenges we encountered during the course of the project were -

  • The client needed extensive assistance for implementing and using a robust BPO management framework. Also, the client's in-house team was not introduced to any BPO platforms previously
  • Being an international company, they had to develop support facilities in multiple languages for different countries. This required agents who could efficiently contact, understand, and communicate with customers from various backgrounds
  • Written consent had to be taken from parents of participants below 18 years of age, a lengthy and time-consuming process in itself
  • It was difficult to manage various time zones from a particular location because of time difference, as well as the coverage required (Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM)
  • The client's current performance was not satisfactory. Their overall connection with customer was as low as 5% and the response percentage was just 47%

The Flatworld Approach

After considering the situation and analyzing the requirements of the client we deployed a team of professionally trained executives for managing customer support services using our BPO platform. The state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by Flatworld was equipped with the latest equipment, software, and voice/email support facilities. Our solution was comprised of the following -

  • To enhance support we divided all available resources into three shifts of twelve hours each, covering all the required time zones
  • We provided the support facility for whole week including Saturday and Sunday
  • New executives were employed for multi-language support for different countries
  • For high-load days, support hours were extended by up to 18 hours according to the client's requirement
  • The DID numbers were masked as per the requirement of each country
  • Flatworld also performed constant improvements and process enhancement activities backed by Six Sigma methods at the support center

Project Results

Our expert solution resolved the client's issues and proved beneficial for their business. Some of the high-points of our thoroughly executed project include -

  • The turnaround reach time improved by nearly 35% for the client
  • The response percentage saw a marked increase and touched 87% in just two months
  • There was a significant improvement in the client's in-house productivity

The client was extremely happy with the progress of work and service provided by Flatworld. Several performance and service related issues, faced by the company earlier, were also resolved by Flatworld Solutions.

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