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Lead Generation Process

Our lead generation process is efficient to attract & turn potential leads into prospects. Our process accelerates closing times & prevents qualified leads from dropping

Prospective leads should be approached with a scalpel-like precision to navigate the lead generation hurdles because losing leads midway can lead to loss of time and effort. Therefore, as part of our lead generation process, we use good judgment and logic to find and qualify good leads. At Flatworld Solutions, specialists with shrewd acumen in lead generation process will perform intelligence gathering, preliminary engagement, requirement evaluation, lead segmentation, lead nurturing, and delivery of sales qualified leads.

Our end-to-end lead generation process is transparent and banks on a non-speculative approach. We use analytics, lead intelligence, marketing automation, and KPI to enhance sorting accuracy and minimize lead attrition rate. Our lead generation process will overcome organizational silos to accelerate sales conversion. From lead generation to sales closure we do it all without missteps.

Our Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process at Flatworld Solutions is transparent and efficient to target leads with precision. We have served over 6000 clients from across the world and have overcome simple and complex stumbling blocks. Our sound lead generation process involving superb strategies are approved by our loyal clients. Our lead generation processing involves -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

We will work side-by-side with your team to understand your products, target audience, and gaps in the current lead generation process

Planning Lead Contact Strategy  

02. Planning Lead Contact Strategy

We will assign the project to an experienced lead generation team and the contact strategy will be planned and finalized

Lead Acquisition  

03. Lead Acquisition

We will acquire leads by activating marketing automation to acquire lead intelligence and segment leads through content marketing and multichannel engagement

Lead Segmentation and Appointment  

04. Lead Segmentation and Appointment

In the lead lifecycle, the potential leads will be segmented based on their sales propensity and response to lead generation campaigns

Transfer of Qualified Leads  

05. Transfer of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

We will segment marketing qualified leads whose inclination align with the buyer personas created by your sales team. Further, the MQL will be distilled to qualify sales leads

Lead Generation Analytics  

06. Lead Generation Analytics

We will provide reliable reports where data is carefully extracted from each level of sales funnel using a proprietary analytics tool

9 Steps to a Successful Lead Generation

The lead generation process involves qualifying individuals with buying intent from one stage to another in a funnel until sales conversion is achieved. The overview of the lead generation process is as follows -

1. Aligning Products and Departments

Aligning Products and Departments

Meetings are convened with marketing, sales, support, and development professionals to define the lead profile and KPIs in lead generation. This will ensure silos don't exist to obstruct information flow and coordination between departments. Additionally, goals will be set and the progress will be measured on a monthly or annual basis.

2. Integration with the CRM

Integration with the CRM

Discussions between inter-departments of the lead generation team will take place to decide which tool will be used in the lead generation program and how it will be used to capture qualified leads. Using the right tool, a content management system will be designed with fields populated with calendar of events including email campaigns. Marketing automation will be used to handle email marketing, segmentation, and lead scoring.

3. Generation of Qualified Leads

Generation of Qualified Leads

After preliminary stages of lead valuation, the lead generation process will entail targeting sales leads with content such as video, eBook, webinar, infographics, etc. Inbound marketing will be activated in conjunction with demand generation where multichannel engagements will be used to find valuable leads and whisk them to the top of the sales funnel.

4. Accumulation of Lead Intelligence

Accumulation of Lead Intelligence

Marketing and sales team will collaborate to define criteria that will help in lead segmentation. Thereafter, a comprehensive buyer persona will be created and the individual customer journey will be mapped. Lead generation experts will collect actionable lead intelligence from landing pages and online forms to enhance lead profiles. The lead intelligence consolidated from business data sites will enable marketers to finetune their prospecting strategy in the subsequent stages of the lead generation process. The lead response to content and CTA is the cornerstone in interpreting their buying intent.

5. Segmentation of Leads

Segmentation of Leads

To run targeted email marketing campaigns, leads are segmented using automation technology in the lead generation process. In this way, leads who fulfill the marketer's criteria are distilled and sorted in segmented database. The sorting will be based on roles or titles held by the lead in the targeted industry. The email marketing experts will customize email communications for segmented leads by embedding emails with rich and educative content and powerful CTA.

6. Scoring Leads

Scoring Leads

The criteria for qualifying sales leads are established and tied to a points-based system. Leads who respond positively to the email campaigns are awarded more points indicating marketers to qualify the profile to the next stage in the lead lifecycle. The points will be distributed to leads based on engagement, persona, buyer stage, and buying intent. Leads who fail to meet the criteria are automatically disqualified in the marketing automation workflow.

7. Nurturing Leads

Nurturing Leads

Leads who qualify in the sales funnel will be provided personalized content to inform and enrich their awareness of the brand which is targeting them. The content mapping will be based on buyer persona and segmentation. By regularly nurturing the interaction with leads, marketers keep them reminded about the brand value. As leads consume and positively respond to the content, they will receive better lead scores.

8. Transferring Marketing Qualified Leads to the Sales Team

Transferring Marketing Qualified Leads to the Sales Team

The marketing automation tools will enable moving marketing qualified leads to the CRM and eventually getting a sales representative assigned to contact the qualifying lead. The sales rep will look for indicators that confirm that the lead is warm and ready to inquire for sales. Whether it is a request for a free trial or reaching scoring thresholds, the MQL will be marked as SQL. Thereafter, the closing process will commence until SQL becomes a buyer.

9. Analytics and Reporting on Lead Generation

Analytics and Reporting on Lead Generation

Performance of the lead generation process is closely monitored to ensure a smooth workflow in lead generation. Analytics will be used to find good leads, enhance lead intelligence, empower marketing automation, plan content marketing, and close leads in a quick TAT. Reports will be created with custom-views for inter-department within a lead generation team.

What is Lead Generation in Marketing?

Lead generation is a strategy to discover and convert leads into qualified prospects. The lead generation process can vary from one provider to another. Therefore, it counts to know where to look for leads, how to drive engagement, which content to share, how to measure response, etc. After sensing the opportunity, lead generation experts will use the analytics tool to gather insights. This information will help in scripting personalized lead generation programs to drive engagement via emails. In the lead generation process, cutting corners can cause sales leads to withdraw or lose interest midway. This is the reason why it is imperative to work with a specialist in the lead generation process.

What are the Benefits of FWS' Robust Lead Generation Process?

Lead hunting is a serious profession that is best left to experts who know where and how to find them. Without a good strategy, you are likely to drain your marketing spend while closing fewer sales than you should be. Therefore, as a lead generation processing company, we bring to the table a high degree of knowledge and expertise to score leads for your business. The number of benefits you can avail from a lead generation processing company as us includes -

 Instant access to qualified lead generation specialists and team leaders
 100% reliable and round-the-clock agent support
 Access to measurable data and reports for perusal
 Excellent time management and quick qualification of leads
 Lead nurturing assistance
 Add more time to your day to focus on other key functions
 Corner markets competitively

Outsource Lead Generation to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified lead generation company that follows world-class lead generation process to find sales qualified leads for B2B and B2C industry. We offer a range of call center services that bring value adds to your marketing. With 20 years of relevant industry experience, we capture leads that are qualified to receive your marketing content and catapult them to your sales team. Unlike others, our lead generation process is streamlined to ensure that the lead movement is traceable during their journey from top to bottom of the sales funnel.

Reach us now and learn how our lead generation process can turn your best leads into loyal customers.

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Lead Generation Process FAQs

  • Who needs lead generation?

    Any firm looking to stimulate and capture interest in a product or service to develop their sales pipeline needs lead generation activities.

  • How do lead generation companies work?

    A lead generation company aggregates consumer and business data that it can then sell on to any business wishing to purchase new leads.

  • What does lead generation mean in marketing?

    Lead generation in marketing is about finding new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise.