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As a leading call center outsourcing services provider, Flatworld Solutions offers a whole gamut of reliable and cost-effective call center services to global customers across varied industries, such as Real Estate, Travel, Airlines and Banking amongst others. For over a decade, after having worked with both small businesses and large-scale industry leaders, we have experienced that the most common question which clients have in mind before outsourcing is - "how many agents and what sort of budget do I require to support my desired service level?"

At Flatworld Solutions, we have always been one step ahead of the curve, and after observing a sizeable requirement for one, we have developed a unique Call Center Staffing Calculator that answers the following questions -

  • How many call center agents are required to realistically back my call center expansion plans?
  • What would it cost to achieve my preferred service level?
call center staffing calculator

Call Center Resource Planning Calculator - An Introduction

Our Call center FTE calculator utilizes user input for different variables such as call count, project and service type, designated country, regular handling time, and shift coverage preferences to ascertain the required number of call center representatives, and cost incurred per week.

The Key Components of FWS's Call Center FTE Calculator Are -

1. Project Type

Using our Call Center Resource Planning Calculator, you can determine your exact staffing requisites for 5 different project types, namely -

  1. Inbound Calling
  2. Outbound calling (One-time)
  3. Outbound calling (Ongoing)
  4. Email Support
  5. Chat Support

2. Service Type

Our service offerings vary according to the type of your project requirements. Currently, we offer the following services for separate project types -

Inbound Calling
  • Customer Assistance Services
  • Call Answering Support Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Order Taking Services
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling Services
  • Others
Outbound Calling (One-time and Ongoing)
  • Taking Requests and Setting Up Appointment
  • Services for generating leads
  • Services for Telesales
  • Follow Up Services for Mail
  • Survey Reports Services
  • Others
Chat and Email Support
  • Customer Assistance Services
  • Order Taking Services
  • Technical Service

3. Select Target Country

Depending on the country where you want to focus your business offerings by leveraging our call center services, you can choose from the following options -

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Middle East
  • Canada
  • Singapore

4. Shift Coverage

Once you have decided upon the total number of days and work hours for which you would require our services, you can choose from the following 4 options -

  • 24/7 Coverage - 24 hours dedicated attention, 7 days a week
  • 24/5 Coverage - 24 hours dedicated attention, 5 days a week
  • 10/7 Coverage - 10 hours dedicated attention, 7 days a week
  • 10/5 Coverage - 10 hours dedicated attention, 5 days a week

5. Average Call Count per Week

Once you have figured out the total number of calls you expect to be made per week while tending to your customers, input the same value in this field (numerals only).

6. Average Handling Time

Once you have decided upon the minimum amount of time you would expect our call center representative to spend on a call, input the same value in this field (numerals in minutes only)

Unique Domains for Outbound Calling-

One-time Outbound Calling

  1. Total Number of Leads

    Enter the total number of prospective customers (leads), that you want to be called for the selected time-frame.

  2. Number of Attempts Required

    As is evident from the name itself, here you need to specify the maximum number of calls attempts to reach a lead, if the call goes unanswered the first time. By default, the number of attempts permitted is cut-off at 5.

  3. Deadline (Days)

    Simply specify the duration of days within which you would require our call center agents to conclude making outbound calls to all prospective leads.

    1. Ongoing Outbound Calling

      1. Manual / Predictive Dialing

        Here you can either choose the preferred calling method to be manual or predictive. If unsure, you can choose the "Do not know" option. In that case, the calculator will provide you rates for both.

      2. Head Count Required

        Here you need to simply enter the total number of agents you want to be working on your on-going outbound call center project.

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