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The Client

Our esteemed client is a dynamic American e-commerce company headquartered in Washington. Their website is renowned for offering various products, including clothing, footwear, toys, and household goods. Established in 2009, their e-commerce portal has served customers since January 2010. The company initially focused on children's apparel. Catering to tech-savvy young mothers, they operate as a remarkable marketplace, boasting an inventory-free model. Their success is fueled by time-limited offers and engaging events, each lasting 72 hours, captivating customers and driving impressive sales figures.

The Requirement

In their business process, the client had a crucial step that required vendors to upload product information in a specific format. This was essential to reflect product details quickly and accurately on their e-commerce website. However, managing multiple vendors sending information in diverse formats, including Excel spreadsheets and CSV, presented challenges in efficiently updating the product catalog with accurate data in the desired structure. To tackle this issue, they sought additional resources from Flatworld Solutions to clean up the data and transfer it into a prescribed template, ensuring a seamless and streamlined catalog update process. This initiative significantly improved the customer experience by providing accurate and comprehensive product information for a more user-friendly interface.

The Challenges

The client needed help managing their e-commerce product catalogs. Frequently, the system would reject uploaded files, and even when accepted, product specifications would be misaligned and inaccurately represented on the website. As their business expanded and the number of vendors grew, the error percentage surged, leading to a decline in customer experience and service quality. Managing these in-house incurred substantial costs and efforts, necessitating a swift and effective resolution to maintain their competitive edge.

Our Solutions

Flatworld Solutions was responsible for setting up the initial product catalog and reassigning reused styles from the record. A project manager traveled to the client location to receive training and understand the client's existing systems, processes, and workflows. This helped us devise an execution plan that included a training strategy, ramp plan, and glide path to achieve the expected quality. Our approach included the following -

  • Tight deadlines and SLAs were defined, and we functioned independently to meet weekly and monthly targets, avoiding financial penalties.
  • The team prepared a detailed process-level document covering business objectives, SLAs, process flow, scripts, systems, quality process scorecards, reporting, and governance call frequency.
  • The project manager personally hired and trained the first batch of processors, conducting assessments throughout the training period.
  • Certified agents moved to the nesting phase, and a glide path in terms of KPIs was set.

Flatworld established a continuous process of identifying, measuring, developing, and sustaining organizational and employee performance. Deliverables were reviewed with clients weekly to ensure transparency, discuss challenges, and implement solutions promptly.

The Results

Our efficient and reliable call center services met and exceeded the client's expectations. This elevated their product catalog management and contributed to their overall success in the e-commerce landscape. The benefits our services offered to the leading US-based e-commerce company included the following -

  • Despite the initial accuracy challenge, our agents quickly surpassed expectations, achieving an accuracy rate of 97.5% by the end of the ninth week and consistently delivering 99% accuracy and above thereafter.
  • Our high-quality performance and constant client interaction fostered trust, enabling us to gain their confidence quickly.
  • Our offshore team's exceptional engagement and productivity allowed the client to reduce costs compared to their onshore operations significantly.

With newfound trust, the client entrusted us with more responsibilities, solidifying our position as an integral part of their business operations.

Streamlining Customer Journey through Efficient e-Commerce Product Catalog Management

Outsourcing e-commerce product catalog development and management to a reliable service provider like us enables you to enhance customer experience significantly. Our agents liaise with the vendors and other parties to collect, collate, and update e-commerce product catalogs. This ensures product information is accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date, translating to improved customer journeys. Our skilled agents are proficient in handling diverse product data formats and ensure seamless integration and quick updates. This helps you manage large volumes of product information meticulously and provides customers with real-time information. Such a streamlined browsing experience results in improved user satisfaction and increased retention.

Facilitate coordinated vendor interactions to improve your e-commerce product catalog management and drive superior customer experience with our customized services.

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